Top 10 Best Corporate PowerPoint Templates 2023

From pitching to presenting results, we’ve assembled some of the very best corporate PowerPoint templates perfect for any business.

Best Corporate PowerPoint Templates
Portrait for Hermione WrightBy Hermione Wright  |  Updated September 28, 2023

Whether you love or loathe work presentations, having a well-designed PowerPoint template by your side will ensure you’re doing your words and ideas justice! Read on for our pick of 10 of the best corporate PowerPoint templates for 2023 to give your presentation every chance of success.

What Is a Business Presentation?

It can take many forms including an external presentation or business proposal where you try to win new business, or internal presentations where you keep colleagues updated on a recent initiative.

Three important uses for business presentations include:

  • Presenting results: Wow your listeners with stats and facts about a recent campaign. 
  • Pitching ideas: Take your audience on a journey where you can provide greater context around why your idea is a winning one. 
  • Selling your services: Whether internally or externally, your presentation is your opportunity to explain why you’re the person for the job!

Make sure you check out our useful presentation guide for more information about how to create a corporate PowerPoint template—and how to avoid common mistakes.

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How to Create a Corporate PowerPoint template

If you have PowerPoint, you can design your own presentations. Or, you could pick a corporate PowerPoint template from Envato Elements before downloading it to your PC and editing it to make it your own. Why is a subscription to Envato Elements a good option

  • Professional design: The corporate presentation templates are created by designers with years of experience under their belt so you’ll know your deck will look sleek and professional. 
  • Saves time: Why spend hours formatting your PowerPoint presentation when you can pick one that’s already beautifully made? Take your pick of corporate presentation templates and spend less time designing, more time coming up with ideas! 
  • Consistency: Whether you’re presenting to the same client months apart or you want your internal presentations to follow a certain style, picking standardized business PowerPoint templates is a great way to make sure your design and content follow the same look and feel. 
  • Data visualization: Many of the presentations come with graphs, charts, and other symbols to display your data quickly and easily. There are lots of creative PowerPoint templates that can help you display this information in interesting ways. 

Beautiful and Practical Corporate PowerPoint Templates

First impressions are everything and this bunch of professional, beautifully designed, and highly customizable templates will not only save you and your company time, but be an investment in your future success.

10. The X Note – Powerpoint Template by Slidehack

This corporate presentation template comes packed with 40+ unique slides per theme, with features including charts, illustrations, and timelines. It also comes with a device mockup—especially useful if you want to show your audience how the ideas you’re presenting will look in mobile, laptop, or tablet view.

9. Infographic Solutions. P1. Powerpoint Template by Andrew_Kras

One of the best corporate PowerPoint presentations out there, this one comes with infographics white space and bright colors to ensure your colleagues or clients simply can’t miss your data! It’s a great choice if you want to distill complex information into easy-to-follow charts and diagrams.

8. Business Strategy Two PowerPoint Template by Jetz

This clean, modern Powerpoint Presentation offers endless creative possibilities. Featuring fresh fonts, trendy imagery and plenty of white space, it allows you to edit all elements with ease and drag drop images to give it your own personal touch.

7. Enjoy PowerPoint Template by GrizzlyDesign

If you’re ready to create amazing business PowerPoint presentations, here’s one with your name on it! This fresh and minimalistic PowerPoint template is multipurpose and can be used by all kinds of businesses. It also comes with a wide variety infographic elements, charts graphs, maps and icons.

6. Simple Presentation by celciusdesigns

Are you more into pictures than charts? This modern, trendy PowerPoint template is perfect for visualizing percentages and displaying your personal or corporate portfolio in a unique and engaging way. It’s super easy to customize, allowing you to edit all images, colors and text to fit your needs.

5. Agio: Powerpoint Presentation by punkl

Are you looking for a sleek, chic PowerPoint template to impress your colleagues or clients? Then look no further! This Agio template offers plenty of useful features, including infographics, charts and data visualization, while giving off a trendy vibe with its minimalist layout, bright colors and eye-catching illustrations.

4. Space Journey – Powerpoint Template by karkunstudio

This corporate presentation template is modern and contemporary, offering plenty of ‘space’ (get it?) for text and copy alike. Although its creators have opted for a space-related theme, you can easily add your own content and edit the colors as you wish!

3. Sparrow – Creative Agency Powerpoint Presentation by giantdesign

A perfect example of professional-yet-creative PowerPoint templates, this Sparrow Creative Agency Powerpoint Presentation offers a fresh layout, stunning color scheme options and plenty of other customizable elements. Featuring flat design, bright colors and illustrations, this modern presentation is a perfect fit for creative industries such as fashion, design, photography, or creative agencies.

