25 Free & Premium Icon Sets for Web Designers

Load up your web design toolkit with our pick of the best SVG icons.

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There has been a growing transition within web design from using standard graphical and font icons to using inline SVGs instead.

The Filament Group seemed to get the ball rolling when they published an article that demonstrated how much better it is using SVG in comparison to font icons. And Chris Coyier, who has been a big proponent of icon fonts for a number of years, has said that “using inline SVG and the <use> element to reference an icon is a superior system.” And just in case these guys haven’t convinced you that SVG icons are the way to go, you should have a read of Ian Feather’s 10 reasons for switching from an icon font to SVG, he’ll convince you.

You guys though are not here to discuss the pros and cons of SVG icons, you’re here for the resources! Don’t worry, we have plenty for you. In total we have found 25 professionally designed icon sets, that are all available in SVG format, and are all waiting for you to download and use them in your next web project. As well as SVG, the vast majority of the icon sets come packaged with a variety of formats: PSD, AI, EPS, and web fonts.

1. Open Iconic (223 Icons, SVG, PNG, WebP & Web Font)

Open Iconic

With its 223 glyphs, Open Iconic is perhaps the most complete open source SVG icon set available. It has been designed to be readable down to 8px, and with the weight of their WOFF file weighing in at only 12.4kb (a quarter of the size of Font Awesome), this is certainly a set you should consider.

2. Unicons (150 Icons, SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & AI)

Unicons Vector Icons Pack

The impressive Unicons have been designed with minimum detailing, straight lines and angles, in order to maintain accuracy and clarity when used at any size. Most of the icons have been designed with micro-curves, unnoticeable in small sizes, but visible in large sizes. There are 150 individual icons in the set and they come in SVG, AI, PSD, PNG and EPS formats.

3. Linea (730 Icons, SVG, PNG & Icon Font)

Linea Free Iconset

Linea is a free outline-style set with a massive 730+ individual icons. You can either download this huge icon set in one go, or you can download them by category (basic, music, ecommerce, software, arrows, weather…), allowing you to choose exactly what you need. As well as in SVG format, they also come in PNG format and an icon font is also available.

4. Fineline Icons (300 Icons, SVG, EPS, AI & PSD)

Fineline Icons

The Fineline icon set consists of 300 line-styled icons, and have been designed for use on high-resolution retina displays. The set comes in both SVG and PSD formats.

5. Feather Icons (130 Icons, PSD, CSH, SVG & Web Font)

Feather Icons

Feather is a growing collection of 130 ‘beautifully simple’ icons that comes packaged in PSD, CSH, Icon Font, and of course, SVG formats.

6. Simple Line Icons (100 Icons, AI, EPS, SVG & PSD)

Simple Line Icons

Created by Mirko Monti, the Simple Line Icons set have been designed for web and UI design. The pack contains 100+ free icons, and comes in SVG, AI, EPS and PSD formats.

7. Dripicons Line Icons (250 Icons, PSD, AI, EPS, PDF, SVG & Web Font)

Dripicons Line Icons

Dripicons, designed by Amit Jakhu, is a simple set of 96 free icons that can be easily modified and adapted for many uses. The set comes in SVG, AI, EPS, PSD, and icon font formats.

8. Stroke Icons (1350 Icons, AI, EPS, PDF & SVG)

Stroke Icons

The beautifully crafted Stroke Icons contains over 1350 icons covering standard web icons and almost all aspects of modern web design. It comes packaged in SVG, AI and EPS file formats.

9. Ikons (264 Icons, SVG, AI, ESP, PSD, CSH & PNG)


Ikons is a set of 264 vector icons created by Piotr Kwiatkowski. The icons come in SVG, AI, ESP, PSD, CSH and PNG formats.

10. 945 Vector Icons (1000 Icons, SVG, AI, EPS, PSD, CSH, PNG & Web Font)

945 Vector Icons

This vector set contains a massive pixel-perfect 1,000 crisp icons. The icons come in SVG, AI, EPS, PSD, CSH, PNG and icon font formats.

11. Pixelvicon (100 Icons, SVG, PSD, AI, PNG and Icon Font)

Elegant Line-Style Icons

Designed by Mohammad Amiri, Pixelvicon is a set of 100 free SVG icons. As well as the SVGs, this icon set also comes in PSD, AI, PNG and Icon Font formats.

12. Modern Flat Icons (146 Icons, SVG, AI, EPS, PSD & PNG)

Modern Flat Icons

This pack contains 146 circular and flat-style icons. The modern icon set comes in SVG, AI, EPS, PSD and PNG (256px – 512px) formats, and thanks to the vector files, they can be easily resized and edited.

13. The Icons 432 (400 Icons, SVG, PNG, AI, EPS & PSD)

The Icons 432

This icon set contains over 400 icons and comes in four distinct styles: Rounded, Dark Rounded, Rounded Corners and Square. It comes packaged with fully editable AI, EPS, and PSD files, and also well organized PNG and SVG files.

14. Metrize Icons (300 Icons, SVG, PSD, EPS, AI & Web Font)

Metrize Icons

Designed by Alessio Atzeni, Metrize is a free collection of 300 metro-style icons. It comes in SVG, PSD, EPS, AI and icon font formats.

15. Outlined Icons (150 icons, PSD, AI, SVG & Web Font)

Outlined Icons

Outlined Icons, designed by Dario Ferrando, is a simple free icon set with over 150 glyphs. The download package consists of PSD, AI, sliced SVGs and icon font files.

16. Caffeine (500 Icons, SVG, AI & PNG)

Caffeine Icon Set

Caffeine is a set of 500+ retina-ready icons that have been designed specifically for web and mobile designers. It comes in SVG, AI and PNG formats.

17. Maki Web Cartography Icons (110 Icons, SVG & PNG)

Maki Web Cartography Icons

Maki is a clean point of interest icon set made specifically for web cartography. It includes 110 different symbols at 3 sizes each giving a total of 330 icons. Available in both SVG or PNG formats.

18. Forma (472 Icons, SVG, PSD, CSH, EPS, AI & PSD)


The crystal clear and minimal Forma icon set comes jam-packed with 472 easy to customize glyphs. As well as the SVG files, the icons are also available in PSD, CSH, EPS, AI and PSD formats.

19. Payment Method Icons (34 Icons, SVG & Web Font)

Payment Method Icons

Orlando Merone has created a really useful SVG icon font of payment systems and methods. Perfect for your next ecommerce project.

20. Delicons (900 Icons, SVG, AI, EPS, PSD & Web Font)


Delicons is a collection of 900 ‘del-style’ icons. Built on a grid system, these icons will scale down to as small as 16px and as large as required. They come in SVG, AI, EPS, PSD and icon font formats.

21. Meteocons (40 Icons, SVG, PSD, CSH, EPS & Web Font)


Meteocons is a free weather icon set. The download package contains 40+ icons and comes in SVG, PSD, CSH, EPS, and icon font formats.

22. Drawic (58 Icons, SVG)


Drawic is a small set of 58 SVG social icons.

23. IconMelon (1000s, SVG)


IconMelon is a huge open-source repository of flat SVG icons. You can select individual icons as per your requirements and create your own personalised set.

24. Vector Icons (1111 Icons, PSD, PNG, SVG, EPS & AI)

Vector Icons

This is a pack of 1111 solid vector icons and are ideal for use in websites, mobile apps and user interfaces.

25. Essential icons – modern vector icons by BoykoPictures

A set of essential, modern vector icons including a network, cloud, laptop, folder, house, globe, computer, drive, file, wifi, cursor, hand, arrow, and window.

For more vector icons, visit Envato Elements.

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