Best Technology Stock Video: Big Data, AI & Cyber Security

We asked our creative community to produce technology stock video. Here's our pick of the footage.

Best Technology Stock Footage
Portrait for Dom HennequinBy Dom Hennequin  |  Updated January 13, 2021

In today’s world, technology is constantly in the news. From artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, to smart tech and cybersecurity, new technology touches people’s lives in ever-increasing ways, which means there are more stories to tell about technology than ever before.

However, technology can be a daunting subject to explain. Whether you’re a company looking to unveil a futuristic product, or a content creator presenting a complex concept, it can be challenging to make the high-tech accessible to all, which is why visual aids are vital.

In September 2019, we asked the Envato Elements community to create new video items that fit the theme of technology as part of our Creative Briefs. These could be motion graphics animations, or filmed footage, but they needed to be stock footage that can be easily inserted into your next video projects.

After reviewing the entries, Mark Brodhuber, our content specialist for video, selected these as the top three technology themed stock video items:

01. Digital Processing Flicker 1 by Phantomatic

This animation can be interpreted in a number of different ways. From one perspective it pans across an active circuit board with its lights flickering. From another, it’s an aerial shot of a city, with the flickering lights symbolizing people in that area using technology. Whatever context you choose to present it in, it’s beautifully animated, and abstract enough to visually represent a number of scenarios.

02. Hi Tech Glossy Tunnel 2 by Phantomatic

Another one by Phantomatic, this animation sweeps through a glossy tunnel that represents a data center. The walls are detailed like circuit boards, featuring patterns and lights that resemble tiled computer chips. It’s truly stunning, doing a great job of creating a high tech environment in an abstract way.

03. Android by 3D_Background

“The videos bring a solid mix of elements that help demonstrate or portray an advanced technology theme,” says Mark. “Aside from the obvious robot, these videos fit the style by using abstract elements that can be easily associated with computers and technology. Things like server rooms, computer boards, circuitry, data transfer all have a seat at the table.”

They could be composited into transitions, or with text overlaid to make for slick title cards.

Mark Brodhuber, Envato’s Content Specialist for Video

In addition to these three items, our subscription service Envato Elements also has thousands of other options for technology stock footage and motion graphics. Here are some of the best:

04. Blockchain Technology 4K by YuElaine

Featuring a world map made up of small ellipses flickering, overlaid with blockchain related icons gliding across the screen, Blockchain Technology 4K by YuElaine makes for a great background over which you can insert text and titles. It’s subtle enough to easily fade into the background, yet interesting enough to work as a piece of standalone stock footage.

05. Technology by PreRender

A beautiful, simple motion graphic, this stock footage shows figures gliding down the screen accompanied by a flickering square pattern, and tracks of light. The color scheme and blurred glow of the lit up numbers create a Blade Runner-esque effect that’s moody, yet beautiful.

06. AI Face Binary Technology by Tanachai

This stunning graphic by Tanachai shows an animated mannequin being filled with an abstract pattern. It’s a perfect piece for communicating the concept of AI. When the pattern animates in its head, a globe appears and rotates around the mannequin. The blue coloring is beautiful, the animated patterns are impressively detailed, yet it’s something that can easily be used as a background.

07. Infection of a Database on a Computer Network 4K by butlerm

A great one for cybersecurity stories, this animation shows a computer network getting infected in an abstract way. There are two versions of it, one with a more rapid infection, another with a more scattered one. It’s a great animated set of graphics to accompany content about hacking.

08. Big Data Technology Background by px-bro

Featuring glowing, neon colored lines overlapping, Big Data Technology Background by px-bro brings the concept of big data technology to life. Slow speed,soft blurring of the bright lines, and subtle pixelated overlay showcase the attention to detail employed in its creation.

09. Modern Big Data Center Servers by moovstock

Another piece of big data stock footage to consider is this highly detailed animation that walks the camera through a big data center. The detailing of the tiles on the floor, the reflection of the ceiling lights, and the databases to each side are stunning.

10. Big Data Sending Digital Information on a Network by butlerm

Finally, this gorgeous motion graphic shows a set of pulsing rings coming from one corner of the screen, made up of small ellipses, pulsing to the right. The ellipses gradually scatter, representing data being sent out into the world. It comes in two styles, blue, and blue with some colored ellipses. Both are stunning, and would make beautiful backgrounds.

Whether you’re a technology brand looking to make an ad, or a content creator doing a story on AI, there’s something for you on this list from Envato Elements, and if you need more inspiration, our article covering the best premiere pro templates is another great read.

Our subscription service can open a world of possibilities. It gives you unlimited access to stock photography, graphic templates, fonts and more. And new items are being added all the time. Discover the right Envato Elements subscription plan for you and start creating today.

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