Top 10 Cinematic Music Tracks

Having trouble finding the right royalty-free cinematic music tracks for your audiovisual projects? Listen to the ones in this post to be inspired!

Cinematic Music Tracks
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Awards Season 2019 is well underway, with the biggest night of all (The Oscars) getting closer. This means that the camera lights are flashing, the red carpet has been rolled out, and the fancy dresses and over-the-top jewelry have taken the spotlight.

Aside from all of the glitz and glamour, Awards Season is also the perfect time to be inspired. Witnessing the cream of the crop can give you the push you need to put forth an awesome cinematic project of your own.

Take audio, for instance. There are Oscars for ‘Sound Editing’, ‘Sound Mixing’, ‘Original Score’, and ‘Original Song’. This can give you an idea of just how important audio is to your films and why you need to be careful with how you employ it.

For that reason, if you truly want your projects to convey your message perfectly, you need to choose cinematic music that will take them there.

To assist you in this respect, we’ve compiled a list of royalty-free cinematic music available on AudioJungle. Curated by our top specialists and reviewers, you can bet these tracks will help elevate your work and create the right atmosphere for your audiovisual projects. Lend your ear and be inspired!

The Best Cinematic Music Tracks

Let’s begin this list in an epic way with a royalty-free cinematic music track that’s powerful and grandiose. ‘Epic Trailer’ has orchestral arrangements, alongside some futuristic, glitchy notes. This gives it a very intense and dramatic sound.

I can already picture it playing near the end of a movie when the climax is happening and your audience is expecting something truly epic to go down.

This next song has a title that’s very appealing if you’re looking to be internationally recognized for the score of your film: ‘Uplifting Hollywood Awards Soundtrack”. But what does that sound like?

Well, it has a very inspiring and encouraging vibe, all the while being elegant and triumphant. It has some lovely strings and a majestic composition, which could work well if you need to present something grand in your audiovisual project.

Great, passionate, and transcendental sports movies do exist (for example, RockyRemember the TitansThe Wrestler, and even The Sandlot). Each of them has a very energetic feel and a stimulating message.

If this is the route in which you want to take your film, short, or other audiovisual projects, you will need a cinematic music track that transmits just that. ‘Dramatic Sports Trailer’ can help in this matter, as it has a strong and motivating ring to it.

Now it’s time to visit the impossible—those stories that take place in other worlds, other universes, and under completely different conditions. Sci-fi movies can be mysterious, adventurous, and thrilling, but they keep a very human sense to them.

Capture that wide range of emotion with the ‘Sci-Fi Adventure’ music track. It’s sure to elevate the tension in your audience and have them biting their nails.

Dramatic movies with an inspirational message are usually a fan favorite, which is why they’re often prized during awards ceremonies. And with good reason: they’re heavy with emotion, depth, and heart.

Still, the wrong type of music can break the spell and take your viewers out of the movie entirely. To ensure that won’t happen, utilize a cinematic music track such as ‘Inspirational Drama’. It’s at the same time dramatic and uplifting, which will allow you to provoke those feelings in your audience.

Among the many reasons why we love watching movies, one of the strongest ones is that we do it to experience different emotions. Once more, the use of the right background music will add to your movie and help your audience live through the sentiments presented on the screen.

Take this royalty-free music track, for example. With the use of synths, strings, harps, and strong percussion, ‘Cinematic Background Tension’ will make your audience feel the emotions you want to convey.

The superhero has saved the day. The protagonist has achieved their purpose. The audience can breathe a sigh of relief once more. This is the part of the movie that has that uplifting message to it and an inspiring overall vibe.

To make those ending scenes land perfectly with your audience, you can use an emotional song such as ‘Epic Cinematic Powerful Uplifting Trailer’.

The fantasy genre is also hugely popular in the film industry. Box office hits such as Harry PotterMary PoppinsThe Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean, among a slew of others, have established this type of movie and made it a verifiable success among both young and old.

If you want to get your feet wet in the ‘Fantasy Movie’ puddle and take your spectators for a magical trip, make use of ‘Epic Fantasy Trailer’ in your audiovisual projects.

Sometimes, you just want to create a beautiful audiovisual. And such beauty requires an equally beautiful cinematic music track. ‘Emotional Cinematic History’ can work perfectly for that purpose. It starts off with a lovely piano and slowly builds up into an expressive song with lively strings and a splendid orchestral arrangement.

Last but not least, if we started the list in an epic way, it’s only fair that we end it in a pretty epic way, too. The ‘Epical’ cinematic music track has the ability to get everyone excited and motivated to accomplish their goals. It employs its instruments masterfully, to ensure that whoever is listening will get chills up and down their spine (which is probably what you want when you’re working on an epic movie).

Think of some of the movies with the best soundtracks: TitanicJawsAmélieLa La LandHarry Potter, etc. These are proof that to have an awesome movie, you need a lot more than just stunning visuals. You also require captivating cinematic music tracks that will allow you to create an atmosphere in which you can surround your audience and relay the appropriate message to them.

To take your film or other multimedia projects to the next level, make use of some of the royalty-free cinematic music tracks mentioned in this list. Keep in mind that if you didn’t find your perfect movie score here, you can take a listen through AudioJungle’s vast library. There, you’ll be able to explore a variety of high-quality sounds and compositions that could be the ideal pairing depending on the type of audiovisual project you’re working on.

If you need more inspiration, browse through the trending music tracks available on Envato Elements and free music downloads on Mixkit. Interested in making it big on AudioJungle? Check out how to become a stock music bestseller on AudioJungle.

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