How to Promote a Product Using Video

“Show, don’t tell.” It’s a classic piece of marketing advice, and it’s the reason that product video is more popular than ever.

Portrait for Andrew ChildressBy Andrew Childress  |  Updated April 12, 2021

“Show, don’t tell.” It’s a classic piece of marketing advice, and it’s the reason that product promo video is more popular than ever.

Think about the products you’re most passionate about. You can picture them, but could you describe them in writing? That’s where product videos come into play; few formats can so quickly show the value of the product that you’re promoting quite like video.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to promote a product using video. If you need more tips on video advertising, our Video Marketing Guide features the best campaign videos from brands including Nike Michael Kors and why they are effective video ads.

Elements of Great Product Videos

Product demo videos can take many forms, but the best ones stick to a few key principles:

01. They Get To The Point Quickly

All marketers know that attracting and holding an audience’s attention is essential. That’s why it pays to cut to the chase in your product video and show the key features as soon as possible.

For inspiration, look to Dollar Shave Club’s famous example, below. Within 10 seconds, you have a clear idea of the key problem that signing up for club membership could solve, and how.

To help make sure your product demo video stays on track, use a template from this roundup.

02. They Help The Viewer To Imagine Using The Product

One of the mistakes bad product videos make is not including the product in action. Some product videos only feature talking heads discussing the benefits.

When you’re learning how to create a product video, keep this principle in mind. It helps to hear user experiences, but nothing can replace the value of seeing the product brought to life.

A great example of this is DJI’s product launch for the Phantom 4:

03. They Highlight The Problem That The Product Solves

If it makes sense for your product, a “before and after” can be an effective format for demonstrating the impact of using it. A great example of this is a 2-minute video from Nest, the smart home platform. In Nest’s case, they aren’t just trying to convince customers to switch from other smart home products but are also selling the value of smart home products altogether:

04. They Have A Strong CTA

So, you’ve worked hard to capture and hold your potential customer’s attention. Now what?

It’s crucial to continue the conversation to ensure that your product video has the follow-through you desire. Converting viewers to sales means having a strong call to action (CTA). That could include anything from a request to chip in on your Kickstarter campaign, to signing up for a free trial on your website. Consider your objective from the get-go to achieve the best outcome.

At the end of this product demo for ConvertKit, the prompt is clear: are you ready to start growing your audience?

Product videos are successful because they help your potential customers see how the product could improve their work or personal lives. Your product demo video could take any shape or form but stick to the key principles in this article to have the best chance of success. And if you don’t know where to start, don’t forget to check out the Best Product Video Templates.

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