38 High-Quality Apple Keynote Templates for Your Next Presentation

Make your next Keynote presentation pop with one these high-quality templates.

Portrait for Dom HennequinBy Dom Hennequin  |  Updated September 29, 2021

Since its inception as a program purpose-built for Steve Jobs to use during his product presentations, Apple Keynote has come a long way. Now, next to Microsoft PowerPoint, it’s one of the most popular presentation programs in the world. 

But with its popularity comes a challenge for us users: how to make your next Keynote presentation stand out? Easy. Use a pre-made presentation template

We’ve gone through the library of our subscription service, Envato Elements, and picked the most stunning high-quality Keynote templates to make your next presentation pop.

1. Martin Keynote Business Template

Looking for a modern business template? Take a look at this one by SimpleSmart. Martin Keynote Business Template mixes a refreshing white canvas with three color schemes featuring stylish grays, blues and purples highlights in its color schemes. It’s very clean and minimal and comes with 120 slide templates, over a thousand customizable vector shapes, infographic, data chart, portfolio and timeline templates. 

2. Startup Keynote Template

Very clean and corporate, Startup Keynote Template by SlideEmpire is a great choice for a good looking, professional presentation. Featuring four fresh color themes, 70 unique slide templates, 450 vector icons and more, this one’s a solid choice for many in business.

3. Inspirational Keynote Template

This template is slick in its use of a dark gray background, white text and light blue highlights, but its use of bold headline fonts, animated infographics, and clever layouts make it accessible and inviting. It features 58 unique slide layouts, 4K resolution, light and dark versions of the color scheme, and image placeholders that are drag and drop functions. 

4. Pitch – Keynote Template

With a modern color palette and minimalistic layout, Pitch will lift your presentation into something bold. Featuring more than 120 unique templates, HD resolution, six ready-made color themes, 500 easily editable fonts, and icons, drag and drop image placeholder functionality, and an overall elegant look, you’ll hit it out of the park with this pack.

5. Company Profile Keynote Template

Company Profile is a popular corporate but fresh template. It features nice color options mixing a canvas of white with light blues and coral greens. Some of its layouts also feature lay the scheme out to elicit a gradient-like effect which is very in right now. It comes with sixty unique slide layouts, four color themes, 450 vector icons, as well as a dark version of the theme. 

6. ELFA – Keynote Template

Created for professional, ELFA gives you 170 clean, modern and creative slide layouts, over a thousand icons, custom animations for each element and more. Out of the box it has a very modern, versatile look. But more than anything, it’s ready to go to impress your boss, colleagues or your next client.

7. Fashion Keynote Template

Wanting to hook in a younger demographic to focus on your presentation? Consider this fashion focused template by BOXKAYU. Featuring a minimal color scheme that makes great use of white space and elegant black text and shapes, this template is in vogue. It includes five color variants, unique layouts and will also suit presentations on photography, food and architecture.

8. Tormund – Keynote Template

A great choice for designers and creative agencies, Tormund by Slidehack features a very bold color scheme. With a base of charcoal gray, its highlight color, yellow, pops. It features extremely clean layouts, templates for data-driven charts, company profiles, maps and more. It also comes with over 500 font icons, elegant transition animations, and all the slides are high resolution.

9. Professional Keynote Template

This one’s corporate with a capital ‘C’. Professional by SlideEmpire gives you everything you’ll need for a business-focused presentation. Out of the box, you’ll get a set of four fresh but muted color schemes, 60 unique slide templates, and 450 vector icons to choose from. It’s a great choice for a straightforward, professional presentation.

10. Omega Keynote Template

This beautiful, bright template pack is bold but very accessible. The color contrast of a white base and bright colors will make your slides eye catching. And it’s 35 unique slide layouts that include business plan, annual report, investor pitch deck, proposal and more mean that you’ll be ready for pretty much any presentation.

