10 Best Elementor Templates 2021

It can be a frustrating experience trying to install a website theme, adjust layouts, and even add modules and widgets. But Elementor has changed all that.

10 Best Elementor Templates
Portrait for Lachean HumphreysBy Lachean Humphreys  |  Updated January 6, 2023

It can be time-consuming and frustrating trying to install a website theme, adjust layouts, and even add modules and widgets. But Elementor has changed all that.

Building and customizing a website can be daunting. If you’re not comfortable around code, and are more of a visual person, it can be an arduous experience. But Elementor has changed the game, and with Elementor templates you can create websites with ease.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a page builder plugin that gives you the ability to create and arrange web pages with drag and drop functionality. It provides a library of widgets that you can add and subtract from your main web page, and customize intuitively. You don’t need to know HTML, CSS, or shortcode to use Elementor. Instead, you can interact with the blocks on the page visually, and see how the results will render in real time on the front end.

Elementor provides a sidebar of widgets that you can drag onto your web page canvas, dividing the page into sections of content. These might be things like a photo gallery, a paragraph of text, or a video. While Elementor offers a wide ranging set of widgets to create with, an entire category of templates and Elementor add-ons has emerged on our subscription service, Envato Elements. Some are very niche and purpose-built for particular industries, and some are must-haves across all disciplines, supercharging Elementor for all.

Why Use Elementor Templates?

Elementor Templates can save you time and the frustration of fiddling around with installation, leaving you to focus on the all important design, function and content of your website. With a suit of templates on hand, you can also experiment with different styles and features quickly and easily, meaning you’re sure to land on exactly the right approach for your purpose. This is where the variety and range of Elementor themes for Envato Elements comes in.

What Is Envato Elements?

With thousands of templates for graphic design, web design, motion graphics, as well as stock photography, stock audio, and stock video, Envato Elements is a single subscription that offers unlimited downloads. Whether you’re a video creator, designer, or developer, you’ll get great value out of a monthly or an annual Envato Elements subscription.

It’s time to take a look at 10 of the best Elementor templates available on Envato Elements. And remember to download our free Elementor plugin for Envato Elements.

1. Midtown – Restaurant Elementor Template Kit by deTheme

A comprehensive template kit for restaurants, Midtown by deTheme gives you all you need for your design with zero coding. Twenty page and section templates include a header, footer, about, gallery, gift card, reservation, menu and more – and all will optimize flawlessly across devices.

2. Nyture – Elementor WooCommerce Theme by Nova-works

Ideal for retail, and especially suited to lifestyle brands with furniture, homewares or clothing, Nyture by Nova-works is a creative theme evoking a comfortable, hygge aesthetic. It offers hundreds of elements and everything you’ll need to create your website with having to add extra customization.

3. Sanat – Industry Elementor HTML Template by energeticthemes

Minimalist and modern, Sanat by energeticthemes is a HTML Template Bootstrap 5 base for those in the business of heavy industry, construction, transport and logistics, and renewable energy. Time-saving and easy, these templates include everything from single project and single product, to shop, services, FAQs and testimonials.

4. DoughBoiBakery by feeleep

The bakery template kit DoughBoiBakery by Feeleep delivers everything you want to see from a bakery website: it’s inviting, enticing and fun. With a clean design that doesn’t do away with professionalism, it’s perfect for any boutique bakery or cakery website.

5. Valensia | Coffee Shop Elementor Template Kit by onecontributor

Those in the coffee game tend to be focused on all things java and bean, and the paraphernalia that comes alongside. So, it follows to have a dedicated website! The Valensia pack by onecontributor includes templates for shop, services, blog, checkout and more, all in coffee product promotion style.

6. Medisine – Medical Elementor Template Kit

Medisine, as the name suggests, is designed for medical and health related business. It’s fully responsive, and professionally designed with ease of customer use front of mind. This kit includes page templates for services and service details, pricing, booking appointments and more – all seamless in function.

7. Merintis | Startup Elementor Template Kit by pinisiart

The business focused Merintis kit by pinisiart is well-suited to customer-focused brands, like real estate, advertising or other services agencies, with its authoritative and no-nonsense design. Complete with team and case studies pages, it has everything you need to quickly and easily create an effective website for your brand.

8. Shizuoka – Travel Elementor Template Kit by themedistrict

Travel brands will know that everything about their business – from email newsletters to Instagram posts, and of course, the website – needs to be infused with travel inspiration. The Shizuoka kit by themedistrict delivers on this, while keeping the design simple and elegant. With pages for gallery, FAQ and blog pages, it will make your content shine.

9. Dynamix – Architecture Elementor Template Kit by allfridaystudio

Designed specifically with real estate agencies in mind, Dynamix by allfridaystudio is sleek and corporate. It features templates for everything you’ll need – team, testimonials, projects, services – in high impact, bold designs.

10. Piccaso – Photography Elementor Template Kit by Rometheme

For photographers and videographers, or agencies who offer visual content services, this template kit by Rometheme makes it quick and easy-peasy to showcase all your work. With a stripped back but professional look, pages include team details, equipment and services as well as all the basics like about me, contact and testimonials.  

With intuitive drag and drop functionality, and an ever-growing library of add-ons and templates, Elementor and Envato Elements are becoming an unstoppable pair. Whether it’s a performing arts website, an eCommerce experience, or the home for a corporate brand, there’s no reason that building and maintaining a website should be daunting. Visit Envato Elements for more Elementor templates to suit your business.

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