10 Best Social Media Video Templates 2019

From vertical video like Instagram Stories to square video in the feed, find out how brands are lifting their game with social media video templates.

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The world of social media marketing is a hyper-competitive one. With algorithms continually changing, your strategy today will almost certainly need adjusting tomorrow. Over the years, many different content formats have come in and out of vogue. But, a few years into its reign, social media video doesn’t appear to be going out of style. In fact, if anything, its command over people’s attention has only strengthened.

Between vertical video like Instagram Stories, and regular videos in the feed, brands have had to consistently lift their game when it comes to production quality. This is as valid for video, as it is for social images. As they vie for the attention of what is a finite number of users and potential customers, they’re consistently needing to find innovative techniques to cut through the noise of a busy newsfeed, and catch the eyes of their desired audiences through their social media marketing. Although, in the past, this would have likely been a panic attack inducing proposition for most social media managers, today, it’s a much more doable task, thanks to social media video templates.

What Are Social Media Video Templates?

Created to ease the life of social media content creators everywhere, social media video templates are motion graphics project files that are premade to be easily edited in After Effects or Premiere Pro, and released natively on platforms like Facebook, and Instagram.

They’re usually sold as packs, featuring multiple layouts, several themes, editable logos, fonts, and colors, and organized so that you can effortlessly insert your written, video, and audio content, as needed.

Across the vast array of social media platforms we use today, there are a range of formats these templates are designed for, including Instagram Stories templates, fast typography templates, social media themed lower thirds, and more. Using these premade templates to automate the design of your content can be a major advantage to your social media channels, saving you time, and getting you real results.

So, where do you get them?

Here at Envato, we have a great value subscription service called Envato Elements. It’s your key to our vast library of creative assets including stock music and sound effects, stock footage, web templates, graphic design templates, and, of course, video templates. What follows is our curated list of the 10 best social media video templates of 2019, all are available for download right now with an annual or monthly subscription.

10. Social Media Pack by MotionMediaGroup​

Featuring eye-popping colors, and unique layouts, this vivid pack of templates can work for a number of screen dimensions, including Instagram Stories, ads in the feed, and hero videos on website landing pages. Each template is beautifully designed, and will draw the eye of those scrolling past.

9. Fast Typography Promo by MotionMediaGroup​

From the same author as the last item, Fast Typography Promo uses some of the same themes in this pack that is made up, exclusively, of fast typography templates. Fast typography is a style of video that places a focus on your copy, utilizing a number of creative techniques – including having singular words fill the screen, or adding animated behaviors that demonstrate their meaning – in order to command the eye, and drive home the video’s message. This style tends to do well on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, making use of their autoplaying features, and are something to seriously consider when trying to cut through on social media.

8. Fast Stomp Typography by vcgmotion​

A close relative of fast typography, stomp videos are another fantastic genre for capturing attention within social media news feeds. Combining fast typography with engaging footage, and glitch effects, this one by vcgmotion creates a sense of ‘blink and you’ll miss it’. The combination makes for a video you can’t take your eyes off of, and would work great as an ad, intro, or product teaser video.

7. Social Media Pack by _Mirs_​

Designed to look like the social media networks they’re promoting, this collection of lower thirds, full screen post templates, and animated device mockups will help blend your social media profiles with your videos. Using the lower thirds you can promote your Twitter or Instagram handles, share your Facebook URL, and even push a call to action, like ‘Follow’. You can also use the full screen mockups to showcase posts from a particular network, or use the mobile phone mockups to prompt people to find and follow you on a respective site. The pack also features 10 Instagram Stories templates that fit a broad range of purposes, and are on trend.

6. Instagram Stories Pack No. 1 by Atamotion​

This distinctly stylish set of templates by Atamotion is centered around ellipses, and features a beautifully modern color palette, and clean typography. Built to suite design-focused brands, it’s a wonderful choice if you’re looking for something that’s at once professional, and on trend.

5. Instagram bundle – Motion Titles library by ae-rocket​

Whether it’s templates for extreme sports content, product showcases, or event promotions, this pack has you covered. Instagram bundle – Motion Titles library by ae-rocket offers up a broad range of Instagram Stories templates that are modern, bright, and a good fit for a young audience.

4. Instagram Stories by PixFix​

Instagram Stories by PixFix is a great option for a specific set of niche users. Featuring templates purpose-built for barber shops, fashion catalogues, restaurants, and corporate advertisers, these templates are ready to work out of the box for those whose products line up.

3. Latter Day Stories by Make-Space​

With striking designs, large typography, clean layouts, and sharp use of color, Latter Day Stories by Make-Space is an extremely fresh set of Instagram Stories templates. A good choice for showcasing products, sales, music, and more, you’ll be wowing your followers in no time with this pack.

2. Instagram Stories by GrussGott​

This template pack is a serious must-have for social media marketers using Instagram. It features striking color schemes, slick animation, and beautifully designed layouts pre-made to promote content, profiles, events, and more. It’s a tool every Instagram marketer needs.

1. Minimal Instagram Stories by MotionAlpha​

Finally, put your content front and center with this pack by MotionAlpha. Made up of 10 templates, including website, article, and product promotions, its color palette is mostly white and dark gray, making it feel fresh, and neutral, while making your content the focus of your posts. It lives up to its name with its minimalistic aesthetic, but stops short of feeling cold, instead feeling earthy and modern.

It’s a hyper-competitive world out there, and mastering social media marketing is now essential for most brands. With high quality video becoming a core social media format, it’s important all marketers lift their game in order to compete.

Video templates have never been a more important part of the social marketers toolkit. Grab your Envato Elements subscription, give these templates a try, and find the one that works best for you.

And don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel to get access to great video content like the 10 Best Vertical Video Templates.

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