Top 10 Best Lower Thirds Templates 2021

Make your videos pop with these lower thirds templates for After Effects, Premiere Pro & more.

Best Lower Thirds Templates
Portrait for Julia FernandezBy Julia Fernandez  |  Updated May 18, 2023

If you’re a video editor or creator, chances are that you rely heavily on lower thirds to communicate key information to your audience. Lower thirds templates have become a staple in any video toolkit, but it can be tricky to find the right lower thirds graphics for your project. Whether you need a lower third title for After Effects, Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, we’ve curated a collection of the best lower thirds templates.

What Is a Lower Third?

Lower thirds are informative elements added to the lower area of a video. They’re designed to be visible, but not take away from the action of the video itself. They may seem like a simple ingredient, but used in the wrong way, lower thirds can be extremely misleading or confusing to viewers.

When used well, they can help your audience keep track of who is being interviewed on screen, or the theme or location of your segment. Lower thirds templates are typically comprised of typography, shapes, logos and colors as well as the size and position of elements and animation style.

Lower Thirds for After Effects, Premiere Pro & More

In this post, we’re sharing our pick of the top 10 best lower thirds templates on Envato Elements right now, so you can subtly add info to your video. All the items featured are available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

10. Lower Thirds Titles for FCPX by MotionLemon

This is an essential compilation of lower thirds templates for any amateur or pro video editor. A clever combination of understated typography and minimalistic animated graphic design sets these creative elements apart.

9. Brush Lower Thirds by flikmotion

Now, this is a template pack for artistic businesses and influencers who are looking to showcase their portfolio or create ‘how-to’ videos targeting the art industry. A range of brush stroke lower thirds are available so you can mix and match to suit your video content.

8. Social Media Lower Thirds by JustaMotion

Perfect for vloggers, streamers and social media influencers of all kinds, this trendy pack of templates contains a versatile range of editable lower thirds for use on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube channels.

7. Typewriter Lower Thirds | MOGRT for Premiere Pr by MotionRevolver

With school, newspaper and journalism themes throughout, this lower thirds templates pack is useful to freelance writers, school projects, news channels and much more. The kinetic typewriter themed text adds creativity and flair to any presentation.

6. Minimal Lower Thirds For Final Cut Pro X by JoelStarling

The number 6 addition to our list today is a pack full of dynamic, modern and minimalist lower thirds templates that promise to leave your important business presentation or sales pitch as the star of the show.

5. Auto Resize Lower Thirds by wallstreetcat

Coming in at number 5 on this list is a super handy lower thirds template pack that not only looks sophisticated, but it also offers self-resizing boxes to any font. That means less work for you in the long run and more attractive, consistent lower thirds.

4. Clean Corporate Lower Thirds by motionbeard

This is a stylish, contemporary set of lower thirds templates that will suit any corporate presentation to a T. Choose to add a dash of colour to liven things up, or just use plain and simple text to get your message across.

3. Lower Thirds by flikmotion

With auto-resizing capabilities, stunning colour options and sleek design elements, we highly recommend this lower thirds template pack for urbane presentations where a CTA should be placed in a subtle position that still catches the eye.

2. Lower Third Animation Pack by YETYYY

This pack provides 30 animated lower thirds templates that are the perfect assets to elevate your video production. From interviews to documentaries, social media videos to corporate presentations, this pack has your needs completely covered.

1. Pop Lower thirds by Media_Stock

The name says it all with this bright pack of creative lower thirds templates. Even though lower thirds usually aren’t designed to POP, everything about these designs steers slightly away from subtlety to make sure your audience claps eyes on your important messaging.

You can find all the best lower thirds templates featured in this list by subscribing to Elements. What are you waiting for? Start creating today.

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