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Discover how to use pre-built templates to easily build hype around your next event.

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Portrait for Andrew ChildressBy Andrew Childress  |  Updated April 12, 2021

If you want to make a promotional video, an existing event promo video can provide guidance on what to do, and what not to do. For example, an event teaser video has made the news this year for all the wrong reasons. You’ve probably seen a documentary about the Fyre Festival–a failed 2017 music and lifestyle event. The hype for this festival was fuelled by an event teaser video that positioned it as a luxurious and exotic experience.

Just in case you haven’t heard about Fyre, we’ll save you the research: it didn’t live up to the billing of the teaser video!

Hopefully, your event is much better planned than this infamous festival, but the Fyre folly is certainly a valuable lesson in the incredible power of event teaser videos. A video that paints a portrait of your event can help boost attendance and build excitement.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make an event teaser video in just a few minutes. Using pre-built templates, you’ll see how easy it can be to build hype around your next event. Get more tips on brand storytelling through video in our Video Marketing Guide.

What Is An Event Teaser Video?​

Doing video marketing for your event makes the difference between it being well-attended and it being overlooked or forgotten. It’s vital to build awareness and show that your next big soirée is not to be missed. So, what should your event teaser look like?

A great event teaser video includes the following three elements:

  1. Play on your audience’s “fear of missing out”
    Of course, be honest with your claims and portrayal of the event, but you want to market it in a way that shows your potential attendee that it has value and is worthy of their attention.
  2. Explain the format of your event
    As the potential attendee is making plans, it helps to provide at least the basic dates and times.
  3. Give the audience a follow-up option
    If you’re looking to boost attendance at your next event, the purpose of this teaser video is to create more leads. That might mean including a contact email address or website that allows them to purchase tickets or make plans.

Your event teaser could take a few different forms. You might include an on-camera personality talking about the value of the event, like your keynote speaker, or you could use footage from past events to promote this year’s edition with a slideshow video.

In any case, an event teaser is a must. You want your potential attendees to share it with their friends and followers and generate a buzz, which ultimately leads to attendance.

How to Make a Promo Video for an Event

So, now you know that you need to produce a teaser video for your next big event. The problem is that when you’re planning an event, time is always at a premium. Mastering a brand new app just so that you can produce a brief video is the last thing you want to add to your to-do list.

Don’t waste your precious time hacking around, trying to learn a video editing tool on the fly. Instead, just open your web browser and try out a template from Placeit–a browser-based tool that’s designed to help you produce a professional video in minutes.

Here’s how Placeit works for producing high-quality video content:

  1. Start by choosing a template that fits with your event; there are many different template styles and you just need to choose a general direction that could work for your specific event.
  2. Add your own branding tilt, like your color palette and matching font faces.
  3. Drop in your assets, like stock images or video footage.
  4. Export your finished video file.

Promo Video Maker​

The most important step is choosing a template that matches the form of your event. Let’s take a look at Placeit templates that will set you up for making a great teaser video. These choices are high quality, high energy, and perfect for promoting your event:

As one of the most popular social channels, Instagram is a natural outlet for publishing your event teaser video. This template allows you to customize an upbeat video that’s already in the perfect format for sharing on your Instagram timeline.

The default version of this has placeholders for an e-commerce sale, but it’s the perfect format to hype an event as well. Maybe try out this template as a way to offer a pre-sale for your event, with tickets available online.

Want to combine a teaser with a direct invitation to your event? This template is a perfect way to do just that. Your audience will love to find this landing in their inbox or on their timeline, with a combination of motion graphics and energy to build anticipation.

Promo Video Templates

Want to try out multiple templates as you build your teaser video? Envato Elements might be the right option for you. As part of the all-you-can-download package that Envato Elements offers, you’ll get access to all of these templates (and much more):

Event Promo by sonorafilms

You might only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your potential attendees. Tailor-made for a high energy event, you can use this template to build a teaser in After Effects.

Minimal Event by Media_Stock

For a more peaceful and stylish event, the Minimal Premiere template for Adobe Premiere is the perfect fit. Fill in the bold text and simple shapes with your own details to build excitement.

Event Promo by MotionMediaGroup

This is an After Effects-specific video that’s easy to customize and use for your event teaser. For the more decisive creative, Envato Market may offer the perfect, low-cost solution. Pay only for what you use by purchasing event teaser video templates one at a time.

Event by Afterdarkness75

This template includes all of the key elements that we covered earlier in the article. Not only does it contain all of the event details in placeholders, it also makes it easy to drop your footage or imagery in from a prior event.

So get people talking about your event today! Whether you use a browser-based tool like Placeit or a complete video editing app like After Effects or Premiere, you should build something that instantly shows your audience what your event is all about and why they don’t want to miss out!

For more on using video to engage your audience online, check out promoting a blog with a teaser video.

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