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85 Martial Art Icons

85 Martial Art Icons
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Did you know that the term “martial arts”, derived from “arts of Mars” (the god of war), was originally used to refer to European combat systems? It is closely associated to Asian fighting arts like Karate or Taekwondo these days. And now, with more films that have action in them, martial arts has become something of a phenomenon because of its choreography.

If you are looking to be a phenomenon in your tasks, these 85 Martial Arts will surely bring you there! Each design created with the user in mind, we thought of how to make your projects as simple as possible. It’s easily stretched, recolored, and edited. You can use it anywhere too! From digital marketing, printed, or even billboards, this icon set has everything about martial arts in store for you!

This Martial Arts Icon Set Includes:

Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido, Muay Thai, Judo, Sumo, Taekwondo, Wushu, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Boxing, Kendo, Ninjutsu, Krav MagaSelf, Wrestling, Self-Defence, Military Application, Law-Enforcement Application, Swordsmanship , Jujutsu, Archery, Health-Orientated Martial Arts, Spirituality-Oriented Martial Arts, Unarmed Fighting, Armed Fighting, Traditional Martial Arts, Contemporary Martial Arts, Master, Apprentice, Student, Beginner, All Levels, All Ages, Gear Provided, Necessary Gear/Equipment, Buy Gear/Equipment, Karategi/Karate Uniform, Kung Fu Uniform, Rank Belts, Dojo, Testing, Competition, Sparring, Light-Contact, Medium-Contact, Full-Contact, Kata, Physical Fitness, Physical Strength, Self-Control, Quick Reflexes, Spiritual Balance, Self-Esteem, Flexibility of Movement, Training, Boxing Gloves, Boxing Helmet, Teeth Protector, Kendo Mask, Training Plans, Group Training, Personal Training, Culture Class, Free Trial Class, Online Training Videos, Program for Children, Program for Teens and Adults, After School Program, Summer Camp Training, Punch, Boxing Pear, Boxing Winner Belt, Sandbags, Training Wooden Dummy, Nunchaku, Shuriken, Training, Boxing Ring, Kunai, Medal, Scroll, Mace, Dumbbell, Boxing Shorts

Formats Included:

  • 1 .IconJar
  • 1 .PDF
  • 2 .AI
  • 85 .EPS
  • 85 .SVG
  • 85 .PNG sized 256x256
  • 85 .PNG sized 512x512

Compatible with Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Affinity Designer.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are fast and friendly! Just drop by our comments section to talk to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!
  • Experience is the best teacher. We believe that wholeheartedly. And keeping that in mind, we are sure that you will love our icons from our experienced designers. From one designer to another, we understand the little nuances of designing!
  • Structure. We are tired of these messy files scattered everywhere. It’s necessary for us to keep a tidy folder and that’s what we present to you! All our icon sets are delivered with 5 subfolders, each representing a different format for your ease of access.

Real Customer Reviews:

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

“These are top notch icons, the files were also set up perfectly! If I could, I would have custom icons created by them!”- AustinTBiggs

“The icons are really well made, It ships with 5 different file formats which makes it really easy to use it for websites and or creating brochures and flyers”- sebastianobellinzis

“Amazing icons, my sites became shiny after adding them to my homepage.”- A-works

You’ll get 85of these high quality Martial Arts Icons ready to help you inspire the people around you. You’re going to get vector files, which means they are easy to scale! They can be stretched, skewed, color-swapped, or customized as you need to. Our aim is to help make your job easier!PDF

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