10 Best News Templates for After Effects 2020

These professional news video templates will help your news channel attract—and maintain—its audience.

News Templates for After Effects
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In today’s fast-paced world, we’re no longer solely reliant on long-established broadcasters to get our daily fill of news. With the likes of social media, YouTube, and other platforms for online promotion, everyone has the power to be a storyteller. It’s a move that offers huge opportunities, but of course, it also opens doors to more competition. To ensure your news channel attracts—and maintains—its audience, you must offer a quality service that leaves people coming back time and time again. Selecting the right news template or broadcast package will help ensure you stand out from the crowd in the world of news.

Using News Video Templates

Our ability to keep focused is decreasing—in fact, it’s widely believed that the average attention span today is approximately 8 seconds, less than that of a goldfish. In your intro, ensure your audience can quickly decide if the content is relevant to them by making the location clear from the outset in animations and other visual cues.

  1. Remember Location is Key​​
    Our ability to keep focused is decreasing—in fact, it’s widely believed that the average attention span today is approximately 8 seconds, less than that of a goldfish. In your intro, ensure your audience can quickly decide if the content is relevant to them by making the location clear from the outset in animations and other visual cues.
  2. Never Underestimate Fonts​
    With many of the templates available on Envato Elements, you’ll be able to easily edit core components like fonts and color schemes. Ensure your font is easy to read, especially if people are viewing on a small device, like a mobile.
  3. Follow Design Trends​
    It may be a news channel rather than a fashion or design website, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon design trends. Incorporating color gradients, muted color palettes, plus beautiful flowing shapes and lines are all predicted to be design trends of 2020.

Top 10 News Templates 2020​

Read on for 10 of the best news templates for After Effects. All featured After Effects templates are available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

10. World News Complete Package by donvladone​

This impactful news template would work well for a global news channel as it begins with an animated globe. You can also make the template distinctly your own by layering footage of your presenters amidst the high-energy animations. The color scheme can be easily edited, plus it comes with a countdown feature to build anticipation.

9. News Opener Pack by Afterdarkness75​

This breaking news template comes with many of the key features you’d need when launching your channel—including the action-packed opener, the lower third which can be edited to include key text, plus two options for final credits. The segments allow you to add your own imagery which then flicks across the screen at speed. Within a few seconds, the viewer can see the breadth of stories covered by the channel.

8. News by CG-COVER​

Another broadcast template with a spinning globe, this would work well for worldwide news. The double screen option will be handy if you want to discuss two key people or show two shots of a developing news story. Within the lower third, you can add text while incorporating a miniature spinning globe for continuity.

7. Broadcast News Package by MotionMediaGroup​

With an intro theme featuring a generic animated cityscape, this broadcast pack could work for a region-specific channel as well as having wider appeal. Multiple video snippets can be added to graphic content blocks to help bring your channel to life. The lower third introduces newsreaders and you can also add ticker line info for breaking news or further content.

6. Region News by keybal​

As the name suggests, this futuristic broadcast After Effects template would be well-suited for a regional news channel. Rather than including globe animations, this features a scrolling cube that can incorporate multiple video segments. With intentionally grainy footage overlaid with striking lines and other graphics, this template hints at action by almost simulating a video game.

5. News Dynamic Opener by Renname​

Versatility is at the core of this news template which scrolls through a content-rich intro plus multiple animated segments. Subtle touches like moving lines of different widths which layer over split-screen videos add to the high-quality feel of the template. Being able to add video behind fonts is also an attractive feature.

4. News Channel Pack by ae-rocket​

This broadcast design complete news package seamlessly blends text, animation, photography, and video—everything you’d expect within a news channel for 2020 and beyond. The developers have been careful not to overwhelm viewers with too many special effects and the video and photography content are given center stage. The quote segments plus the upper third set the News Channel Pack apart.

3. TV Broadcast News Package by donvladone​

You can’t get much more energetic than this! The template scrolls through multiple color options and vibrant animated bursts. Features include the breaking news intro, the business news intro, a countdown from 10 to one, as well as split-screen graphics and two options for lower thirds. You can share the weather forecast for the week ahead alongside animations like moving suns and clouds.

2. News Broadcast Ident by Artefact_Design​

This is another impressive breaking news template—and one that enables you to include a snapshot of content in the intro before focusing on one particular story alongside a lower third. A template again suitable for world news, the people behind Artefact_Design have almost re-imagined the globe by enabling flat countries to spin as if they’re circling an invisible planet. This theme is naturally continued within the lower thirds.

1. News Studio by MacroLogic​

The intro to this news template looks like a newsroom of the future. Animation is peppered with neon light-style graphics that ensure the theme belongs to 2020 and beyond. It’s easy to customize, plus PDF instructions are included to help with any troubleshooting along the way.

Yet to find exactly what you’re looking for? There are hundreds of video templates on Envato Elements, so take a look to find a news template that’s perfect for your channel. For more information about video templates, watch our 10 Best Video Templates 2019 and 10 Best WordPress Themes 2019 videos.

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