Getting started with Cricut: Top 10 Creative Cricut Tutorials on Tuts+ 

Want to get creative with Cricut? Check out these top tutorials to learn how to design and personalize almost anything using Cricut Design Space.

Cricut Tutorials
Portrait for Helen AlexanderBy Helen Alexander  |  Updated October 17, 2022

Join the digital crafting community by getting to grips with Cricut. Over the years, we’ve seen artists, designers, and creatives bring a handmade look and feel to their professional and personal projects through DIY designs and works that celebrate an analog approach, and the crafty illustration trend is perfectly encapsulated by Cricut Design Space.

Ready to get creative? Read on to discover how to use Cricut to add a handcrafted charm to your design projects.

What is Cricut?

Thanks to its ability to accurately cut small things – from images and patterns to letters – across a range of materials, Cricut is the catalyst for thousands of creative craft projects. But just what is a Cricut machine? You might have heard of this computer-controlled cutting machine as a die-cutting or vinyl-cutting device. But home crafters use Cricut to upload and create designs in the companion app, then cut them using mediums such as paper, felt, vinyl, fabric, leather, or wood.

How to Use Cricut 

  1. Get crafty with Cricut by designing your idea from scratch, searching for inspiration in the Cricut design library, or downloading any number of assets from Envato Elements
  2. Next, experiment with colors, fonts, effects, and more within Cricut Design Space.
  3. When you are happy with your design, the Cricut machine will cut out every piece of your project intricately and precisely. 
  4. Finally, assemble the pieces or apply your design to whatever item you choose – from plant pots to picture frames and t-shirts to tote bags.  

Learn more about the various available machines, materials, and business opportunities Cricut might present with our helpful introduction video – and visit Envato Tuts+ to access a learning hub full of free tutorials.

Top 10 Cricut Tutorials on Tuts+

1. ​​Cricut Fonts and Resources: The Ultimate Guide

cricut setup

New to the digital crafting world? You’ll find answers to all your questions in this ultimate guide to Cricut. From understanding various machines and the materials, they cut to working with fonts and SVG files. Even experienced users will benefit from the reams of project resources.

2. Tips & Tricks for Cutting Small Letters With Cricut

Tips & Tricks for Cutting Small Letters With Cricut

If you’ve got a big idea for a small design, then you’re in luck. This handy resource introduces some of the best fonts on Cricut and explains the cut settings and techniques you need to know to achieve small vinyl letters.

3. How to Make a Stencil Font With Cricut

Give your next craft project the stamp of approval with this Cricut stencil cutting tutorial. Watch the video and follow the step-by-step instructions to learn how to turn a font into a stencil, create your message, and cut it into the material of your choice. 

4. How to Etch Glass With Cricut

Paper, vinyl, fabric, leather, and cork. With the correct cutting blades, you can use Cricut to make your mark on various materials – even glass! Learn to choose and cut your design with this glass etching tutorial, and you’ll be on your way to creating the perfect commemorative or celebratory gift.  

5. How to Center Text in Cricut Design Space

 How to Center Text in Cricut Design Space

Feel centered by learning how to use Cricut’s alignment feature. Whether your text has multiple lines or multiple separate text boxes, you’ll soon understand the tools you need to center the reader on a shape in Cricut.

6. How to Shadow Text in Cricut Design Space

Make whatever it is you have to say stand out by using shadow text on Cricut. This explainer article and video show the various techniques for creating an outline and making shadow letters. And if you want to use shadows to create a spooky effect, our guide to the best Halloween fonts for Cricut will give you chills. 

7. How to Kern a Font in Cricut Design Space

How to Kern a Font in Cricut Design Space

A recent update to Cricut Design Space allows users to view ‘only kerned fonts,’ but it’s worth knowing how to change the spacing between letters for those times when you want to work with a more extensive range of fonts. This guide to kerning in Cricut will close the gap in your knowledge. 

8. How to Turn a Picture Into an SVG for Cricut

Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG) can be scaled without a loss in quality, giving you the freedom to create artwork at any size and then change the size as needed. This tutorial shows you how to turn a picture into an SVG

9. How to Connect Letters in Cricut

Group and ungroup text, adjust letters and the spacing between them, and get to grips with welding. This tutorial on How to Connect Letters in Cricut tells you all everything you need to know.

10. How to Curve Text in Cricut Design Space

Get your head around how to curve text with this video guide. This quick tutorial shows how to use fonts and assets from Envato Elements to add text, select a font, use the curve property to change the diameter of the curvature, and adjust the letters. 

Get Started with Cricut Design Space

Use Cricut to make a digital collage or to add a handmade, natural feel to your craft project by using the machine to embrace the organic design trend. 

You’ll find endless inspiration when you head to Envato Tuts+ and access the library’s free how-to tutorials and online courses. For assets to practice with and design templates to customise, go to Envato Elements and subscribe to make use of unlimited downloads of thousands of stock illustrations, fonts, photos, and more. 

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