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Kage Pro | Variable Font

Kage Pro | Variable Font
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Vous adorez cet item ?
Abonnez-vous pour télécharger cet item, et obtenez 7 jours de téléchargements illimités – gratuitement.
Déjà membre sur Envato ? Connexion.

Greetings: We are introducing an advanced version of the Kage font released and received great exposure from users and worldwide font enthusiasts. The massive development puts forward experimentation on the alternate letters. We redesign each shape to make it more functional and comfortable when text size escalation occurs. In addition to rejuvenating the letterform, we also apply an oblique style to provide diverse style choices.

The Inspiration: The radical exploration world of fashion inspires us. It leads our minds to the Neo-classical type style created during the age of enlightenment in the 18th century. It has a reasonably extreme contrast from the previous serif style, making the impression that it is emitted more expensive and classy. Organically, this Neo-Classical typeface is closely related to the fashion world, especially in Europe, and even spread across the globe. Fashion and this typeface reflect each other. After, we boldly observed Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo. Famous for radical & deconstructive fashion, which makes the world of fashion more flexible and dynamic.

The Design: As well as the typeface that we made, we started it with a cultural foundation of the Didone typeface. We tried to deconstruct the appearance. The decoration that better reflected the dynamic of fashion implemented in the fashionable alternate and calligraphical stylistic set ended with ball terminals. The versatile impression created is like taking off a scarf on the model's hair during a fashion show. The deconstructive image is combined with a legibility structure like the appearance of the Neo-Classical style. Kage Pro is designed to visualize a costly and exclusive image of a thing, product, world clothing brand, famous fashion magazine, etc. The modern transitions of each letterform are softer, so when repositioning and escalating the size of this font, it will remain beautiful without injuring other elements. So, Kage Pro is a bold choice on headlines and more prominent media with a portion of 50% even more.

The Feature: Kage Pro Variable comes with 2 axes, upright and oblique. The total number of glyphs is 1,665 in each style. She comes with tons of swirly ligatures and stylistic alternates in Advance OpenType features, including Case-sensitive forms, small caps, standard and discretionary ligatures, stylistic alternates, ordinals, fractions, numerator, denominator, superscript, subscript, circled number, slashed zero, old-style figure, tabular and lining figure. Support multi-language including Western European, Central European, Southeastern European, South American, Oceanian, and Vietnamese.

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