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79 Futuristic Technology Icons | Orchid Series

Cover imageCover Image For 79 Futuristic Technology Icons | Orchid Series
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If you like science fiction, you will love all of these 79 Futuristic Technology Icons! Ranging from ideas about things that we have right now like internet of things to things that might happen in the not-so-far future like memory transfer, it’s all right here!

Each of these futuristic icons are designed to visualize your idea. If you want to use it for your website, or app, or even offline marketing, that’s all possible! These high quality icon designs are for you to explore and be inspired from. Much like sci-fi tales, with these icons, you can inspire others as well!

This Futuristic Technology Icon Set from the Orchid Series includes:

stalker power suit, city in the sky, military battletech, lamp electronics, radioactive energy drink, doomsday vault, laser rifle, burning barrel, future religion, cyberpunk augmentation, no mutants allowed, radiation wave, holographic communication, nuclear explosion, military zone, cyber arm prosthesis, cyberleg enhancement, nuclear fuel, human exoskeleton, augmented reality city, ambient user experience, wearable tracker, virtual glasses, hologram projection, personal hover car, eyetap augmentation, internet of things, tracking glove, automated robotic arm, personal droid, high speed transportation, time traveling, medical nanobot, human printing, future food, robot surgeon, emotional robotics, quantum computing, limitless power source, smart grid technology, conversational interfaces, neural interface, future farming, wireless energy, smart clothing, artificial noosphere, 3D printed architecture, future material, autonomous truck, synthetic biology, memory transfer, artificial intelligence, humanoid, smart home, flying shoes, renewable energy, foldable device screens, graphene, brain machine interface, intelligent assistant, ECO house, biometric ID card, fingerprint padlock, transhumanism, isolated brain, teleportation, self reproduction, human vs. AI, nanorobots, turing test, virtual interrogation chamber, human sleeve, cortical stack, cloning machine, food printer, hoverboard, flying motorcycle, robot police, jetpack


  • 1 .ICONJAR
  • 2 .AI
  • 79 .EPS
  • 79 .PSD
  • 79 .SVG ---> works with Sketch!
  • 79 .PNG sized 256x256
  • 79 .PNG sized 512x512

Why Choose Us?

  • We are fast and friendly! Just drop by our comments section to talk to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!
  • Experience is the best teacher. We believe that wholeheartedly. And keeping that in mind, we are sure that you will love our icons from our experienced designers. From one designer to another, we understand the little nuances of designing!
  • Structure. We are tired of these messy files scattered everywhere. It’s necessary for us to keep a tidy folder and that’s what we present to you! All our icon sets are delivered with 5 subfolders, each representing a different format for your ease of access.

Real Customer Reviews: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

“These are top notch icons, the files were also set up perfectly! If I could, I would have custom icons created by them!” - AustinTBiggs

“The icons are really well made, It ships with 5 different file formats which makes it really easy to use it for websites and or creating brochures and flyers” - sebastianobellinzis

“Amazing icons, my sites became shiny after adding them to my homepage.” - A-works

Welcome to Industry 4.0! These high quality modern icon designs are ready to help you. Since you will also receive several vector files, they are easily scalable to anything that you might need. All of these designs can be stretched as necessary. Be assured too that this icon set is fully customizable.

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