How to Promote Your Real Estate Business

Discover the basics of real estate branding, from designing a logo to making a business card.

How to promote your real estate business
Portrait for Marie GardinerBy Marie Gardiner  |  Updated August 7, 2023

Promoting your real estate business is an exciting opportunity. You’re building your brand, creating engaging content for your audience, and helping people to find their perfect homes. Let’s take a look at how you can hone your branding and marketing tactics.

Flyers and social media marketing can bring more attention to your real estate business, but these aren’t the only ways you can generate leads either on or offline. For example, you can start a Youtube series, a blog, or a TikTok channel. You can even post a live event, pay for Google ads, or create a personal website. These, and other lead generation ideas for real estate agents, can build your network and attract more clients or customers.

Here are some things to think about when you’re developing your real estate brand.

Real Estate Branding

1. Choose a Brand Name

Sometimes the simple things are the ones we forget, so remember to choose your real estate brand name wisely, and check that no-one else is using it.

2. Write a Vision Statement

To win clients, people need to know who you are and what you offer. Write a vision statement that sets out the values that you want to define your real estate business and your business goals.

Other great tips to win more clients include sharing a guide for first-time buyers to help them understand the whole process, and using property management software to keep track of all your listings and clients.

Designing a logo is an important part of brand development. You might want to hire a graphic designer to do this for you, or try creating a logo using a template. Remember these top tips when you’re designing your real estate logo.

  • Avoid clichés! They might seem like fun but tons of other businesses like yours will be using them too.
  • Keep it simple and professional like this Honeycomb Insurance logo.
  • Make sure your logo colors reflect the personality and style of your brand.

4. Create a Business Card

We can all be guilty of making snap judgments, so make sure that when you hand over your business card, you’re making the right impression; you might only get one chance. Using a template to create a real estate business card means you can choose a style and layout you like, with the flexibility to change individual elements and put your own twist on it.

  • Choose a reasonable quality of card. Cheap card feels, well…cheap!
  • Be creative. Don’t be afraid to let your personality show in your card.
  • Keep your contact information simple and clear; only include the essentials.

Marketing Your Real Estate Business

1. Make a Flyer

For promotions that are based in a particular locality, making a leaflet or flyer can still be one of the most effective ways to get the word out.

2. Use Social Media

The internet is where most of us are getting our information these days, so make sure your presence is both engaging and easy to find. You can do this by producing some great social media posts across the most popular channels, like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Make it easy for home buyers/sellers to share pictures by having ‘share to’ links/icons from your website.
  • Sell an area, not just a home. People love it when you big up their hometown and it helps you to sell a lifestyle.
  • Hire a photographer to take great pictures – poor lighting and images can put someone off even the most beautiful of homes.
  • Think about having your happy customers give a testimonial that you can make into a video and share online.

Promoting your real estate business isn’t just good business sense, it’s a chance to have some fun and show the world what you love to do. Get started by creating your logo, or checking out these 75+ marketing ideas for small businesses. Also, if you’re in the real estate business, consider using a real estate CRM or other specialized tools to offer your customers a better experience.

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