What’s New on Envato Elements? From Curated Collections to Suggested Music Tracks

From suggested music tracks and related items to collections curated just for you, let's explore the latest and greatest product updates on Envato Elements. 

What’s New on Envato Elements? From Curated Collections to Suggested Music Tracks
Portrait for Kelsie RimmerBy Kelsie Rimmer  |  Updated August 28, 2023

At Envato, we’re always looking to level up our products to provide the best possible experience for our users. In order to evolve Envato Elements into the best possible tool for creatives everywhere, keeping up with the latest tools, technologies, and features is key.

In this blog post, we’re keeping you up to date on all the latest product updates, features, and functionalities Envato Elements has to offer so you can stay ahead of the curve and streamline your creative process.

What is Envato Elements? 

Envato Elements is the ultimate unlimited creative subscription offering everything you need for your creative projects at one low cost. Providing unlimited downloads of millions of premium quality creative assets, with one subscription, you can download whatever you want, whenever you want, as many times as you wish. Whether you’re a designer, videographer, or anything in between, Envato Elements is a go-to tool for all your creative needs. 

So, what’s new on Envato Elements this month? From handpicked curated collections that spark inspiration to the seamless integration of suggested music tracks to elevate your projects, let’s delve into the latest and greatest product updates on Envato Elements. 

Envato Elements Product Updates: July 2023

1. Suggested Music Tracks for Video Templates

Love the audio featured in your favorite video template? Save time searching for the perfect track by downloading it directly from the video item page!

We’ve made it easier for creators to find music tracks for their videos. Suggested Elements music tracks will now be displayed alongside Video Templates, allowing users to quickly and effortlessly download tracks featured in the video preview without searching for them. In addition to saving a ton of time searching for the right music track for their project, this handy feature assists users in finding audio that complements their chosen items perfectly.

2. Curated Collections

What’s better than finding what you’re looking for? Not having to search for it! Jump straight into Elements’ new Curated Collections, chosen by a team of experts and ready to download at the click of a button.

Providing users with a personalized experience, Curated Collections feature Elements’ highest quality content – handpicked just for you. Carefully selected by our Elements team based on item quality, relevance, and popularity, Curated Collections are designed to save you time and effort searching for the hottest new content and encourage you to explore and discover new items and content types you might not have considered to further diversify your projects.

Collections also help video creators find complementary assets to complete their video projects faster, containing everything from music tracks and sound effects to video templates.

3. Browse Videos Faster with Video Scrubber

Want to view more videos faster? Previewing videos has never been easier with Elements’ new Video Scrubber. Designed to streamline finding the perfect video for your project, this new feature allows video creators to swiftly “scrub” through video previews. It provides a quick, convenient way for users to vet videos and simplifies finding the right videos for their projects.

Previously, users had to hover their mouse over the video and sit through the entire preview. Now, users can easily scrub backward and forward at their own pace, making the preview process quicker, more convenient, and more user-friendly.

4. Explore Related Items After Download

We all have a “type”! Save time searching for similar items with our new related-items feature, which surfaces relevant items related to your recent Envato Elements downloads.

Providing a more personalized experience, our related items feature presents you with complementary recommendations to help you discover new category types, authors, or content aligned with your project – that you may not have found otherwise!

Also great for sparking inspiration for the next phase of your creative project, related items provide a quick and convenient way to discover and access the perfect assets for your projects, helping you complete them more efficiently.

5. Streamline Search with Similar Items Sidebar

Streamline Search with Similar Items Sidebar

Want to browse through similar search items without stunting your scrolling? Now you can! Our new “similar” icon – displayed on item cards – opens a sidebar showcasing similar items, enabling you to seamlessly browse search results and similar items without leaving your search journey.

Saving you time and effort, this feature helps you conveniently discover similar assets without losing your place in search results or hunting them down yourself. It also allows you to explore a broader range of assets, increasing the chances of finding exactly what you need by quickly comparing options – leading to faster decision-making and better-aligned item choices. 

Explore These New Features on Envato Elements Today!

And that’s a wrap for now! Whether you’re a seasoned creative professional or just starting your design journey, Envato Elements – the unlimited creative subscription – has something for everyone. A one-stop shop for all your creative needs, Elements features a diverse and extensive library of design and video templates, stock videos, graphics, photos, music tracks, sound FX, and so much more. 

So, what are you waiting for? Explore these awesome updates on Envato Elements to start creating today. 

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