Design Trend: Bright and Bold Colors

Want to be the brightest crayon in the box? Here are some of the best bright and bold templates to add a splash of color to your next design.

Bright and Bold Color Trend
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The bright and bold color trend is a surefire way to add some va-va-voom to your visuals. With a focus on contrasting colors and vibrant, saturated hues, bright and bold colors enable designers to stand out by adding a splash of color into a sea of neutrals. In this post, we’ll explore some of the most inspiring and eye-catching bright and bold designs on Envato Elements.

What Are Bright Colors?

Bright colors are bold and intense in nature, and typically visually striking and noticeable due to their hue and saturation. Warmer colors like red, orange and yellow are considered brighter than cooler colors like blue and green, but any color can be bright and bold when used in the right way. 

The current bright and bold color trend is in part influenced by graffiti, murals and pop art, which have all had a big influence in the world of graphic designers, branding, fashion, and interior design over the last few years. Creating a mood of vibrancy, optimism and youthful exuberance, bright and bold color palettes are a perfect way to make your designs stand out from the crowd. They’re often used on social media, particularly Instagram, as a way of capturing an audience or defining a strong brand

One of the most prominent color trends to grace our screens this year, vivid color palettes have become extremely popular in all areas of design, but especially in the realms of photography, product packaging and website design. Bold colors, integrated with interesting shapes or typography, have been increasingly adopted by designers who are dabbling in rainbow-inspired palettes as well as bold duo-tones.

Want to be the brightest crayon in the box? Here are some of the best bright and bold templates to add a splash of color to your next design… 

Colorful Design Templates

If you want to go bright and bold in no time, here are some of the best bright and bold templates on Envato Elements, from Instagram Stories to corporate Keynote presentation templates.  

01. Color Fun – Keynote by dirtylinestudio

02. Stand Up Comedy Show Instagram Story by Gioraphics

03. InstaFashion Instagram Stories Templates by BadSyxn

04. Tosc – Instagram Stories Template by TMint

05. DEROLL PACK 1- Instagram Template + Strories by dirtylinestudio

Bright & Bold Graphics

Want to add some vibrancy to your next design project? Check out these stunning bright and bold graphics on Envato Elements, including illustrations, fonts, and colorful block backgrounds…

06. Modern Art Three People vector illustration by danjazzia

07. Curves | Rounded Colorful Blocks Backgrounds by devotchkah

08. Group of five strange people and one dirty dog by danjazzia

09. Abstract Art Design with Rainbow by danjazzia

10. Five People and Human Silhouette by danjazzia

Colorful Video Templates & Stock Video

If you want your next video to be loud and proud, check out these super bright and bold video templates on Envato Elements featuring psychedelic waves, crazy colors and flat colorful geometric design

11. Cubism Spherical Loop by VFibbo

12. Psychedelic Waves by VFibbo

13. Kids Youtube TV Opener by drev0

14. Flat Geometry Colorful 05 HD by urzine

15. Crazy Colors by SebicheArgentino

16. In Room Flat Art 01 HD by urzine

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