2. Oriola : Business Powerpoint Template by punkl

Perfectly blending personality with modern design, Oriola is a beautifully-designed template with 50 slides included within the pack. Another versatile theme, this one could work just as flawlessly in a wide variety of settings—from tech presentations to marketing updates.

1. Balance – Powerpoint Template by markzugelberg

Looking for an effective, modern, and easily customizable presentation? This Balance Powerpoint Template will help turn your ideas into a professional, persuasive presentation to communicate your messages clearly, meet your goals, and exceed expectations in everything from thought leadership and sales to everyday employee communication.

More Corporate PowerPoint Templates

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Keep scrolling for more professional presentation themes.

1. Edge Keynote Template

This template pack comes with everything you need to create an amazing PowerPoint presentation including charts, tables, graphs and icons that can be scaled and edited right within your window. It’s been known to save users a tonne of time, making for some happy customers. And it’s easy to insert your company logo in the master slides.

2. Rockstar Powerpoint Template

This is one of the most comprehensive PowerPoint presentation template packs around. It’s easy to use and customize, features fresh, professional designs that are still fun, and contains it’s versatile fitting a broad set of needs.

3. Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

The Pitch Deck Presentation Template is one of the best available on Envato. It’s a creative, modern pack of business-related slide templates that includes custom infographics, maps, charts, graphs, SmartArt and more. It’s fully editable, easy to use, and will save you days of hard work with just a few clicks.

4. Buxe Creative & Multipurpose Template

This PowerPoint presentation template pack is perfectly suited for a corporate presentation. Featuring a modern design that’s also extremely professional, you’ll find a vast array of templates for everything from videos to infographics, making it quick and easy to compile a presentation. The end result will be fresh, functional and professional.

5. Bridge – Black & White Powerpoint Presentation

Looking for a PowerPoint template with a clean, but, strong design? This may be it. Featuring a black and white color scheme, you’ll set yourself apart from others, and really make an impression. This template, paired with some high quality photography, will make for something people won’t forget in a hurry.


This presentation template really reflects a current trend in design. The style is very concise and minimal and uses color sparingly. There are also so many stunning options to choose from within this pack. The blue gradient detail on one set of slides is incredibly eye-catching. While the simple white layouts featuring a window into the photography used are just as breathtaking. It’s functional and pretty.

7. Nook – Minimal Powerpoint Template

Designed to be visually stunning, and intuitive for customers to use, the item’s creator has included things that make it just that little bit easier for users to achieve an impressive final result.

8. Be+Plus – Powerpoint Template

Clean and colorful, this professional business focused PowerPoint template provides a huge range of layouts, shapes and fonts. It includes introduction, team, portfolio, image showcase, mockups and infographic templates, among others. And all objects, vectors and smart objects are fully editable and animated.

9. Glassgow – PowerPoint Template

Bold but beautiful, Glassgow – PowerPoint Presentation Template is a clean, professional corporate package that’s great for catching the eye. Featuring layouts for corporate vision, mission, values, services, portfolios and more, you’ll find it easy to add your content, change colors, and customize everything with only a couple of clicks.

10. Ever Powerpoint Template

Suitable for corporate business accounting, management and more, this template looks professional, and above all else, clear. It has dark and light options, and feature high-resolution images, and slide templates for almost every scenario. It’s comprehensive, versatile and great value.

11. SWOT Business Presentation

A flat, clean, minimalist, elegant and flexible PowerPoint presentation template, perfect for presentation corporate and personal use. Very easy to change the color schemes. Just pick one of 20+ color themes in your PowerPoint, including 20 custom color choice and the entire template will change to the color theme you have been chosen.

12. Investor Powerpoint Template

Perfect for an investor, marketing or realtor presentation, this professional-looking template is clean and friendly. Featuring light and dark options, drag and drop functionality, useful pre-made color options, and friendly support, it has everything you’ll need to impress an audience.

13. KIRANA – Multipurpose Powerpoint Template

This presentation template is a minimalistic, creative, unique template for commercial enterprise or personal use, creative industry, business and many more. If you’re looking for a unique yet professional design this is it!

14. Black Business Proposal

Black Business Proposal features 20 clean, very versatile slides. Everything is fully editable with great templates to show off timelines, mockups, teams and more.

