Spooktacular Halloween Designs and Templates 2022

Want to stand out this Spooky Season? Trick-or-treat yourself to some of the most unique Halloween templates and design items on Envato Elements.

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Portrait for Kelsie RimmerBy Kelsie Rimmer  |  Updated October 24, 2022

The spooky season is almost upon us! Halloween is a bright and frightful holiday centred around costumes, candy and creativity, so it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most spooktacular times of the year. And while the classic Halloween design styles that we’ve seen year after year are still a ton of fun, with so much Halloween content circulating online, it can pay to think outside of the jack-o-lantern and try something a little different.

Get Spooky with Our Halloween Collection on Envato Elements

So, if you want to stand out in the sea of black cats and witches hats this Halloween, here are some of the most unique Halloween design templates and macabre visual trends for Halloween 2022.

Gothic Design

Commonly associated with horror movies, 18th century literature, the afterlife and other religious themes, the Gothic design trend is a unique and elegant style that can bring a dark, brooding and unnerving element to your Halloween content. From gothic fonts to monogram design, check out some of the top Gothic items on Envato Elements to try out this spine-tingling trend.

1. Cambridge – Bold Decorative Gothic Font by naulicrea

2. Groundead – Gothic Font by yipianesia

3. Old Charlotte – Bold Decorative Gothic Font by naulicrea

4. Darklands – A Blackletter Font by andrewtimothy

5. Gothic Castle – Endless Gallery by VideoMagus

Grunge & Punk

Stemming from movements inspired by rebellion, anarchy and chaos, the Grunge and Punk design trend is an innovative way to add a dark edge to your Halloween content this year. Featuring dirty backgrounds, torn edges, distressed textures and provocative images, here are some of the top Grunge and Punk items on Envato Elements.

6. Halloween by creativeartx

7. Massacre Halloween Party Flyer

8. Halloween Party Flyer Template by EightonesixStudios

9. Zombie Punks – The Retro Horror Movie Font by wingsart

10. Grunge Scratches (4K Set 1) by Dyomin

For more grunge Halloween content, check out this Halloween Flyer Party Template by BigWeek on Graphic River!

Occult Design

Over the last year, the world’s fascination with the occult has fast become a big design trend. Including the mystical practises of astrology, alchemy, spirituality and witchcraft, occult-related imagery can be a unique and trendy way to add a mystical touch to your Halloween content. Cast a spell on your followers with the top Occult items available on Envato Elements.

11. 165+ Mystical Illustration Bundle by andrewtimothy

12. Halloween Instagram Posts & Stories by Sko4

13. Ink and Nature Compositions by FreezeronMedia

14. Astaroth Occult Symbol by riotstarter

15. Solaire Rough by MehmetRehaTugcu

Halloween Nostalgia

The Nostalgia design trend has really taken off in 2022. While commonly associated with warm and fuzzy memories of the past, taking inspiration from spooky nostalgia such as Goosebumps, AHHH! Real Monsters, Frankenstein, The Addams Family and retro horror movies can be a fun way to add an eerie yet familiar touch to your Halloween content. Take a spooky walk down memory lane with these top Nostalgia halloween items on Envato Elements.

16. The Ultimate Grindhouse Collection I Volume 2 by PHANTAZMA

17. Creepshow- Horror font by bazzier

18. Slimez by BadSyxn

19. Melted Monster – Halloween Pack Layered Font by DmLetter

20. Halloween Party Flyer Template by EightonesixStudios

21. Animated Zombie Grime Art Photoshop Action by bangingjoints

BOO! We hope you enjoyed this round up of the top trends and templates for Halloween 2022. If you’re looking for more traditional Halloween content, check out our Classic Halloween Collection. Otherwise, happy spooky season!

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