How to Make a Gaming Logo

Learn how to make a gaming logo that really sets you apart. It’s easier than you think, whether you’re experienced with the Adobe suite or have no graphic design skills up your sleeve.

Portrait for Andrew ChildressBy Andrew Childress  |  Updated December 7, 2020

With smartphones putting a high definition screen in every pocket, the gaming industry is growing at an extraordinary rate. Whether you’re a streamer, an e-sports competitor, or just an enthusiastic Twitch fan, you’ve probably thought once or twice about making a gaming logo.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make a gaming logo that really sets you apart. It’s easier than you think, whether you’re experienced with the Adobe suite or have no graphic design skills up your sleeve.

You can use this article to build gaming logos for the following:

  • A game you’ve developed and are launching
  • Team logos for an e-sports team
  • To promote a Twitch channel or YouTube gaming channel

Using a Gaming Logo Maker

Gaming and graphic design may be very different skills, but that doesn’t mean that gamers can’t make great logos. If you don’t have design experience, use Placeit, a browser-based tool.

Here’s how Placeit’s logo maker works, in a nutshell:

  1. Start by selecting the logo pre-set template that suits your brand
  2. Swap out the images, text, colors, and fonts to align to your style guide
  3. Export the finished logo, ready to use on your channel or merchandise

Placeit has a huge library of these starter templates for use in a variety of projects. You can buy individually or subscribe to Placeit for unlimited access to logos, social media images, and other assets to build out your gaming brand. Find out more with our guide to Twitch channel promotion.

Here are 3 logo templates to choose from, but you can find many more on Placeit.

1. Video Game Logo Maker

This logo template is a great starting point, with its gaming-centric library of icons. It’s ideal for a channel or brand that’s involved in any part of the gaming ecosystem. Remember that with Placeit, you can use the custom text fields on the left side to incorporate your own branding.

2. Twitch Avatar Maker for a Gaming Channel

This gaming logo is perfect for a streamer that wants to put their personal brand front and center. You can customize the avatar to match your appearance, with a variety of attributes to personalize.

3. Twitch Streamer Logo Maker

For a less personal logo for your streaming channel, you can use this template starter to set the stage. Choose from one of the built-in images to start building your streaming-centric channel.

Gaming Logo Templates for Adobe​

Placeit is an impressive tool that lives inside your web browser, but it isn’t the only way to build your gaming logo. If you want even more customization options and you have design experience, you can use Adobe Illustrator to build something entirely to your specifications.

Still, you don’t have to start with a blank slate. Using a pre-built gaming logo template can shave hours off the work involved, not to mention giving you the inspiration you need to jump-start the design process. Envato Elements has a continually expanding library of templates that can help you on your way. Browsing is free, but with a subscription, you can download unlimited files.

Gaming Logo Templates on Envato Elements

Here are 5 great choices, but you can find plenty of inspiration in the Envato Elements library of logos:

1. Skull Streamer Sport and Esport Logo Template

Skulls don’t wear headsets when they’re streaming, or maybe they do? That mystery is up to you to solve, but you can use this logo to set the tone for a downright ghoulish stream.

2. Dinosaur Trex and eSport Logo

King of the dinosaurs, and now king of the e-sports arena. Try out this dinosaur logo for your e-sports team to take things back in time.

3. Parrot Studio Logo

This parrot could not only be the face of your next game, but it could also serve as the figurehead for your new game studio. It’s a logo that strikes the balance between fun and professional.

4. Mafia Squad Logo

Building the next great gangster-inspired game? This logo is right up your alley.

5. Gaming Park Logo

This gaming logo could work perfectly for launching your own game store or game playing destination. It’s easy to update it with your brand name, color palette, and tagline to get your business off the ground.

Whether you decide to create your logo with Placeit’s gaming logo maker, or an Adobe template from Envato Elements, for more tips on logo design, check out our Logo Design Guide.

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