Best Sites to Find CSS Snippets & Inspiration

Web developers can save hours of time by reusing codes and finding free snippets online. Here are the best sites to browse for totally free CSS3 code snippets.

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Web developers can save hours of time by reusing codes and finding free snippets online. But this can be tough if you don’t know where to look.

So for this post I’ve organized the best sites to browse for totally free CSS3 code snippets. You can find everything from simple buttons to whole webpage layouts and pretty much everything inbetween.

1. Web Code Tools

As a resource for CSS snippets you have to check out Web Code Tools. This site offers custom CSS3 code generators to save you time building gradients, filters, and pure CSS animations.

But this site is also a massive resource for all frontend dev languages. You can find lots of generators and code snippets for HTML5 elements, microdata, and OG(open graph) snippets for your page header.

If you’re looking for a quality resource to find CSS & frontend snippets then Web Code Tools is a must-bookmark site.

2. CodePen

The best online repository to browse through for code snippets has to be CodePen. It’s a free online IDE that also works as a library showcasing cool dev projects made by developers worldwide.

What I like most about this site is the quality of content. Yes there are many simpler pens with useless snippets. But you can also browse popular pens to see which designs are trending and gaining traction.

Whether you’re looking for pure CSS3 or a CSS/JS mix I guarantee CodePen has snippets for everything you could ever need(and a lot more!).

3. CSS Flow

CSS Flow curates UI kits and design resources and it has a snippets area with free hand-crafted codes. These snippets are mostly geared towards UI elements and they’re entirely coded in HTML and CSS/Sass.

You’ll find stuff like toggle switches, signup forms, CTA buttons and even a todo list. Each snippet has a live demo you can view in your browser before downloading.

Most snippets date back quite a few years and the site hasn’t been updated recently. However these snippets are still fully compliant with HTML5/CSS3 specs and they look incredible.

4. Code My UI

The code-based inspiration gallery Code My UI is the perfect curated resource to find CSS snippets.

Every post is hand-picked and organized by most the most recent snippets found all over the web. You’ll find typography designs, custom layouts, button styles, and pretty much everything you’ll need for a sweet website.

At the top of the page you can sort by category or by search term. This way you can whittle down the results to find exactly what you’re looking for.

5. Codepad

Not many sites can compete with Chris Coyier’s CodePen, but if there’s any other site I could recommend it’s Codepad.

Everything on the Codepad front page is voted by users. You can setup a new playground and submit your ideas too, all with an online IDE for HTML/CSS/JS code.

The free CSS snippets vary wildly from useful snippets(buttons, layouts) to more diverse snippets mostly created to show off. This pure CSS WinXP loader is a nice example.

But if you’re looking for another site with user-generated code I highly recommend Codepad.

6. Bootsnipp

Nobody could’ve guessed how quickly Twitter’s Bootstrap would’ve grown in just a few years. It’s easily the #1 frontend framework and with sites like Bootsnipp you can save time by using pre-built code snippets.

Most Bootstrap code is repetitive so templates are very popular. With Bootsnipp you can browse hundreds of custom projects built on Bootstrap.

You can browse by tags or by the specific Bootstrap version ranging from v2.3 up to the newest v4.0.

If you want to create and share your own codes you can sign up for free and publish your Bootstrap snippets for the whole world. This site offers the BS dev community a huge value and it grows larger every day.

7. Codeply

Some devs prefer a wide choice of frameworks outside Bootstrap. That’s where a site like Codeply comes in handy.

This free resource lets you tinker with dozens of frontend frameworks like Foundation, Pure, Materialize and others. You can build custom layouts right in your browser and save them as free snippets for the world to clone.

You can browse all snippets by framework or by tags, all of which make navigating the site a lot easier. It doesn’t have the simplest layout but you should find a lot of cool stuff in here.

8. Little Snippets

Little Snippets gathers the best codes published to sites like CodePen into one place. If you don’t feel like wading through hundreds of pens you can just use Little Snippets instead.

Every snippet on the site is built with HTML/CSS so this is great for front-end developers. It also has a category page to browse by interface elements like buttons, icons, or nav menus.

This site isn’t as populated as others but it’s still a fantastic resource to cut through the dirt and find the diamonds.

9. Enjoy CSS

If you’re more interested in CSS code generators then take a look at Enjoy CSS.

It has a super clean interface and plenty of free CSS code generators to make any developer happy. You can build custom gradients, box shadows, transitions & transforms all with a GUI interface.

Plus the site has smaller galleries of code snippets for reusable elements like buttons. Enjoy CSS is like a one-stop shop for all your CSS needs.

10. CSSDeck

CSSDeck is the only online IDE that focuses primarily on CSS. Every snippet you find on the site uses HTML and CSS, most of which don’t really touch JavaScript.

This is the perfect resource for frontend devs who want non-JS solutions. Every code snippet includes the source code and you can make edits right in your browser.

It does not have the same volume as sites like CodePen but it’s still an excellent resource to check for free CSS snippets.

All the sites in this post are fantastic and they each offer a slightly different style of custom CSS snippets. But all of these resources will be around for a while and you can bet thousands of new snippets will be added in the years to come.

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