8 Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Cyber Monday Deals and Boost Sales

Want to see your sales soar this digital discount season? Here are our top Cyber Monday marketing tips to drive sales during this year’s online shopping frenzy...

8 Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Cyber Monday Deals & Boost Sales
Portrait for Kelsie RimmerBy Kelsie Rimmer  |  Updated November 28, 2022

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest events on the retail calendar. In 2021, Cyber Monday had its biggest year on record, generating $12.7 Billion in the US alone – and Cyber Monday 2022 is expected to be even bigger! So, if you’re a business or brand selling products or services online, now’s the time to start thinking about your Cyber Monday marketing strategy. 

Making your sales and products discoverable online is absolutely essential for capitalizing on Cyber Monday Deals. Whether you’re looking to promote your Cyber Monday Deals, generate Cyber Monday Sales, or create Cyber Monday ads, we’ve gotcha covered!

Ready to reel in the big bucks? Here are our top Cyber Monday marketing tips –  and the best Cyber Monday templates – to drive sales during this year’s online shopping frenzy… 

1. Get Set Up for Social Commerce 

It’s no secret that social media is now the biggest and most beneficial platform for online marketing. With 55% of online shoppers making purchases through social media platforms – and more businesses transitioning to digital during the global pandemic – getting in the social commerce game is a sure-fire way to increase your sales this Cyber Monday. 

Making your deals and products available on Facebook Shops, Instagram shops, or even Pinterest Shopping Ads will make it super easy for your customers to make in-app purchases, speeding up conversion and driving more sales. Shoppable posts also give brands the opportunity to streamline their Cyber Monday shopping experience across multiple touchpoints, by allowing consumers to buy while they scroll. 

Here are some great social media templates and social commerce templates from Envato Elements, including Instagram templates, Facebook covers, Instagram shop banners and more, to help you set up your social shop.

2. Create a Cyber Monday Landing Page 

Having a functional, accessible and professional online store is crucial for attracting new customers and driving sales. In fact, you might want to take it one step further and consider making a dedicated landing page for your Cyber Monday deals, sales or promotions.

With a million different Cyber Monday Sales to choose from, customers don’t want to have to go digging through your website to find out what’s on sale. By creating a dedicated landing page, you can create a more seamless experience for shoppers to easily find what they’re looking for and get straight to the good stuff. Plus, a dedicated URL can have great SEO benefits. You also need to make sure your current hosting can manage unexpected traffic by choosing a good ecommerce website hosting to ensure a good user experience.

If you’re looking to create a brand new website, there are plenty of awesome website templates, WordPress themes, landing page templates and Template Kits to choose from. Offering a wide variety of professional and cohesive website designs, Envato Elements Template Kits are an entirely customizable and code-free way to build your website. Template Kits include a range of templates for everything from your homepage to your contact page. They’re the perfect way to get your WordPress website up and running quickly!

To get your website Cyber Monday ready, check out these great landing pages, themes and templates from Envato Elements.

3. Use Video to Boost Conversion

Video is officially the most engaging form of online content, making it a perfect marketing tool for boosting conversion this Cyber Monday. In fact, research suggests that 62% of customers watch product review videos before making a purchase, and 84% have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video.

Because video is a quick, effective and easy-to-understand format, many marketers know that it can result in increased conversion, increased organic traffic, and high levels of positive engagement. It’s a no-brainer that brands and businesses alike can benefit from using video to promote their sales or products this Cyber Monday!

While creating a promotional video from scratch may seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be: video templates are a super quick and easy way to create a sleek, professional marketing video in no time. Check out these awesome video templates from Envato Elements.

4. Mockup Your Products

In the wake of the global crisis and social distancing, many businesses are now operating remotely, creating less opportunities for photo shoots and delays in product manufacturing. So, if you’re a brand, business or freelancer selling your products or services online this Cyber Monday, mockups are a great way to showcase your product on your online store.

Mockups allow anyone to illustrate their product or design in a realistic and professional way, quickly, and without the need for a professional photoshop. A visual representation of your product or design in a real-life context – whether it’s on clothing, stationery, flyers or signage – mockups can help sellers represent finished products and list products, without having to photograph them!

To mock up products for your website or online store this Cyber Monday, check out this amazing range of mockup templates.

5. Promote Your Sale on Social Media

Perhaps the most important tip to drive sales this Cyber Monday is to promote your deals. Marketing your best products, sales or offers on social media is key to converting your customers. The easier your sale is for customers to find, the easier it will be for them to buy!

Focus on promoting your sale in your Facebook and Instagram feed, on your Instagram Stories, as well as in your newsletter, website, or anywhere else that your brand is present online. Make sure to keep your marketing material consistent and eye-catching to ensure your Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday deals are as effective as possible.

To start selling on your socials, check out these awesome social media templates on Envato Elements

6. Create Eye-Catching Ads

With last year’s Cyber Monday frenzy generating over $12 Billion in revenue, there’s no doubt that competition will be high this coming Cyber Monday. And with so many sales and deals to choose from, it’s extra important to make sure consumers know about your offers. 

Creating eye-catching ads and increasing your ad spend and marketing budget leading up to Cyber Monday can help you get your deals in front of more potential customers and capitalize on your Cyber Monday sales. To create some eye-catching Cyber Monday Ads, check out these awesome social media and web ad templates on Envato Elements

7. ​​Try Out Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing has become the norm for marketers wanting to effectively target and convert customers. Consumers are becoming more selective with the content and advertising they’re choosing to consume online, and from social media and email to display advertising, many brands are incorporating personalization into their digital marketing strategies to better engage their audiences and stand out in the crowded digital space. 

You can start by personalizing your social media ads by segment, and integrating personalized subject lines into your email communications. It can also pay to spread your personalized marketing across a variety of different channels to reach different segments of your target audience through multiple touch points, using the content and channels that they frequent. 

To get a bit personal with your customers this Cyber Monday, check out these ad templates.

8. Use Email to Promote Your Cyber Monday Sale

Email marketing is an essential part of any effective marketing campaign – but it’s more important now than ever. The amount of emails sent out globally has increased by 45% year on year, and email marketers are now sending 27% more emails than they did pre-pandemic

When utilizing email marketing to promote your Cyber Monday sales, it can be beneficial to touch base with your customers before, during and after the big day:

  1. Sending out blasts ahead of time to promote your Cyber Monday deals or tease sales is great for building anticipation and increasing awareness. 
  2. Sending out an email as soon as your sale goes live with limited-time offers can create a sense of urgency, prompting your customers to take action to avoid missing out. 
  3. And after your Cyber Monday sale has finished, you can even send a small promotion or offer to customers who didn’t convert.

To create engaging Cyber Monday emails to convert your customers, check out these great email templates on Envato Elements.

We hope you enjoyed this article and picked up some great Cyber Monday marketing ideas and strategies. For more great tips on how to optimize your branding, business or online presence this Cyber Monday, check out Ecommerce Trends, Branding Trends, or Social Media Trends!

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