7 Excellent Email Marketing Apps to Boost Your Business

Want to boost your business in just a few clicks? Here are 6 email apps to take your email marketing to the next level.

6 Excellent Email Marketing Apps to Boost Your Business
Portrait for Kasia SlonawskaBy Kasia Slonawska  |  Updated November 23, 2023

Whether you use emails for internal communications, customer service, outreach, or marketing, you probably can’t imagine your business without them. Emails are at the core of almost any business; they’ve become a constant element of daily work routines. Considering how seamless email communication is, we forget that it still can work for business growth.

There’s a whole world of email apps and tools that can streamline email management and help with your email marketing efforts. In this article, we go through the ones that proved to help multiple businesses from different niches all over the world. 

Will they help you? We’re sure you’ll find something for yourself. But before we list software, let’s start with the basics.

Why is Email Marketing Important for Business?

Besides streamlining communication, there are numerous reasons why email is a vital channel in your marketing strategy. 

Emails remain among the most impactful tools for marketers, sales representatives, and customer service agents:

  • They allow you to reach your target customers most cost-effectively.
  • They keep you connected with your audience and enable you to reach new prospects or business partners.
  • They open up countless business opportunities and maximize the reach of your message.
  • They can be easily automated so that you don’t have to deal with repetitive tasks or work at odd hours. 
  • They are accessible to almost anyone, anywhere in the world.
  • They are trackable, which arms you with tons of valuable data.

The good, old email can be your most powerful business tool. Here are some apps that will help you use email to its fullest potential.

Top Email Marketing Apps to Boost Your Business

Let’s start with two solutions for marketers: HubSpot’s newsletter builder and GetResponse’s automated sequences. You might have heard about both platforms, but these two particular functionalities deserve a special highlight. 

1. Newsletter Builder from HubSpot

Hubspot Newsletter Builder

Creating newsletters can be a nightmare if you don’t support yourself with the right tools, and a newsletter builder is an absolute basis.

HubSpot’s app saves you from all the burden associated with creating effective email campaigns:

  • Avoid unnecessary technicalities like CSS or HTML and use ready-made newsletter templates.
  • You can adjust your design the way you like it using a simple drag-and-drop system.
  • You can track the results of your campaign with detailed reports and optimize your future campaigns accordingly.

Most importantly, you can personalize your newsletters using data from HubSpot’s CRM and multiply the chances that people open up your email and engage with your message. 

If you’ve previously worked with a different email builder, one of the biggest challenges is making your email display correctly on every device. HubSpot’s builder stands out from the abundance of competitive solutions because it’s perfectly compatible with all devices. 

The built-in analytics feature equips you with the key to well-converting campaigns: data about your audience. If you regularly check on the analytics, you can make every other newsletter perform better because there’s always something that you can improve. 

2. Automated Sequences from GetResponse

Automated Sequences from GetResponse

GetResponse is a feature-rich email automation tool that allows you to easily design and automate emails without worrying about delays and lags. But one feature that can be especially beneficial to businesses like eCommerce stores or subscription-based platforms is their automated sequences

The sequences are automated emails sent based on a specific action your subscribers take; they can also be triggered by particular preset periods. 

For example, if you run an eCommerce store, you can set automated sequences that get sent to subscribers whenever they abandon their cart. You can also set up an automated sequence that your subscribers will receive in preset periods after subscribing to your platform. 

The possibilities are endless – but you don’t have to come up with all the potential customer journeys. If you check out GetResponse reviews, it offers templates that you can easily adjust to your needs and implement into your strategy.

Email sequences work well for different businesses as they’re timely, personalized, and relatable. It’s not like sending a regular newsletter that addresses a broad audience; instead, it’s addressing a particular need, interest, or problem. You can be there for your customer whenever they need you the most – and that’s a huge revenue booster. 

Top Email Management Apps to Streamline Your Workflow

While email builders and other email automation tools help you reach a broad audience promptly, email management is another side of the process. 

Email management is the process of establishing healthy email habits and making your workflow more organized. It’s associated with a set of methods and tools that can help you clean up and streamline how you deal with the constant flow of messages. 

Efficient email management means less clutter in your inbox and higher conversions. When you give timely responses and take proper care of the recipient of your message, you can win their trust and loyalty.

Let’s look at some excellent email management apps that can help you get your email habits spot-on and boost the results of your work.

