Trend Alert: Line Art Drawings, Illustrations & Designs

Combining the simplicity of minimalism with the hand-crafted charm of illustration, line art is one of the biggest design trends of 2021...

Line Art Trend: Lovely Line Art Drawings, Illustrations & Designs
Portrait for Kelsie RimmerBy Kelsie Rimmer  |  Updated September 2, 2022

Illustration and minimalism have both been trending across art, as well as interior and graphic design for some time now. Line art neatly combines these two styles and encourages designers to strip their craft down to its simplest form. It intertwines the simplicity of minimalism with the hand-crafted charm of illustration, producing beautiful and elegant results. 

What Is Line Art? 

Masks' Line Art Drawing - The Brand Kit
‘Masks’ Line Art Drawing – The Brand Kit

Line art, otherwise known as line drawing or line illustration, is an illustration style that incorporates minimal lines and negative space to create refined yet crafty designs. Examples of line art, such as these Art of Taste: Food Brand Illustrations by Tubik Studio and this Self Portrait by Anna Frovola, often feature clean lines, layered colors and textures, white space and minimal shading and detail. 

Explore the Line Art Collection on Envato Elements
Line Art Collection

Featuring smooth, curved lines inspired by the human figure, faces, flowers and other natural elements, line art is perfect for capturing any subject or mood in a simple yet abstract way. While most commonly executed with simple black lines on a white background, line art can also feature muted, vibrant or even clashing colors, as well as organic textures such as paint, wood or watercolors – which are often splashed outside the lines for an authentic collage effect

Where is Line Art Being Used?

Line art has been heavily influenced by great artists such as Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, individuals who were known for breaking down complex scenes into simplified shapes and elements. Their work captured both the subject and atmosphere through a soft, abstract lens, which is precisely what line art aims to do today. 

In the last year, line art has quickly become a massive trend online, and is widely used across social media, branding, logos and web design. This minimalist style also lends itself perfectly to invitations, business cards, and even fashion and interior design.  

Line Art Design Assets

Add a tasteful yet rustic feel to your next design, project or artwork with these lovely line art designs available on Envato Elements

1. Face Line Art – Seamless Pattern by designesto

2. White Line clipart hand drawn fine art orchid by helga_helga

3. 8 Abstract Feminine Ode to a Woman Print Set by NassyArt

4. Artisan Abstract Shapes & Line Art by august10

5. Sonnet – abstract contemporary gouache/ink set by kaleriia

6. Vintage design line art outdoor nature by sandewo

7. Contour Mapping by hellomartco

8. Botanical Line Art Illustration Vol.2 by TempCraft

9. Abstract Line Art Seamless Patterns by Youandigraphics

10. Floral Vector Line Art by Temaphoto

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