Spanning the categories of people, nature, business, and city, here’s our list of the best stock videos for 2019.

best stock videos
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Stock videos are an important part of every video creator’s toolbox. They help fill gaps in footage when you’re short on time, or lacking the resources to go out and film original footage to complete a project. Spanning the categories of people, nature, business, and city, here’s our list of the best stock videos for 2019.

Why Use Stock Video?​

Stock videos are also incredibly useful in helping to fill out timelines, provide visual cues that pair well with narration, and easily slot in side-by-side with content you’ve filmed yourself, allowing you to take viewers to other worlds, or increase the scope of your videos without wasting time or exceeding your budget. 

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Stock Video: People

Girl Listening To Music In Headphones Outdoor by Grey_Coast_Media​

Girl Listening To Music In Headphones is a calming piece of footage featuring a woman in a green hoodie with ruffled hair putting headphones on and listening in what looks like a backyard. The hoodie makes her look young and sporty, and the trees in the background bring nature and technology together, creating something contemporary and peaceful.

Morning Coffee In Internet Cafe by kotlyar​

Morning Coffee In Internet Cafe by kotlyarn depicts a cheerful woman working on a laptop in a cafe. You could imagine this working across a number of videos, including content about people using a website or application, working from anywhere, or even online dating, It’s a versatile clip that you can easily add context to.

Beautiful Blond Woman Throwing Hair in Slow Motion by Daniel_Dash​

Beautiful Blond Woman Throwing Hair in Slow Motion by Daniel_Dash is ready and waiting to be slotted into a commercial. It’s obviously begging to be included in a shampoo commercial, but it could also feature in videos about dental care, body positivity, skincare, and beauty in general. Choose your lifestyle product, and watch this footage work wonders in your video.

Stock Video: Nature

Sunny Spring Morning in Plum Garden by nao98​

This time lapse of white flowers blooming by nao98 is stunning. Sunny Spring Morning in Plum Garden is incredibly well captured footage that can be used to represent growth, springtime, optimism, and the passing of time. It’s a delight to the eyes, and is almost hypnotic to watch.

Bird Animal Seagulls Flying on Clear Blue Sky by okanakdeniz​

Having grown up watching Pixar films, Bird Animal Seagulls Flying on Clear Blue Sky by okanakdeniz will bring to mind memories of Finding Nemo. Great for setting the scene in a marine location, or signalling a new day with its bright blue sky, this footage could easily work for content like documentaries, or narrative driven feature films. The quality of the footage is high, and the movement of the seagulls, which has been slowed down, could easily be sped up, or slowed down even more to fit whatever you’re using it for.

Colorful Fish on Vibrant Coral Reef 951 by Discovod​

Colorful Fish on Vibrant Coral Reef 951 by Discovod shows off the ever captivating world of the sea. Gliding past colorful orange fish, coral, and with a glimpse of the world above the water, it’s high quality marine footage that can easily have a narrative projected onto it. You could see it slotting comfortably into a documentary about nature, the sea, or the environment.

Stock Video: Corporate

Business People Working in Office by VadosLoginov​

Moving on to the business category, and this video by VadosLoginov, featuring business people working in an office, is ready to go for corporate videos, ads, or reports about workplace culture, technological literacy, diversity in the workplace, and much more. Featuring a man of colour, and a woman chatting in front of a computer screen, going over what looks like a document, there’s a versatile set of purposes this video could fit.

Intense Designer Work With Computer by StockHunter​

StockHunter’s Intense Designer Work With Computer shows a young, tech-savvy guy working on his computer, and hastily making edits or alterations to his design or document. He’s laser focused on what he’s doing, and his outfit, as well as the setup of his office is minimalistic and modern. This could easily slot into a video about the future of work, the process of design, or even a careers video about being a developer, or running your own online business.

Business People High-fiving at the Office by kotlyarn​

Featuring a diverse, multi-generational group, Business People High-fiving at the Office by kotlyarn is a stock footage library must-have. It’s always fun to include one of these in videos about collaboration, teamwork, HR, workplace diversity, and even about awkward team-building exercises. Whatever you’re going to use it for, it’s great quality footage featuring some very widely recognized action.

Stock Video: City

City by Nuwanhaha​

Our final category in this roundup is footage of the city. This one by Nuwanhaha features a wonderfully effective time lapse spanning what looks like afternoon to evening. You can see the sky gradually darken, lights in buildings flicker on and off, and traffic flow down the streets like glowing streams of light. It’s beautiful.

Skyline in Motion by Rickyloca​

Skyline in Motion by Rickyloca features a time lapse from the river’s edge with pedestrians travelling across a bridge, and a gleaming skyline looking down upon the riverboat that inhabits the water. The happy marriage of nature and urban architecture is a comfortable fit for videos about quality of life, city planning, or even just to signal the passing of time.

Skyscraper Buildings in Modern City Area by stockfootagelab​

Finally, Skyscraper Buildings in Modern City Area by stockfootagelab, centers around a strip of freeway, with cars like little beams of light, speeding across the screen as the camera pans to reveal the built up city area. It shows off the dense population of high rise buildings, and the warm lights of cars blurring together to form streams of light, representing the life that fills this urban landscape.

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