3. Email Account Management Tool from Mailbird

Email Account Management Tool from Mailbird

Having more than one inbox is sometimes inevitable, and swapping between tabs and accounts gets tedious. Mailbird’s email account management tool offers you to unify all your email accounts in a clean, reliable, and easy-to-understand interface. It’s one of the best alternatives to Shift or Outlook. 

Investing in a tool like Mailbird can be a game changer if you or your team manage multiple email accounts. It has numerous productivity features like snoozing, automating replies and follow-ups, and more. Most importantly, Mailbird includes many third-party apps, including live messengers, virtual conference apps, and project management tools. Connecting all these channels allows you to complete repetitive tasks and save time seamlessly.

Mailbird’s features include:

  • Email folders and categories,
  • Customizable interface,
  • An easy configuration system compatible with IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and Microsoft Exchange.

4. Cold Email Software from QuickMail 

Cold Email Software from QuickMail 

Cold emailing is one of the best ways to reach out to new customers interested in your product or service but who have yet to interact with your company. 

Good copy, valuable resources, and the right tools can fuel successful cold emailing. Cold email software from Quickmail will help you improve your email deliverability and automate the entire process. You can:

  • Automatically upload sheets and retrieve leads, reducing chances of manual error.
  • Track your email deliverability with built-in tracking tools, and ensure your messages don’t land in the spam folder. 
  • Use multiple inboxes for one campaign without the hassle of creating duplicate campaigns or switching between different accounts.
  • Set follow-up reminders and alerts for your team communication software like Slack.
  • Leverage collaborative features such as shared dashboards and analytics reports and ensure everyone on the team stays on the same page.

The best part is that it only takes ten minutes to set up. And just like that, your workflow becomes much smoother, and you can eliminate repetitive tasks. 

5. Email Finder from Hunter

Email Finder from Hunter

Choosing the right prospects can take time and effort. You want your email to reach the right person; otherwise, it’s like shooting arrows in the air and wasting effort.

Hunter’s email finder helps you reach the right audience faster:

  • It collects all email addresses that a domain has ever shared online. 
  • You can search by typing in the domain name or the individual’s name followed by the company name.
  • It comes with a Chrome extension that lets you collect email addresses from the websites you’re viewing.

And with all these functionalities, your business will thrive:

  • You’ll generate viable leads with high chances of conversion.
  • You’ll identify prospects for other marketing campaigns.
  • You’ll be sure that you have access to updated emails.

6. Email Ticketing System from Hiver

Email Ticketing System from Hiver

For customer service agents, managing emails is usually more than sending a simple response. Usually, there’s something else that they need to do: report a bug or prepare a customized offer. Hiver’s email ticketing system converts emails into tickets, organizes them, and ensures no customer request goes unreported. 

Hiver’s ticketing is a collaborative tool: it allows managers to delegate emails and tasks and follow up on the progress. The entire team can access one inbox and chat to find a solution.

Most importantly, the tool saves you from the burden of repetitive tasks. You can automatically assign conversations to different agents based on keywords. For example, you can assign all emails with the word “invoice” to the person responsible for billing. In this way, workflows become genuinely seamless.

7. Email Campaigns from Sender

Email Campaigns from Sender

If you’re looking for an affordable yet powerful email marketing app, Sender is your go-to. The platform has a robust email automation tool to supercharge your business. 

With Sender’s automation capabilities, you can streamline email campaigns like never before. For example, you can schedule personalized emails automatically sent to your subscribers based on specific triggers, such as their behavior or preferences. This level of personalization boosts engagement and drives better results.

Crafting captivating emails is a breeze with Sender’s intuitive drag-and-drop design builder and a library of pre-built templates. Whether a design pro or a beginner, you can create stunning emails within minutes.

The app’s real-time reporting and analytics feature lets you stay on top of your campaigns’ performance. Track open and click-through rates, and gain valuable insights to optimize future email campaigns.

Sender’s other features include:

  • Seamless integration with popular CMS, e-commerce platforms, and CRMs;
  • Great deliverability;
  • SMS marketing automation.

Get Started with Email Marketing Apps Today

Email marketing and management are so ubiquitous that sometimes, we forget that these can be sheer revenue and productivity boosters. With the right tools, you can automate your email campaigns, unify multiple inboxes, and streamline outreach. Remember: whichever task seems repetitive, there’s a way to automate it. 

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