10 Best Corporate Motion Backgrounds 2020

Whether you want to create a branded video or the backdrop to an upcoming presentation, motion background videos can be powerful tools if used correctly.

Corporate motion background templates
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Whatever story you’re trying to tell, using a motion background can help. Perhaps you want to create a branded video to promote your or your client’s business, or maybe you’re looking for the backdrop to an upcoming presentation—whatever your reason, motion background videos can be powerful tools if used correctly.

Using Corporate Backgrounds

  1. Sometimes Less is More
    It can be easy to get swept away by bold and brash colors and high energy animations, but try not to lose sight of your video’s purpose. Opting for a simple design reduces the risk of distracting your audience.
  2. Remember Transitions
    Especially if your motion background is being used as a backdrop for a lengthy presentation, it will need to loop over and over again. You’ll want to pick a video with a seamless transition as it will be far cleaner—ideally, your audience won’t notice where it ends and where it begins!
  3. Make It Legible
    Corporate backgrounds are often used behind text, so ensure the background allows for easy legibility. If you have a company font for example, checking that it doesn’t get lost against your background will be key. Following web accessibility guidelines is a great way to ensure your selected color scheme is easy to read.
  4. High Res is Essential
    Just as a low-quality image can impact the overall standard of your video or presentation, picking a motion background that won’t appear pixelated, especially on larger screens, is essential. The backgrounds available on Envato Elements are all designed with this in mind.

Corporate Motion Backgrounds

Today, you don’t need to be a designer or web developer to benefit from high-quality motion backgrounds. Instead, you can sign up to Envato Elements, an online library with thousands of corporate motion backgrounds that can be easily downloaded. Many also give you the option to edit the colors so you can ensure your clip fits with the overall look of your video or presentation.

Read on for 10 of the best corporate motion backgrounds to take you into 2020 and beyond.

10. Corporate Presentation Wall by FXBoxx​

This abstract and modern corporate background almost looks like a virtual dance floor! The light grid is mesmerizing to watch, but it doesn’t come at the cost of losing its professional feel. Although it’s a versatile option, it would make the perfect background for a corporate awards video or any other evening presentation.

9. Corporate Background by zurabi​

It doesn’t get much simpler than this background made of connected triangles that gently undulate across the screen. The creative use of geometric design will let your content do the talking, and the use of shadow is a nice touch that helps to bring the background to life.

8. Corporate Boxes by StrokeVorkz​

The abstract video seamlessly loops so you won’t need to worry about your audience spotting where it ends and where it begins! This one looks like glowing particles are making their way across the screen. Squares of different sizes also appear in the mix, adding to its unique aesthetic.

7. Corporate Glass 3 by VProxy​

This stand-out background video would add a touch of glamor to any presentation. The metallic color scheme is striking and the use of light helps to draw the eye to the center of the video—a perfect way to catch people’s attention. It’s easy to miss on first viewing, but the subtle addition of lines and boxes in the foreground add depth.

6. High-Tech Digital Lines Background 4K by walterlee​

Digital lines are at the heart of this looping animation, so it would be the ideal option as part of a tech-related presentation or video. Like many of the other options, it utilizes flickers of light which adds to its visual appeal. It also plays with crystal clear imagery versus blurred and you can’t help but watch as the digital lines begin to come into focus.

5. Clean Corporate Backgrounds by VictoryBox​

If simple and minimal is what you’re after then this corporate background may well be the one for you. This subtle animation combines squares and circles of differing sizes that flow past each other. As previously mentioned, sometimes less is more and choosing a sophisticated video like this will ensure your content takes centerstage.

4. Subtle Corporate Backgrounds Pack by FXBoxx​

Why choose one background when you can pick five? The FXBoxx team have produced a handful of simple themes that are all very different but linked by subtle similarities like the use of light, as well as vibrant bursts of color against gentle movement.

3. Corporate Light 1 by Ten Forward​

This effective background is a very different visual style to number 4 on the list—this one looks like origami blowing in the wind. The 3D effect creates a high-end feel and again means it would work well for a huge variety of purposes. It’s similar to zurabi’s Corporate Background mentioned earlier when it comes to its use of shadows.

2. Clear Corporate Backgrounds by ConceptCafe​

If you’re delivering a presentation with lots of stats or information, selecting this background is a relevant choice. Viewers can watch as seemingly endless charts, percentages, and other animated imagery zoom across the screen. You can also pick between 5 colors so you can ensure the video matches your branding or general look and feel.

1. Clean Corporate Backgrounds by VictoryBox​

It certainly is a victory for its creators, VictoryBox, with this selection of 10 sparkling designs. They each have a futuristic style but the selected muted tones ensure they all remain classy and cool. Vibrant whooshes of light against blurred grey and white tones make these videos really distinctive.

As you can see, there’s plenty of variety when it comes to corporate motion backgrounds, so if you still haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, explore the full selection over on Envato Elements.

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