Top 20 Best Royalty-Free Christmas Songs

Discover 20 of the best royalty-free Christmas tracks for your festive project.

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We invited our community to curate lists of the best royalty-free music for Christmas on AudioJungle and here’s what they recommended!

“One of the best Christmas songs on AudioJungle! This orchestral tune creates a magical Christmas vibe. Suitable for many Christmas projects,” says its curator HitsLab.

Get jazzy with this Christmas track by pinkzebra. It brings some 50s style to the holiday season, bringing to mind images of jukebox cafes and rollerskate diners.

Curator, MikeSea says, “Great melody and great instrumentation. I also get some Mr Bean Vibes here.”

“A children’s music box track of high quality that comes in three versions with different tempos. Though this melody in this format has been heard a million times before, this is the sort of minimalistic track that you’d expect to fit any Christmas project due to its undeniable, iconic associations to Christmas and all its magic,” says the track’s curator, Stockwaves

“This is an energetic, retro, rock’n’roll Christmas tune. It’s got a sax solo and everything! I wrote this after watching Home Alone for about the 100th time. Kevin!!!” says the track’s author.

“This track is absolutely amazing! I can’t stop listening to it, I’m hooked on this song. It’s perfect! Hearing the song is like something from a classic Christmas movie,” says curator, ilovemedia-es.

“When minimalism is not an option, cue this track and turns the volume way up,” says the author. “It’s a rich, loud and energetic orchestral arrangement of the Christmas classic, full of pomp, punch and grandeur. It will not fail to make the message clear: Christmas is coming!”

“I remember this arrangement going live 3 years back and was just blown away by the idea and originality. One of those tracks where you just kind of say “How did he think of that?”. Great vocals and very entertaining – and judging by the sales, clearly 480 people have agreed,” says SteelSound.

“My most favorite track. It evokes a sense of something magical and unusual. It’s a very beautiful and wonderful composition performed by bells, trumpets, strings, and tambourine – everything that evokes a feeling of Christmas and Christmas movies. It’s like a cozy, warm cup of hot chocolate!” says curator, WildLion_Production.

“This track takes another familiar Christmas tune, “Ding Dong Merrily on High”, setting it in the French ‘Gypsy Swing Jazz’ style of the 1930’s. This relentlessly cheerful style of music sits well with all things festive and good-willed, and harks back to a time where families spent Christmas day around the fire, singing along to the ‘wireless’, rather than staring at shiny new iPads connected to WIFI,” says the track’s author, JonnyBoyleMusic.

“Wow, this is expressive, Christmas music! Whenever I hear this, on the street or in or the house, I immediately plunge into the Christmas and festive mood! Incredible composition, one of the best expressive melodies of Christmas!” says WildLion_Production.

“Full of energy for a great holiday around the world, motivating and bright,” says bkfm.

“This is a magical piece like you hear in a children’s movie. It has a happy melody, a lot of bell sounds, and a very developed orchestral background,” says the track’s curator D-Music.

“This is a favorite of mine because the orchestration is in a classic Christmas style, and the sound is clean, dynamic and big. The arrangement portrays a truly wonderful sense of Christmas energy and magic; including very effective key changes that build the anticipation up to the dream-like finale. The 60-second length is perfect timing for videos and commercials,” says MidnightSnap.

“I very much like this uptempo ukulele Christmas track, because it has this steady and continuous feel-good vibe. The Christmas effects and Christmas bells are a little bit toned down, but that makes it really useful as background Christmas music and for voice-over projects etc. Nice chord progression and the melody is slightly melancholy – but Christmas can be slightly melancholy too,” says CrazyTunes.

“This is orchestral Christmas track with glockenspiel, bells, chimes, sleigh bells and strings. You immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the holiday. Perfect for all Christmas and New Year media projects,” says the track’s author, D-Music.

“A light, festive orchestral track that is sure to add some Christmas magic to any holiday project. It features light, magical piano melodies, joyful choir choruses as well as Santa’s sleigh bells and the quintessential sound of Christmas morning – church bells,” says stardiva, the track’s author.

“Dedicated to the town where I grew up and I’ll never forget Christmas over there,” says the author. “It is located relatively high in the mountains, so there was plenty of snow. There is no snow on Christmas where I live now… so yes, for me it’s a Christmas track!”

“I do love the main melody, because it is the first melody that I knew about Christmas music when I was a child. It’s a beautiful, memorable track, full of Christmas atmosphere. Really good for all kinds of Christmas projects!” says the track’s curator, gwenscylla.

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