How To Create A Twitter Image

Explore examples of Twitter accounts that are doing it right and discover how to create a Twitter image using a template.

Portrait for EnvatoBy Envato  |  Updated December 7, 2020

Today, brands are extensively leveraging Twitter images to promote their content and drive engagement on the platform. In this article, we’ll show you examples of Twitter accounts that are doing it right and explain how to create a Twitter image using a template.

When Twitter added inline image and video tweets it made the platform a more visual experience. Before that, users had to click a link to see an image attached to a Tweet. Now, you can upload images directly to Twitter and image tweets will expand automatically. The change has been a success for Twitter, with positive impacts on user engagement. As reported by social media management tool Buffer, tweets with images received 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets than those without.

The numbers don’t lie: when it comes to content you need to invest in visuals and graphics. For example, @Converse recently built buzz for new releases on Twitter by posting professionally retouched images that help to create hype around its products:

@Mailchimp promoted a campaign for its new service of printing and mailing postcards by featuring a simple Twitter image about postcards with a link to the landing page:

@Netflix keeps its followers entertained by posting images cut from its hit TV shows, that include humorous quotes or references:

Twitter Image Design Tips

In a timeline loaded with content, what can you do to get your Twitter image posts noticed?

  1. Use the Recommended Twitter Image Size
    Ensure that your images display perfectly in the timeline. The size that works best for Twitter in-stream photos is 1024 x 512 pixels. If the dimensions of your images do not follow the 2:1 aspect ratio, Twitter will automatically crop the images to fit the default frame.
  2. Don’t Use Boring Stock Images
    Stock images are ubiquitous. If you want your Twitter image posts to be outstanding, you should take your own photos that tell your audience who you are and why you’re unique as a brand.
  3. Use Templates
    Social media image templates save hours of your time while allowing you to incorporate your branding and create something fully personalized. Check out smart templates from Placeit to create engaging Twitter content for your followers.
  4. Show Human Faces
    Featuring your employees and customers in your content can make your brand appear more authentic and relatable.

Twitter Image Templates

If you’re an SMB, you might not have the time or design skills to create beautiful branded images for your Twitter posts from scratch. If this is you, then say hello to a Twitter image maker.

Placeit’s social media image maker allows you to select pre-designed Twitter post templates from its rich library and customize them in-browser with your content and branded elements. In under five minutes, you can build professional images to post instantly to your Twitter profile.

Placeit’s templates can be edited for many purposes, such as running competitions and giveaways, promoting blog posts, posting inspirational and motivational quotes, and more.

Giveaway Post Template for Twitter
Twitter Post Maker for a Motivational Quote
Twitter Post Template for Motivational Quotes
Sports Quote Post Template for Twitter

If you have access to the Adobe Suite, you can purchase more customizable templates from Envato Market (pricing ranges from $2 to $6 per design file) or subscribe to Envato Elements from $16.50 per month for unlimited downloads. You will have the templates ready in PSD layered files and/or EPS vector files, which you can edit with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

5. Fitness Gym Social Media Pack

6. Burger House Social Media Pack Template by ambergraphics

7. Industry Show Social Media Pack by ambergraphics

8. Modern Social Media Post Bundle by dannyaldana

9. Social Media Pack by brandifystudio

10. Shopper Services Social Media Pack Template by ambergraphics

With the availability of ready-made templates on Placeit, Envato Market and Envato Elements, designing awesome images for your Twitter posts is no longer a demanding task for business owners, marketers, and social influencers, who don’t have the time or the technical skills. Want more tips for creating engaging social media content? Find out how to create a Twitter header image and check out our Social Media Marketing Guide.

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