Top 10 Female Designers to Follow on Instagram

Here are our picks for the most follow-worthy female graphic designers on Instagram - and what’s inspiring them in 2020.

Female Designers to Follow on Instagram
Portrait for Lachean HumphreysBy Lachean Humphreys  |  Updated November 20, 2020

International Women’s Day is on 8 March and while the world is celebrating all things women, we thought it was the perfect time to shine a light on the best female graphic designers, creatives, illustrators and photographers out there. 

Here are our picks for the most follow-worthy female designers on Instagram this International Women’s Day – and an insight into what’s inspiring them in 2020. 

Adrianne Walujo is a Melbourne-based UX motion designer and illustrator. Her slice-of-life style features warm autumnal hues and her character illustrations come to life in her line art.

She also creates super charming food scenes, like her striking sushi served with Japanese cups of tea or her sweet Christmas feast.

Follow her on Instagram or browse her digital art on MixKit.

You may already know the popular Hello Sandwich blog and its creator, the designer, author and all-round creative guru Ebony Bižys.

On Instagram, Hello Sandwich is a repository of eye-wateringly cool Japanese aesthetic – from streetscapes and interiors to snippets of the things and people along the way.

In 2020, Ebony’s looking to the humble brush-to-paper for inspiration.

Having studied fine arts at university, I’m looking forward to getting back into drawing and painting. I recently completed an artist residency in the rice fields of Nagano, where I completed a body of work including drawings on paper, paintings on board and sculptures using local Nagano timber.

Ebony Bižys

So, watch this feed!

Founder of SOUP, Supriya Bhonsle is a designer, illustrator and dabbler in motion artwork. Her evocative scenes portraying vignettes of life embody a carefree feel – from drinking coffee or reading in bed, to taking to a ballroom dance floor.

For Supriya, 2020 is about looking inwards.

[I’ll be] taking inspiration from personal experiences, rather than getting lost in the sea of great work that’s already out there.

Supriya Bhonsle

Follow SOUP on Instagram and check out Supriya’s work on Mixkit.

Branding and advertising mogul Jessica Walsh is based in NYC and the founder of &Walsh creative agency.

She blends her digital design with painting, photography and handcrafted elements to create distinctive, cheeky pieces. Look to her Instagram page for clever twists on the familiar (like an emergency pasta supply).

Illustrator, graphic designer and founder of Intrink, Lauren Bending mixes watercolors, geometric shapes and line art to convey energy. What’s inspiring her in 2020?

[It’s] how I can use my artwork to spread a positive message. I have always created art for myself, which is why I love doing it so much, but lately I’ve been thinking about people in less privileged situations, women in particular, and how I can create artwork that can reignite and/or inspire hope, strength, courage and joy. I don’t just want to create art that’s ‘pretty’. I want to make an impact.

Lauren Bending

Look to her Instagram feed and her MixKit page for her dynamic work.

Alycia Rainaud is a graphic designer based in Paris. Her psychedelic patterns look amazing in motion and in static, and are reminiscent of the acid trip and sci-fi futurism design trends proving popular in 2020.

She created her Instagram page, Maalavidaa, in 2016 as a way to explore life through daily abstractions – and it’s well worth adding to your follow list.

Irene Demetri is a designer based in Athens, and the founder of youandigraphics. Specializing in user-friendly digital designs, her work uses creamy tones and floral sketchings to create a range of themes and collections.

I love learning new things; it always helps to spark my creativity,. My latest go-to sources for inspiration are nature’s patterns, traveling to new places and surrounding myself with family and friends.

Irene Demetri

This ethos is evident in her Leaves Seamless Patterns Collection and Boho Collection, available on Envato Elements.

Follow her on Instagram to see her latest work.

Originally from the Netherlands, Ilse de Jong is one half of Paul Fuentes Design, a design duo now based in London.

On her own Instagram account, Fuentes Studio, her bio does a good job of summing up her work: COLOR, POP and PASTEL. Inspired by French surrealism and pop art, the compositions curated here are often curious and captivating mash ups of everyday items – think chicken nugget earrings, a bra made of cherries or a snail with an ice-cream scoop shell.

9. Ingga Endita Nafasyah

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Ingga Endita Nafasyah has a special fondness for watercolors and lettering and is the founder of Telllu, based in Yogyakarta.

Keep eyes on Telllu’s Instagram feed for their newest stationery designs. Or to use Telllu pieces like templates for business cards, flyers, web and social media, browse Telllu’s Envato Elements page.

Mélanie Johnsson is an illustrator and designer based in Margate (UK) and the founder of soon-to-launch Spellbound magazine. With the mantra ‘joy, planet, mind’, her work champions all things green, while the influence of her love of surfing is apparent.

Her Instagram feed is a good place to go for warm and fuzzy visuals with a heady dose of planet-saving inspiration. We hope that this list has provided you with some creative ideas this International Women’s Day. Happy scrolling!

For more creative inspiration, head over to the Elements Blog to read up on the latest trends, tips, interviews and roundups

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