11. Granite Keynote Template

If you’re a fan of gradients, you’ll be a fan of this. Granite by SlideFactory makes great use of the trendy semi-transparent gradient in its layouts here, giving the corporate keynote a bit of a taste of what’s in vogue. Things still look very professional in this pack that comes with 20 unique slide templates, 3 color schemes including blue, peach and green and light and dark themes. 

12. The Fashion Keynote

Yet another fashion focused template pack from BOXKAYU, this one has a bigger emphasis on photography. The layouts are more experimental, with text overlapping onto the image placeholders, meaning the success of this templates relies on how high quality your images are. Once again it features a mostly black and white color scheme, although the elements features are a little heavier than the light ones in their other fashion template. A great use of this template will make for a visually stunning presentation.

13. Universal Keynote Template

A very versatile pack, it includes 20 unique slide templates, dark and light background variations, 3 color themes (yellow, blue and green) and more. 

14. SIMPLECO: Keynote presentation template

This truly stunning template pack is perfect for a comprehensive presentation. With a robust set of layouts and features including 98 unique slide variations, you’ll find everything you need to do a detailed and clear presentation.

15. Pitch 2 – Keynote Template

Like its counterpart, Pitch, the sequel Pitch 2 contains much the same layout but with bolder colors. If you want a minimal but modern set of templates with pinks and blues that pop, then this one’s for you. Take advantage of the 95 unique slide options, the more than 500 editable font icons, editable charts, device mockups and more. And it’s all in high resolution.

16. Mokswa – Agency Keynote Template

An extremely contemporary template, Moksawa by Slidehack emphasizes high quality photography and bold typography. It uses a lot of white space and minimal color. It’s a refreshing alternative from a lot of other templates that stick to the long held conventions of a slideshow presentation. This will make your Keynote look more like the inside of an indie magazine. It features over 120 unique slide layouts, 6 color themes, drag and drop functionality with the image placeholders, maps and a whole bunch more.

17. Contact Keynote Template

Professional and visually stunning, Contact by Haluze has the potential to take your audience’s breath away. Filled with tons of elements including layouts, maps, infographics, vector icons and more, this pack blends exceptional functionality with exquisite design. 

18. The Agency – Keynote Template

Bright and slick, The Agency by Slidehack will help you make an impression. With layouts that provide a healthy balance between high resolution imagery and a focus on the content, you’ll get your ideas across in style. The pack includes fully editable shapes, colors, fonts and more. And it’s fit for a high resolution screen. 

19. Cascada Keynote Modern Template

What makes Cascada so breathtaking is its simplicity. The layouts included in this pack are incredibly functional, but the efficient arrangements of the elements in each layout, as well as the color options included, make it unique. There are 120 slide templates to choose from, vector shapes, chart, infographic, timeline layouts among others, and it’s all in Full High Definition.

20. Minimal Sale Keynote Template

Minimal Sale, as its title suggests, is great for product presentations. Features a pastel blue base with orange highlights and still a healthy amount of white space, this template gives off an airy ‘lifestyle’ sort of vibe. It includes a strong use of photography in its layouts, and provides iPad, and Apple Watch product mockups for you to display your content on. The drag and drop functionality it provides should make this quite easy.

21. X Note (VOL.02) – Keynote Template

X Note by Slidehack features a welcome soft color palette. With a low profile dark gray canvas and a pleasant selection of coral greens, blues and purples, the pack looks modern but not overwhelmingly so. It features 4 pre-made themes, each with 40 unique slide templates, device mockups, image placeholders and more. It’s all fully editable, it’s all drag and drop and it’s all in high resolution.

22. Haluiva : Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Take advantage of the 30 unique slide options for your next pitch and impress your audience. If you want a minimal but modern set of templates, then this one’s for you.

23. Nova Business Keynote Template Pitch Deck

Featuring a white canvas and gray text with subtle highlight colors, Nova will give your presentation an almost heavenly injection of minimalism. The slide layouts are very clean, bordering on sparse, and when color and imagery is added, the layouts provide a welcome balance between the two. 60 creative unique slide layouts are included, there are 4 color themes, 450 vector icons and a dark version included. 

