Creativity in the Classroom: How to Use Adobe Creative Cloud to Expand Your Creative Skills

Adobe Creative Cloud is the go-to tool for developing creative skills. Learn how students can expand their creative skills in the classroom with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Creativity in the Classroom: How to Use Adobe Creative Cloud to Expand Your Creative Skills
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A creative classroom is key for students to express their ideas and fully engage in learning. Every teacher strives to help their students develop creative skills and abilities, and Adobe Creative Cloud is perfect for introducing your class to an array of easy-to-use creative programs and apps. Combined with a subscription like Envato Elements – which offers thousands of templates for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and more – the creative possibilities of Adobe Creative Cloud are truly endless.

Advantages of Adobe Creative Cloud in the Classroom

Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) is a subscription service that provides access to a suite of Adobe applications and cloud file storage. These days, students who want to try their hand at design or photography don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on design software – they can now subscribe to programs they’re interested in and start learning how to use their tools and features. 

Adobe Creative Cloud includes many tools for developing creative skills, offering students and teachers various artistic programs, features, and apps. Moreover, Adobe provides an optional duration of service connection ranging from one month to several years, allowing users to choose what works best for them. Here are the key advantages of Adobe Creative Cloud in the classroom.

It Puts Teachers in Control

Adobe Creative Cloud allows teachers to create engaging classroom projects for whatever subject they teach. Adobe Creative Cloud offers a seamless learning process, allowing teachers to invite students, view and moderate their work, and manage their accounts.

At the same time, teachers can delete or block accounts to avoid unauthorized access, allowing them complete control over their lessons. 

Provides Students with Access to Powerful Creative Tools

Adobe Express allows teachers to create illustrations, images, web pages, presentations, and videos using different templates. It only takes a few minutes to set up an Adobe Express account and access its powerful creative tools.

This easy-to-use program doesn’t need design talent, technical knowledge, or in-depth instructions. Even students without experience can create images, infographics, or videos with a few clicks, and they’re likely to be highly engaged in the process as they learn new things and acquire new skills.

Built with Privacy and Safety in Mind

Protecting students’ personal data is paramount when it comes to online learning. Adobe Express provides teachers and students with safe image and video searches. Moreover, Adobe Express, Photoshop Express, and Premiere Rush use COPPA and similar laws, which is an essential advantage of Adobe Creative Cloud. 

How to Make Your Classroom More Creative with Adobe Creative Cloud

Graphics, illustrations, photography, and video can be great places to start and are all essential for creative development. They offer different advantages, with some projects requiring further engagement and effort. If you’re looking for more support, the StuDocu study-sharing platform is popular among students as it incorporates many helpful features for introducing Adobe CC into the classroom. 

Want to know how to use Adobe Creative Cloud to expand your students’ creative skills? Let’s get started!  

Graphic Design & Illustration Projects

Designing graphics and illustrations is an easy way to begin developing creative skills in the classroom. These projects require fewer skills and actions than video or multimedia, and allow students to execute innovative ideas more efficiently. Here are some ideas for introducing graphics and illustrations into your classroom.

1. Design a Poster

Creating a poster can be a great way to show knowledge on a specific topic. For example, teachers could ask their students to design a poster with Adobe Creative Cloud to demonstrate what they’ve learned from a lesson about language, art, religion, or culture.

Students can then show their understanding of the complexities of a topic, visualize their ideas, and synthesize their knowledge.

2. Graphic Design for a School Events

Besides creativity, responsibility is also a valuable skill. For example, teachers could instruct students to create designs for school events or projects using Adobe Creative Cloud, which students can then submit for voting.

3. Well-Known Paintings with a Modern Twist

Art intervention, or altering an already existing famous painting, is a task that can significantly help students develop their creative skills. They can simply select a work of art and add a personal touch or a modern twist using Photoshop. They can even animate it into a .gif with After Effects.

4. Memes

This task combines creativity, learning, and pop culture – plus, it’s fun! While it may seem counterintuitive, teachers can use memes to help their students absorb information. Students can take pictures or use online images, then edit them with Photoshop to create a work of modern art all their own. 

Video Projects

Developing creativity skills with video is a bit more complicated as it requires additional technical skills. Teachers must accompany students throughout the video creation process and share technical advice. 

1. Filming School Events

Teachers can involve students in promoting their school by asking them to be part of a marketing team. Students can create authentic user-generated content by filming sports events, club meetings, and different academic activities then editing with After Effects or Premiere Pro.

2. Creating a Television Broadcast

You can ask students to produce a broadcast using higher-level editing, effects, and multitrack audio. However, they may need your help throughout the process. 

3. Making a Music Video

Everyone loves music, so why not challenge your students to create their very own music video? Ask them to select a royalty free music track from Envato Elements and encourage them to get creative using fonts, video templates, and stock video, which they can then edit together in After Effects or Premiere Pro.

Multimedia Projects

Multimedia projects – including images, videos, presentations, and other assets created with Adobe Creative Cloud – such as websites, marketing projects, or presentations, can be challenging but fun. They can be great for group projects and teaching students about assigning roles and responsibilities. Multimedia creative projects are more complex but can also generate incredible results. 

1. Promoting Academic Events

If your school is preparing for an event, involve your students in this process. They could create podcasts, posters, social media marketing assets, infographics, presentations, films, or any other multimedia projects to promote it. You can create one or several teams among your students where they can distribute tasks and work collaboratively.

2. Create Visuals for School Website

Every educational institution has a website, and a great way to develop students’ creativity with Adobe Creative Cloud is to ask them to contribute. They could create visual assets for the website – such as photographs, graphics, or illustrations – or even take part in designing certain website elements. 

3. Creating Marketing Materials

Creating marketing materials like social media posts, video ads, or static advertisements can be a great way to get those creative juices flowing. Whether to promote school events, personal projects, TikTok videos, or even an imaginary brand or business, students can learn a lot by creating their own marketing assets.

Get Creative in the Classroom with Adobe Creative Cloud

As technology evolves, so does the education system. Both creativity and technology have become very important in many industries, so it’s crucial to develop these skills early on. 

Adobe Creative Cloud is a great resource to boost creative thinking, packing an excellent set of tools to make your classroom more creative. 

Guest Author: Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson is a skilled writer with experience in content marketing, technologies, digital marketing, branding strategies, and marketing trends. 

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