Made With Envato | Famous 5 Sports Marketing Special

In this month’s episode of Famous 5, we’re celebrating the Super Bowl with a special of sports marketing content made with Envato items.

Made with Envato - sports marketing
Portrait for Jen McKinnonBy Jen McKinnon  |  Updated May 6, 2022

Famous 5 is the series that showcases Envato items that have been used by big name brands, influencers and celebrities. In this month’s episode, we’re celebrating the Super Bowl with a sporting special. Each of the items featured in this video have been used by major sporting teams from the NFL, NBA and more, to create marketing content.

We previously interviewed creatives from some of the teams in this episode, and you can read more about their careers at the cutting edge of sports content (and why they love Envato!) in our feature on sports marketing. But first, watch Famous 5 for all the action…

At number 1 we have the Carolina Panthers from the NFL. The Panthers have used Envato item Football Chalkboard Logo Opener by magnopeach on their YouTube channel. The item is available on VideoHive and has been used here for the introduction to 3-Point Stance, a YouTube series in which former American footballer and current assistant to the Carolina Panthers, Julius Peppers, discusses strategy and performance across the NFL.

2. NHL: Florida Panthers | Glitch Intro by NextFrameFX

We have not one but two Panthers teams in our Famous 5 roundup today. The Florida Panthers play in the Eastern conference of the National Hockey League. The Panthers made it to one conference title in 1996 but were beaten out by the Colorado Avalanche. The motion graphics team over at the Panthers have used a number of Envato items in their videos, including Glitch Intro by NextFrameFX in the opener for their Pregame Show, sponsored by Coca-Cola.

3. NHL: Los Angeles Kings | Geometric Shapes Opener by EnesM

Keeping it in the league, the Los Angeles Kings are a professional ice hockey team who play in the Western conference of the National Hockey League. The video team at the Kings also work across LA’s partner teams in Ontario and Berlin, and have used Geometric Shapes Opener by EnesM from VideoHive in this compelling video.

4. NBA: Memphis Grizzlies | Light Bulb Kit by ThomasKovar

Next, we’re shooting on over to the NBA to hang out with theMemphis Grizzlies. The team’s Motion Graphics Designer DaQuan Sim, who won an American Advertising Award for his editorial design work, told us where he and the team get their inspiration: “Creative communities are very helpful and important when one may run into creative blocks. Seeing the different styles and results is my favorite part of communities like Behance, Dribbble, and Envato.” The Grizzlies used Light Bulb Kit by ThomasKovar in a display used on the big screen to draw attention to the halftime entertainment. He also dropped in some confetti from Shape Elements 2 by YashkovskiyMD in a branded motion graphic, used on the big screen when the team wins.

Finally, we’re crossing to Major League Soccer. Montreal Impact is a Canadian professional soccer team that joined the Eastern Conference in 2012 and is one of three Canadian teams in the league. We spoke to Rogerio Barbosa, Video Producer at Montreal Impact, who says, “We mainly use Envato for our music needs. We produce over 600 videos a year and we need good, original content music for our stories.” Rogerio and the video team at Montreal Impact used Motivational Sport Epic Trailer by Wolf_Music in a recent hype reel.

That wraps up our sports edition of Famous 5. If you’re looking for more content like this, head to our YouTube channel and subscribe. And remember, whether you work in sports or not, visit Envato Market and our subscription service, Envato Elements, for your next creative project.

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