24. ATULAH – Keynote Presentation Template

With dark and light versions included, ATULAH is bold but clean. It has a strong focus on images, so you’ll want to have some high quality ones at hand and its color scheme features a teal highlight color that’s very modern. 

25. Fresh Scent Keynote Template

Featuring a signature pastel blue as its main highlight color, this light theme is very soft and inviting. It’s a very polished set of slides that offer a lot of customization. You can drag and drop your images into the placeholders, add or remove text boxes, change colors, add gradients and more. It’s beautiful as is but it’s also versatile enough for you to make it whatever you want it to be.

26. Motion Keynote Template

This striking set of slide templates looks inspired by European fashion magazines. The bold use of its feature color, mixed with the creative layouts draw the eye to what matters in really unique ways. This is one to consider if you want to make a statement. A really good choice for creative agencies. 

27. Sapphire Keynote Template

Clean and friendly, Sapphire features 30 modern and elegant slides, 5 color variations, infographics, illustrations and more. Great if you need a versatile collection of slides that will look good no matter the context. 

28. Sekka – Business Keynote Template

This stunning set of grayscale slides will make your presentation truly elegant. There are 5 more premade color schemes to pick from. Featuring unique slides, photo and project galleries, easily editable charts, timelines, free fonts, vector icons and more, it provides all you’ll need to create a truly beautiful presentation. 

29. Ultimate Keynote Template

Ultimate provides a welcome freshness that is much needed in corporate presentations. It’s versatile enough to suit a wide variety of needs, but in a corporate setting, with its use of white space, a fresh color palette and gradients – which are very on trend – it’ll add an energy to your presentation that will turn heads. It includes 60 unique slide variations, 4 color themes, 450 vector icons and a alternate dark version. 

30. Sella 2.0 Keynote Template

Sella features an extremely sleek mix of photography and text. Each slide layouts features at least one element that jumps off the screen and captures the eye. But its counterbalanced by the layout of the rest of the content, and that’s the genius of this theme by Levato. There are 40 multipurpose slides included, infographics, iPhone, Macbook and iPad mockups, charts and more. 

31. Madness Keynote

Great for presentations from a live events company, Madness by dirtylinestudio feels very modern and really just very cool. Feature a number of semi-transparent gradient overlays covering high quality images with text and icons on top, as well as a number of other contemporary layouts, it resembles the style of web design that’s very in vogue today. It’s bold, exciting and will leave a striking impression. 

32. Tech – Multipurpose Keynote Presentation

Tech by pulsecolor is a very popular presentation template. It features bright colors on a fresh white background, clean layouts and it’s really easy to edit and customize. 15 color variations are included, handmade infographics, vectors and other easily editable elements. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something fresh and professional. 

33. Agio : Keynote Presentation

34. PORTFOLIO – Multipurpose Keynote Template V15

This template pack is extremely simple and elegant. It uses color sparingly, allowing for your text and images to speak for itself. It features 41 unique slide layouts, the ability to drag and drop images into placeholders, it’s fully animated and it can suit a variety of different needs. 

35. Be. Keynote Presentation Template

Listen up hipsters, the image of a pineapple probably already tipped you off but this one’s for you. In all seriousness though, Be. is a kooky yet very tidy template best suited for creatives. Designers should like the focus on bold images, and headings that draw the eye. The layouts, text hierarchy and sparing use of color should be pleasing to most with an eye for design. With with 125 unique slide variations, it’s versatile enough to suit whatever kind of presentation they’re aiming to put on. 

36. StartUP

StartUP is perfect for a presentation to investors or for a conference. The slide layouts are very clear and professional, and the color scheme lends itself to that crossover of business and technology. It comes with 23 unique slide templates, easily editable colors and shapes, and an iPhone mockup. 

37. ULTIMATE – Multipurpose Keynote Template V3