15. Infographics Powerpoint

This professional Infographics PowerPoint pack is full of infographics templates for every occasion. Whether you want to display a puzzle, a SWOT analysis, business model and timeline, or some form of flowchart, this pack, which offers 144 slides and 1000 icons different styles, will have you covered.

16. Minimalism Clean Powerpoint

This beautiful, minimalistic template pack will not only make you look professional but lifts the design of your presentation to a new level. Its bold use of refreshing white backgrounds, illustrations and imagery gives it a clean, creative feel. And the layouts prioritize clarity more than anything else, which will be great for your audience. The grey and black color scheme will be particularly suited to corporate presentations.

17. Cleira – Powerpoint Templates

This clean template set is great for a modern company wanting to look slick, but accessible. The highlight colors, on top of the white background, is eye catching. But it’s not overwhelming. It has the potential to get your audience’s attention, but not in an aggressive way. It’s inviting.

18. Samoa – Green Campaign Powerpoint Template

Samoa is a ready-to-go PowerPoint template pack for a green campaign or project presentations. Out of the box the default layouts and designs are well-suited to presentations on sustainability and environmental related. It offers 3 color schemes, and 30 unique slides that should cover everything a green business presentation needs.

19. Nivmelo Powerpoint Template

Nivmelo is a ready-to-go PowerPoint template pack for corporate presentations. Out of the box the default layouts and designs are well-suited to keynotes, business plans, financial forecasts and the like. It offers 5 color schemes and a comprehensive set of slide templates that should cover everything a business presentation needs. If you’re wanting something professional that’s ready to go as is, this is it.

20. Tomson Slides Powerpoint Presentation

Tomson is something I’d picture an agency using to present a business plan for a creative project to a corporate. It features a bold artistic design on a white background scheme. It includes some fresh looking layouts that use the space of each slide in interesting ways. It presents information clearly, but in a playful way. And, most of all, it’s going to make an impression, which is exactly what you want to do when you’re an agency vying for a job.

21. MAXPRO – PowerPoint Template

MAXPRO features bright colors and clean, professional layouts. It comes with modern layouts, device mockups, and it places an emphasis on photography. The result looks professional and exciting.  

22. Gesture – Powerpoint Template

If you’re looking for something modern and pretty, consider this template. With 5 great color combinations, the use of gradients mixed with a white canvas, and clean layouts, you’ll be satisfied with this template. It’s particularly suited to the design trends of the moment, but should take you through to the future pretty comfortably.

23. The X – Powerpoint Template

Colorful, but restrained, this template pack is great value. It includes device mockups, infographic templates, country charts and loads of icons. It features more than 115 slide options, and a design that’s fresh, modern, artistic, and very tidy.

24. Marketing Powerpoint Template

A very modern and creative template with a black background. It has layout is tidy and focused on the content. It features blue color schemes as a default highlight color. It’s one to consider if you’re looking to create a professional yet unique marketing presentation.

25. Nine – Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

This template has you covered if you love infographics! Looking to present a corporate vision, mission, values, services, or portfolio with loads of infographics? The slides are simple, clean and modern in style, with creative infographics and professional layouts. The template has also been designed in such a way that colors can easily be changed by just a few mouse clicks.

26. Website Proposal PowerPoint Template

This presentation template is designed to help you provide a quick and qualitative website proposal to management or even a potential client. You will find all necessary sections in this template, and you need to enter only your data and images. Big typefaces and contrast colors will allow your clients to focus on your data and final analysis.

27. Digitech – IT & Technology Company Presentation

This multipurpose presentation pack is suitable for a corporate technology company. With a focus on what a tech business users need in a presentation template, each slide in this template is useful for every kind of real-life tech corporate need and situation.

28. Startup Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Startup Pitch Deck has a 4000 colorful vector icons and 200 slides that are very easy to customize. The color schemes are very easy on the eyes helping you create a very colorful and engaging presentation. Impress potential stakeholders and win that pitch!

29. Tech – Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation

Clean and contemporary designs throughout this template are fused with soft hues of violet, blue, and green creating a warm and inviting ambiance. The gentle and calm designs and layouts will calm the audience and help viewers enjoy the presentation. Featuring beautiful infographics and engaging charts and diagrams, this is a presentation not to be missed.

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of amazing business PowerPoint presentations at your disposal, now it’s up to you which one to present first! Head to Envato Elements to pick up a subscription for endless downloads and make sure to check out our 50 Best PowerPoint templates 2023 for extra inspiration. And, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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