18 Free and Premium Premiere Pro Templates to Take Your Videos to the Next Level

Take your video projects to the next level with these top 10 free and premium Premiere Pro templates on Envato Elements.

Premiere Pro Templates
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Depending on your video project, you may not have the need or the budget to invest in Premiere Pro templates. If you’re just starting out or testing out a new video style, free Premiere Pro templates are a great way to go. Mixkit has 100s of beautifully designed free titles and graphics for your Premiere Pro projects.

But once you’re feeling confident, it’s worth seeing what’s out there. For way more options, you can subscribe to Envato Elements for unlimited premium Premiere Pro templates along with other creative assets.

What is Premiere Pro?

Video editing app Adobe Premiere Pro has become a mainstay of the video designer’s toolbox – complete with all the features you need, including a clip editor, color correction functionality, audio programs and graphics software. And by taking advantage of some of the free video templates out there, you can make your video editing that little bit easier.

For day-to-day video editing, working with a tool like Premiere Pro gives designers the freedom to import video, audio and graphics and export new versions of video in high definition, in whatever format is needed for distribution. It’s quick to edit existing clips or edit audio within your video, add transitions between clips or polish existing content.

Premiere Pro is used by beginners (if you’re a newbie, check out this free Premiere Pro video course) and veterans alike, and Premiere Pro templates can be a quick and easy way to produce your videos and keep a video series sharp and consistent.

Premiere Pro Templates

With this in mind, a stock library like Mixkit is an easy stop – featuring a range of stock video clips and stock music, as well as free video templates like Premiere Pro title templates.

For many more (millions) of assets to play with, the Envato Elements library also features ready-to-use graphics, photos, audio and video templates (including for Premiere Pro) through a monthly or annual subscription. 

As a taster, here we’ve rounded up ten of the best premium Premiere Pro templates available on Envato Elements. But first, here are some of the top free Premiere Pro templates available to download from Mixkit.

Best Free Premiere Pro Templates

1. Glitch Opener by Arturs Jasins

Glitch Opener by Arturs Jasins on MixKit

Drawing on hip hop and street-style vibes, the Glitch Opener is fast paced and dynamic. It’s perfect for building energy and emotion in video, and is especially suited to product launches or events promo content.

2. Kinetic Motion Opener by Arturs Jasins

Kinetic Motion Opener by Arturs Jasins on MixKit

This super easy-to-use template in black and white features animated text and 20+ fast title changes – making it versatile and adjustable for both short and lengthier opening sequences.

3. Animated Text Opener by Wladyslaw Lutz

Animated Text Opener by Wladyslaw Lutz on MixKit

In this template you can feel the old-school magazine influence, and the slightly cut-and-paste, collage effect is balanced with dynamic movement – coming together for an up-beat opener template, which comes with a mix of solid and moving background frames.

4. Ink and Water Opener by Arturs Jasins

Ink and Water Opener by Arturs Jasins on MixKit

Paying tribute to the liquid animation video trend we saw popping up in video, social and web in 2020, this opener features smooth transitions between frames overlaid with impactful text. The subtle colors make for a seamless flow, and the stylish finish of the template makes it a great choice for fashion or lifestyle campaigns.

5. 3D Spin Transition by Arturs Jasins

 3D Spin Transition by Arturs Jasins on MixKit

Ideal for a range of projects – think fun, active and outdoors themes – this Premiere Pro transition template is clean and fast-paced. With a young feel and a nature-meets-grunge aesthetic, this adaptable transition can fit a wide array of needs and work with various audio.

6. Zoom Transition by Mark Sheludko

Zoom Transition by Mark Sheludko on MixKit

This simple template uses an inwards zoom with an edge blur effect, for a subtle but effective transition between clips. If you’re editing together a lot of different content or working on a longer video with a layered storyline, this is a great, paired-back option.

7. Static Transition by Arturs Jasins

Static Transition by Arturs Jasins on MixKit

In a similar vein, this simple but impactful digital distortion provides an easy way to break up a series of clips – especially similar content – and also gives a playful ‘90s VHS vibe.

8. Title framed in a square by Ivan Chernyshov

Title framed in a square by Ivan Chernyshov on MixKit

With big, bold text, this template delivers high impact for projects with a strong tagline, with room for a header and subheader. Interspersed throughout your video, it can also be used for incorporating punchy quotes or breakout text – easy for everything from vox pop quotes on product endorsements to aspirational brand persona snippets.

Best Premium Premiere Pro Templates

1. Titles & Lower-Thirds by Space-Dog

This template by Space-Dog can be used directly inside After Effects or Premiere Pro, and all features are quick and easy to edit. With a range of bold and impactful options, it also comes with a text and video tutorial to get you started.

2. 1000 Cinematic Color Presets, VHS Video Effects, Old Film Looks by CultVideo

For a look both cinematic and professional, this pack by CultVideo is for you. With a monster 1000 unique color preset and 12 categories of video styles, the pack also includes 15 VHS styles for video and 15 noise overlay footages – so you can mix and match, or use separately, to get a truly authentic feel.

3. Glitch Logo Intro Pro by miseld

This glitch-inspired intro by miseld takes the ‘90s TV show opening and runs with it, creating an intro template that’s eye-catching, fun and effective.

4. The Most Useful Transitions Pack for Premiere Pro by Premiumilk

True to its name, this pack by Premiumilk includes 300 transitions in 10 categories. It’s super flexible and will work for a range of needs – and for added usefulness, its tutorial includes a voice over.

5. Ultra Editing Kit | Premiere Pro by CandyMustache

Every creative needs a toolkit, and this one by CandyMustache is one of the best for your video projects. It features 1176 transitions, 443 animated titles, 80 social lower thirds, 350 callouts… and even more besides. It’s one that’s best to see for yourself.

6. Dope Transitions | For Premiere Pro by CandyMustache

If you’re specifically looking for transitions, this dedicated collection by CandyMustache is a good place to start. With a modern look and professional feel, it features a slew of transition options with four speed variations and sound effects – so if you’ve got something in mind, you’ll be able to achieve it.

7. Modern Transitions | For Premiere PRO by CandyMustache

For less fiddling, and transitions that are ready to go in an instant, try out another pack from CandyMustache: Modern Transitions. The pack features 2000 transitions optimized to work with any resolution, with 15 ready-to-go resolutions of its own, and can be used by drag-and-drop – you won’t find easier than that.

8. Box Titles Pack For Premiere Pro by vladoskin

With landscape and cityscapes, and a range of text options to go with them, the Box Titles Pack by vladoskin provides a range of epic titles. Well suited to lifestyle, sports or event branding, these options are dynamic and dramatic.

9. Glitch Bokeh Logo Intro by Atamotion

Featuring animated distortion, glitching and bokeh (the aesthetic blur of an out-of-focus image), this logo intro by Atamotion is easy and impactful. It’s short and can work for a variety of media, and will grab your audience from the start.

10. Modern Broadcast Pack by ae-rocket

This package has everything you need in a one-stop broadcast pick up, and includes an opening sequence, news headlines, title and title animation, and lower thirds designs. It has a dynamic and colorful feel, but is perfectly suited to corporate video.

If you’re ready to take your video content out and see what’s possible, head over to Envato Elements to subscribe and start browsing.For more, check out our video round up of 10 Best Templates for Premiere Pro for 2020. And to keep up-to-date, don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel.

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