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HUD - UI Graphiques pour FILM, TV et JEUX

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HUD - UI Graphiques pour FILM, TV et JEUX

HUD - UI Graphiques pour FILM, TV et JEUX

Vous adorez cet élément ?
Abonnez-vous pour déverrouiller cet item, des millions d'atouts créatifs ainsi que des téléchargements à volonté.

HUD UI Graphics Package [1000+]

  • The Biggest HUD and User Interface Template Package on the web. Featuring UI Screens, FUI Graphics, and Window Designs suitable for Screen Replacement and Heads Up Display. Original cinematic designs, customizable and well organized (mix and match elements). Perfect for movies, short film, video game, sci-fi interface, promo, trailer, documentary, tv series, commercial, corporate presentation or for any businesses in the high-tech industry. Render and use videos on screens like; tablet, smartphone, computer display, tv monitor, projection, or any kind of futuristic display setup.

  • 200 Designs, including: Futuristic Interfaces, Maps, Schematic, Blueprint, Medical, Tracking, Mobile, GPS, Hacking, Code Decryption, Computer System, Planet, Projection, Scan, Search, Analysis, Visualization, Breaking News Intro, Lower-Thirds, Web, Media Browser, Navigation Panel, Radar, Tracker, Helmet Scope, Logo, Infographics, Video Player, Database, Surveillance, Typography, Grids, Icons, Data Transfer, Loading, Warning Status, Countdown, and more.

  • Screens Designed entirely in After Effects using only AE Shape Layers and featuring 150+ Pre-Rendered 3D elements created especially for this Project.

  • The Main AE Project Features a huge amount of Shapes and Layers. To make it more manageable the Template has been Split into 25 Different Categories/AE Projects.

  1. Main Project [All UI Designs | Graphic Elements | Assets | Trailer]
  2. Schematic [Schematic UI / Blueprints]
  3. Medical
  4. Maps [Map UI + Mobile Versions (GPS Tracking Design)]
  5. Tracking [Tracking UI + Elements]
  6. Hacking [Hacking + Decryption Code UI]
  7. Info Boards [Terminal Schedule | Trading Systems UIs]
  8. Holograms [Planetary System | Terrain Projection]
  9. Analysis [DNA / Eye / Face / Finger Print / Hand / Scan + Search | Heat Visualization | High-tech ID Card | Password Verification | Voice Recognition]
  10. News [News Boards + Breaking News Opener]
  11. Operating System [Switch ON | Username:Password | Log In Animation | Desktop | Email: Receive / Write / Send | Web Browser | Shell / Code Window | File: Encrypt / Read / Delete / Copy | Media Browsers | Shut Down]
  12. Navigation - CTR Panels [Nav_INFO | Radars | Trackers]
  13. Helmet HUDs - Scopes
  14. HUD (Game Mockups) [Health / Lives | Timers | Weapons / Ammunition | Capabilities | Menus | Game Progression | Mini Map | Speedometer / Tachometer | Context-Sensitive Info | Reticle / Scopes | Compass / Quest Arrow]
  15. Database
  16. Surveillance
  17. Video Screens [REC Screen | Video Player UI | Zoom + Clear Effect]
  18. Communication [Nr. Dialers: Door / Elevator / Vault | Phone Screens | Video COM]
  19. Dashboard
  20. Data Transfer / Loading
  21. Warning / Status
  22. Countdown
  23. Peripherals [Keyboards | Navigation/Track Pads Designs]
  24. Iconography [Multimedia | Industrial | Pointers | Buttons / Arrows | Markers | Miscellaneous]
  25. Typefaces [Custom Animated Typeface | Sci-Fi Letters + Numbers (AE Shapes)]
  26. Grids [60 Procedural Designs]

After Effects Template Features

  • 200 UI [User Interface] Screens
  • 1000+ Various UI Design Elements [including over 800 Icons]
  • 25 AE Projects / Categories Included
  • 150+ Pre-Rendered Assets [~2GB]
  • Trailer also Included in Main Project
  • Screens Designed for Normal [16:9] / [4:3] and Mobile Ratio / Dimensions
  • Fully Customizable* [Excluding Pre-Renders] all UIs and Design Elements are created with Resizable AE Shapes
  • No Plugins Required : No Third-Party Files : No Need For Photoshop or Illustrator to customize Designs
  • Separate Color [or in some cases Feature] Controls for every UI
  • Video Tutorial Included

More About the Project

  • Everything you see in this Template from concept, design, and animation were created from scratch. Every Pre-Rendered Asset was modeled and animated in 3D especially for this Project.
  • Whenever possible Assets have been rendered as looped animations (like in most Medical UI Pre-Renders). The same goes for the Animated Shape Elements that are looped using Expressions in AE, so you can expand the Composition Duration to fit your requirements without worrying about adding key-frames.
  • Depending on the level of detail, the Resolution of UI Designs varies from UHD (3840x2160), to (2560x1440), or Full HD (1920x1080). You will also find more unique dimensions for particular Elements.
  • However the Template is built entirely on After Effects Shapes and FX so you have the flexibility to scale every Design and User Interface according to your needs.
  • Attributs

    Taille du fichier2.17GB
  • Modules d'extension requis

    None required
  • Applications prises en charge

    After Effects
  • Licence commerciale

    Plus d'informations

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