Earth Day 2021: Poster Ideas & Design Inspiration

Earth Day 2021 is just around the corner! Spread the environmental love this Earth Day with these top templates...

Earth Day 2021
Portrait for Kelsie RimmerBy Kelsie Rimmer  |  Updated April 20, 2021

Earth Day 2021 is just around the corner! So if you want to mark this important event, raise awareness for environmental issues or simply just celebrate this beautiful planet we call home, we’re here to help you spread the environmental love this Earth Day. From flyer templates to poster designs, discover our pick of the best Earth Day templates out there to explore.

Explore the Earth Day Collection on Envato Elements
Earth Day Collection

What Is Earth Day? 

Dating back to 1970, Earth Day is an annual event to raise awareness and support for the protection of our environment. With so many environmental issues now impacting our planet and everyday lives – such as plastic pollution, climate change, and natural disasters – there has been an increased global focus on influencing environmental and societal change. With over 1 billion people now participating in Earth Day Events around the world, this annual celebration urges everyone to take a stand on environmental issues to help save and restore our earth. 

When Is Earth Day? 

Celebrated every year on April 22nd, Earth Day has come to provide a voice for the environmental movement and shed light on the ever-growing environmental issues and concerns impacting our beautiful planet. With last year marking its 50th anniversary, Earth Day is doing great things to shape a more hopeful future for our world. 

Whether you’re showing your support through events, conversations, or through videos, newsletters or social media posts, Envato Elements has a wide range of graphics, poster designs and social media templates to help you celebrate Earth Day with your local community or online audience.  

Ready to change the world? Here are some of the most empowering Earth Day designs and templates available on Elements… 

1. Happy Earth Day Instagram Post by RahardiCreative

2. Earth Day Flyer, Poster & Instagram by Rometheme

3. Happy Earth Day Instagram Stories by RahardiCreative

4. Earth Day Event Flyer by Guuver

5. Mother Earth Day Color Icons by kerismaker

6. Earth Day Flyer Set by graphicook

7. Earth Day Instagram Stories by RahardiCreative

8. Earth Day Flyer Set by dannyaldana

9. Earth Day Instagram Post by RahardiCreative

10. Earth Day Plant Tree Flyer & Instagram by bayurakhmadio

11. Mother Earth Day Line Icons by kerismaker

12. Earth Day Instagram Stories by RahardiCreative

13. Earth Day – Flyer Media Kit by SlideFactory

14. Earth Day Bifold Brochure by inspirasign

15. 30 Mother Earth Day – Flat by Justicon

We hope this article provided you with some great Earth Day inspiration! Take action with our full Earth Day Collection over at Envato Elements, or check out our Top Floral Templates for Spring, Top Pastel Design Templates or Watercolor Design Trends and Templates.

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