Designers Pick Their Favorite Handwritten Fonts

Check out some of the favorite handwritten fonts among our designers on Envato Elements.

Portrait for EnvatoBy Envato  |  Updated December 3, 2020

We asked two designers to select their favourite handwritten fonts.

Envato Elements Author August10

Deasy, a designer who creates fonts as August10 on Elements, has been working as a designer for 8 years. In her early years, she worked for several agencies that she began to realize, working there had taken lots of her, most of all: time. She tried to find a better career opportunity where she could have her freedom but still, able to create design or at least in design path.

Fonts by August10 on Envato Elements

Being a contributor for Envato, she is able to make all sorts of good-looking designs that are used by many customers around the world (and finally, she has lots of time!). Not only that, she also notices that font design has become one of the most popular things. For her, it’s good to know that her “handwriting” can be used as an element to create something bigger. From that moment on, she continues making font that so far she has 28 fonts & still counting.

Fonts by August10 on Envato Elements

Here’s what Deasy had to say about their favorite styles across Envato Elements:

“I like script fonts because they are original and it’s purely handmade (of course, after finish drawing, we computerize it). Of all 20 pages of script font in Envato Elements, there are some I like because of varied reasons. 

I have to admit that these are well executed, both the fonts and the presentation! As a designer, these fonts (along with their preview images) do give me inspiration in making new fonts; not to make the same ones, but to make a new one based on the style. 

But as a user, looking at these fonts I imagine there are tons of things I can make. Many of them comes with features such as Bite Chalk. There are several fonts in 1 family that I can combine to create this and that. Many of them, too, comes with brush stroke and or texture that will make my works look natural (it’s as if I make the writing by my hand, instead of some computer font). Actually, these are the things that I’m looking for whenever I look for fonts to create design. 

One last thing is the presentation. These designers made some great works by making a themed preview, such as: Little Wonder, Asphalts and Carosello. They have the color consistency and images that match each other which give a strong impression to the fonts themselves (and makes me want to download them!).”

We asked two designers on Envato Elements to tell us about typography and font styles they’re into this season.

Envato Elements Author michael_gilliam

Michael Gilliam, a designer on Envato Elements, to share their favorite font styles. Michael’s own design style tends towards handwritten, detailed fonts:

Fonts by michael_gilliam on Envato Elements

Here’s what they had to say when we asked him about their design style:

“What’s not to love about handwritten fonts?! The bouncy baselines, the fat-to-thin brush strokes, the gritty textures; these perfect little imperfections all lend themselves to making any design stand out. For me, they’ve become a game changer. I’m now able to make a digitally designed pieces feel authentically hand crafted. Brilliant!”

Here’s 10 fonts handpicked by Michael for your design inspiration:

5. Octavia

6. Mallow

This article was written by Elements Blog editor Brittany Jezouit. Thanks to Michael & Deasy for collaboration on this article. 

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