How will font design change in 2019? Discover 8 font trends to watch, from extra bold to minimal fonts.

Font Trends 2019
Portrait for EnvatoBy Envato  |  Updated December 4, 2020

Design will always keep pace with the fluctuations of our culture. But how will font design change for 2019?

Let’s look at the top eight trends dominating this year. We’ve consulted our Envato experts to see what is driving these trends, and we’ll discover why many new favorites are popping up on our timelines.

Top 8 Font Design Trends

1. Easy 3D Text Effects

The future has arrived, and it switches simple Helvetica titles to epic movie proportions. But usually, there’s nothing easy about 3D text effects. From designing the actual letterforms to extruding their shapes, designers quickly discovered that there are wondrous levels to this typographic art style.

And now, creatives have access to font design that literally transforms text with the click of a button. 3D Photoshop actions and decorative layered fonts are making waves, as what was once seemingly impossible now becomes a standard effect available at your fingertips.

These 3D text effects will also show up in the font design for movies, illustrations, games, or any typographic art meant to inspire. Look out for them. Because they’re strong, and effective. And it doesn’t hurt that they pop out of any screen.

What should companies consider when using these new font trends?

If it’s right for them. The worst thing is adopting a design that is on trend and it doesn’t look authentic to the brand. It’s OK for some companies to stick to their own style.

Kate McInnes, Envato’s Content Specialist for Graphics

2. Handmade and Handwritten Fonts

Cursive script is officially not dying, at least thanks to the passion of modern font designers. Artists in love with this timeless medium are crafting beautiful handwritten fonts with elegant loops and charismatic forms. Whether you’re going for that perfect romantic signature look or an edgier cursive nature, these handmade and handwritten fonts add a certain personal touch to brand names and more.

These dedicated font families make us smile as we finally get access to the creative vibes we’re going for. From handwritten brush scripts to handmade doodle letters, these fonts have all been handled with care and consideration.

Small business owners take note! This means you’ll finally get awesome text effects that won’t break the budget.

But should companies totally ditch the Helvetica font and create their own typefaces? Envato Tuts+ Design and Illustration editor Sharon Milne gives us some insight into the reality for many business owners.

In an ideal world, companies should create their own font for logos and beyond. However, not all new companies have this budget, and it can be an expensive process to do it correctly. Ultimately, I’d advise to do your research and look at your budget. If you can afford it, always go a la carte, but there are many different cheaper routes out there.

Sharon Milne, Envato Tuts+ Design and Illustration editor

3. Imaginative Script Fonts

Speaking of script, have you seen the explore page of Instagram lately? Calligraphy is a captivating and soothing writing style to watch. And it’s even more satisfying to design with.

These imaginative script fonts are really stepping it up in 2019! Lines are getting crisper, baselines are getting bouncier, and there’s a flirty appeal to the fun designers are having with creative script fonts.

Here’s a tip if you’re not sure which font style to use. Just call on a script font to make the most out of any creative project. Not only are they multipurpose, but they tend to age well with time.

4. Popular Movie/Cartoon Fonts

Need some font ideas? One of the best indicators of where creative culture will go is to look at film. Popular movie titles are definite fan favorites on social media as everyone starts to associate these graphics with the memories and moments in their lives.

This category also includes cool cartoon font styles and special edition typefaces for games. Quirky and funny, these font types stretch their proportions and letter arrangements.

5. Stellar Retro/Vintage Fonts

Retro and vintage typefaces give you elements of the world’s expansive history. They often feature timeless or whimsical details inspired by a specific era. But are you worried about getting lost in the maze? Companies should get accustomed to change.

Trends do come and go, and even major companies change their logo fonts several times down the road.

Sharon Milne, Envato Tuts+ Design and Illustration editor

Absorb the energy of a vintage font to see its potential. Add it to a dreamy handmade postcard or use it as an official logo.

6. Extra Bold Fonts

Super bold graphic design fonts are loud and effective. They’re great for introductions or for a powerful quote that drives your passions. Designers willing to take the risk with these types are sure to yield positive results, since it’ll be nearly impossible to spot anything outside of their bold nature.

Though it’s important to remember tone and function with font design, I’d also recommend stepping out of your comfort zone. Try on a few bold fonts like this cute Boxer font from Envato Elements.

7. Minimal Sans Serif Fonts

Why is Helvetica so popular? The newest 2019 version features a creative facelift that adds robust strokes and loose spacing. Though the new edition has met with some resistance, font trends are destined to transform. Sharon Milne gives us insight into the popularity of these sans-serif typefaces.

“Helvetica is popular because it’s a neutral, versatile font that doesn’t assume its purpose is for anything specific. It’s timeless, and because of that, we’ve seen it everywhere and it’s ingrained in our pop culture. Its lack of flourishes or theme allows it to be used in any design without conveying any styled emotion. While somewhat overused, it still sparks simplicity, legibility, and ultimately straight up delivers the message.”

Steven Scott, UI Designer

Needless to say, we are sure to see a surge of classic typefaces with a variety of sans serif styles. Minimalism and the art of less is driving more parts of young culture, so it’s only natural that our font trends sway along with it. Google fonts have also had a huge impact as more brands see the benefits of keeping design simple. Steven discusses the tech community’s continued impact on developing new fonts.

Airbnb Cereal, Netflix Sans and Apple San Francisco were all developed to be used on devices at any size. My favorite trend is exactly this—I really love these brands pushing for inclusion and accessibility. They develop these fonts based on research and a true understanding of their users and community.

Steven Scott, UI Designer

8. Decorative and Special Effects Fonts

Keep in mind that this last selection is a culmination of many popular font trends, from messy grunge styles to 80s themed text effects. Everything is buzzing with color and allure as we all find a way to stand out.

Decorative styles are much different than your normal font.

You can even find them with font effects that resemble retro glitches from the 80s! From movie titles to Instagram promos, elaborate decorative fonts are certainly making their way in front of the eyes of millions.

When considering why retro-futuristic fonts are hitting on trend, Kate explains:

It’s nice to see people trying something different. I’m really into retro-futuristic style fonts at the moment. And that’s really what trends are about I think, chasing the good feeling you get when you see or create something new.

Kate McInnes, Envato’s Content Specialist for Graphics

Discover More Fonts

Only time will tell how fonts will change in the future, but we imagine they will only get more creative.

In this article, we’ve tapped into only a handful of the font trends circulating the web. For more general design trends, we’ve shared our 2020 roundup. Discover more fonts on Envato Elements to inspire your latest projects.

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