10 Best Comparison Table Plugins for WordPress

Comparison tables are incredibly valuable for startups and SaaS projects that offer different user plans. Browse 10 comparison table plugins options for your WordPress website.

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Comparison tables are a staple for many websites. They’re incredibly valuable for startups and SaaS projects that offer different plans for user accounts.

But they can also be used in ecommerce shops or on blog posts to compare & contrast different items. And instead of coding your own table from scratch it’s much easier to use a WordPress table plugin to help with this laborious task.

So to help you create some great tables in WordPress, we’ve curated the top 10 best comparison table plugins featuring both free & paid options. No matter what your budget is or why you need a comparison table we guarantee you’ll find something in this list.

1. Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables
Easy Pricing Tables

First up is a well-kept plugin called Easy Pricing Tables. This plugin has a preponderance of 5-star reviews and it’s frequently updated to support the latest version of WordPress.

This is actually the free version of a paid plugin by the same name. But the free version comes with everything you need including pre-built themes designed with conversion rate optimization(CRO) in mind.

The tables are fully responsive and you can add unlimited rows to each table. The plugin’s backend uses a drag & drop interface so anyone can build a great pricing table from scratch without any code. However if you do know CSS you can edit the table stylesheets by hand.

If you want to see it live check out this demo page on the creator’s website.

2. Pricing Table by Supsystic

Pricing Table by Supsystic
Pricing Table by Supsystic

The team over at Supsystic have their own pricing table plugin which you can also download for free. This is a free version of their paid pricing table plugin but you can run the free version indefinitely with no limitations.

With Supsystic’s plugin you get a bit more leeway for customization where you can add tooltips, table styles, and work with a drag & drop builder on the backend.

What I like more about this plugin is that it supports pricing table designs and comparisons for products/items. Check out the comparison page demo to see what this looks like in the browser.

The tables are responsive and you can edit the CSS directly to change anything you like. And the admin editor is superb with inline tooltips and a custom color picker with sliders to alter any color you wish.

3. Go Pricing

Go Pricing
Go Pricing

When it comes to premium plugins I always recommend Go Pricing. It’s fully responsive and it supports every possible scenario you could have for a pricing/comparison table.

Every design is fully responsive and you can select from dozens of pre-built themes. The editor is super intuitive and it’s one of the better administration panels for a premium plugin.

Go Pricing comes packaged with a library of 2000+ free icon fonts that you can pick from and stylize however you want. It also has a feature where you can add ribbons onto the corner of certain columns to promote deals or display the “best” products of a certain set.

Other features include custom table animations, a live previewer, access to Google Fonts, and an auto-updater to make sure you’re running the latest version.

Whether you have a small business or an ecommerce shop, a blog or a personal site, this plugin is the absolute best. Go Pricing can handle any situation so if you’re open to a premium WordPress table plugin then this is my top choice.

4. ARPrice

ARPrice Pricing Table

Another powerful yet distinctly different plugin is ARPrice. It’s branded as a pricing table plugin but it can be used to showcase products or even profiles for a company team page.

It comes with over 100 different themes which you can preview and test for yourself. Each table is fully responsive and naturally breaks down so it’s usable for any size screen.

With ARPrice you also get access to custom icons, webfonts, and color schemes that you can customize using a visual editor. You do not need to know any code to work with this plugin.

Best of all this plugin has some unique features that you simply can’t find elsewhere. Examples include a toggle switch to change between monthly/yearly pricing, and a custom analytics dashboard tracking clicks from certain tables.

I find that ARPrice works best in business or corporate environments where CRO is crucial. But it can be used to list team members or for any similar purpose.

5. Pricing Table – Drag & Drop

Pricing Table – Drag & Drop
Pricing Table – Drag & Drop

Another really simple free plugin is Price Table which focuses mostly on custom designs and brilliant animations.

Like most free plugins this is also used to promote a premium version. But if you’re going for free then you can get by just fine with the basic version of Price Table. You can embed custom audio or video into the columns and pick from a series of different themes.

Each table can also have its own ribbon with 19 different ribbon designs to choose. The drag & drop interface lets you add unlimited rows and you can easily duplicate rows or columns to save time.

Since this doesn’t have as much traction as other free plugins it may not catch your eye. But it does have some nice animation effects so if you’re looking for animated tables this could be your best choice.

6. TablePress


In a list of free table plugins I simply have to mention TablePress. This plugin is not made solely for comparison or pricing tables.

It’s a generic table plugin that can be used for absolutely anything. The backend editor looks like a CSV editor and you can even import Excel/CSV files to quickly populate table data.

TablePress isn’t confusing to use but it does come with a lot of features. You’ll need to spend some time working in the admin panel to learn the ups & downs. By default it doesn’t have a custom comparison/pricing table design so you’ll need to structure that yourself.

But the beauty of tablepress is broad versatility. If you’re looking for a free catch-all plugin for all of your table layouts then TablePress is the absolute best choice.

7. CSS3 Compare Pricing Tables

CSS3 Compare Pricing Tables
CSS3 Compare Pricing Tables

With the Compare Pricing Tables plugin you’ll get a simplified version of the other premium plugins. This one focuses mostly on the pricing table design so you’ll have a lot of control over the structure of the pricing table.

This includes the buy button design and the banner display. It also has the corner ribbon styles and nice hover effects so it can be used as a product comparison table as well.

The great thing about this plugin is that it’s pretty honest. What you see is what you get. It uses pure CSS3 with many different styles to pick from. It’s also fully responsive and supports table cells with images.

However from what I can tell it doesn’t support media like audio or video. For this you’ll want to use Go Pricing which has significantly more features.

But CSS3 Compare Pricing Tables is an elegant choice with enough styles to suit any company or startup homepage.

8. Pricing Table Layers Extension

Pricing Table Layer Extension helps you keep it clean and minimalistic. It comes stacked with awesome features like:

  • Responsive layout
  • 2 Layouts: vertical and horizontal.
  • 10 Bundled icons.
  • 9 CSS3 Animations.
  • Google Analytics Integration.
  • Tooltip support.
  • Column highlighting.
  • Customizable design.

9. Foodplan – Visual Composer Addon

Foodplan comes with 8 modern pricing styles and 10 preset colors to pick from. Display an image of your product at this decision-making stage so it’s easy for your customers to make a final choice.

10. Uplan – Visual Composer Addon

Uplan is a modern visual composer pricing table addon. Main features are:

  • 3+ Modern Pricing Styles
  • 10 Preset Color, Featured, Icons Option
  • Every pricing plan are separated, that’s why you can use VC row-column easily
  • Mejor Browser Supported
  • Compatible latest version WordPress
  • Clean Coding, W3c Validate

So that’s my list! These are some of the best WordPress pricing tables available. All of these WordPress plugins are high-quality choices and they each serve a different audience.

If you’re struggling to decide then take another look over these price comparison plugins and see if any particular titles jump out. Almost all of them have live demo pages so you can preview the tables before making a final decision. Besides, if you use some templates in Google Sheets others in Microsoft Excel, you should be aware that there are ways to import Google Sheets to Excel and to synchronise data between those platforms effortlessly.

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