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Free Decorative Fonts

Do you want your website, logo or business card to stand out from the crowd? Make an impact with this collection of decorative fonts, all free for commercial use in any project.

What Are Decorative Fonts?

Decorative fonts, particularly decorative calligraphy fonts, are often hand-drawn while others are digital typefaces. Whether you're looking for a pretty or modern decorative font, decorative script fonts are the perfect way to dress up lettering, from headings to calls-to-action.

How to Use Decorative Fonts

In the digital world, decorative fonts are typically used for titles and headlines, or small amounts of text in a large size.

  • Ensure your decorative font works for each letter of the alphabet.
  • Use decorative fonts sparingly, in titles rather than body text.
  • Use large sizes because decorative fonts can be difficult to read at a smaller scale.
  • Don't use all caps and ensure there's enough space between letters (avoid kerning).

From cursive and script fonts to calligraphy and handwritten fonts, we’ve hand-picked the best free for commercial use decorative fonts for your next project.

From cursive and script fonts to calligraphy, handwritten and decorative, we have hand-picked the best free for commercial use fonts for your next project.

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