How to Make A Video On Facebook

Learn how to make a slideshow video on Facebook that will capture valuable user attention.

Portrait for Andrew ChildressBy Andrew Childress  |  Updated April 12, 2021

In this how-to, you’ll learn how to make a slideshow video on Facebook that will capture valuable user attention. We’ll run through the steps to make a great Facebook video.

Every month, more than 2 billion users log on to Facebook. Even more incredibly, more than 1 billion count themselves as daily users of the world’s most popular social platform.

With so many users and active sessions, it should come as no surprise that Facebook is the second largest video platform after YouTube. Best of all, Facebook videos are an easy way to stand out in a user’s feed, thanks to autoplay. Learn how to create a Facebook video and then discover the video formats and specs for Facebook in our Video Marketing Guide.

Create a Facebook Video

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Create a Facebook Video

Let’s face it: the format of social media encourages your audience to keep scrolling onto the next piece of content that catches their eye, which is why brands have to try harder than ever to be noticed.

Social media videos are a great opportunity to break the rhythm in the feed. Again, it’s a huge advantage that they autoplay on Facebook and instantly generate motion for your followers.

Of course, Facebook is home to videos from practically every industry and format, but the videos that have proven most popular share some common principles:

  • They cut to the chase: Again, your user base is just one finger swipe away from plenty of other content in their feed. You need to get to the point and be quick about it.
  • They are tailored to mobile: Remember that many Facebook sessions take place on mobile devices. If your videos fill the screen, your users will be more engaged and more likely to stay tuned.
  • They encourage your audience to participate: Ask for comments, spark a discussion, and find ways to engage your followers. This is social media, after all.

No matter what type of content or genre your videos cover, it’s easy to use a Facebook video maker to stand out in your viewers’ feeds.

Facebook Video Maker

Being a creative in 2019 requires a wide set of skills. If you run a social media account for a brand or product of any size or scale, you may feel like you’re expected to know how to use an audio editing app, a video production app, and more. With an in-browser app like Placeit, that’s not the case. You can point and click your way to a Facebook video with this smart online tool.

On Placeit, you start with content templates that help you cut down on the work involved in video production. Fill in the placeholders, add your branding, and download a finished video with no other tools required! Here are some Facebook video templates that particularly lend themselves to the platform, but can be used on Instagram too.

Even though this is branded for Instagram Stories, this package could serve double duty by helping you to create a video that will stand out in your audience’s Facebook feeds. Whether you use it for a Story or video content, you can create an entire video file with no other tools required.

Ads are just one use for this versatile Facebook video maker. Tailor it to your content, combining footage, imagery, and text to stand out in any Facebook feed.

Although the name implies that you’ll use it for pushing a product, this is actually a great template for general purpose promotion, to bring your content to life. It’s eye-catching enough to combine text elements with footage or stock footage and break up the monotony of your user’s feeds.

Facebook Video Templates

If you’ve already mastered the learning curve that comes along with video tools like Adobe After Effects, there are some excellent toolkits you can use to design your own videos for Facebook. Much like Placeit, these starting points will help you create a Facebook-ready video in no time. Download a template, open it in After Effects, and add your own customizations–easy!

Instagram Toolkit by sonorafilms

Even though the name of this package is tailored towards Facebook’s image and video-centric counterpart, it works just as well for producing videos for Facebook–thanks, in part, to its mobile formats that help fill your audience’s screen and capture their attention.

14 Eye-catching Titles by Nullifier

Often, eye-catching text combined with some carefully chosen video clips or imagery is enough to stand out in a sea of content. This package is a great example of that; just update it with some text of your choice and you’re sure to make a splash in any feed.

You can’t ignore Facebook as a major platform for sharing your next video. Producing videos with Placeit or using a template from Envato Elements will help you to achieve the best results and reap the benefits of outstanding Facebook video content. Both of these tools help strike the balance between creative control and video production at scale.

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