10 Top Marketing Tools to Grow Your Small Business

Want to grow your small business? Here are some tried-and-tested tools to take your marketing to the next level...

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Marketing can be a big undertaking for any business, and it’s especially challenging for small businesses with limited resources. However, there are some great marketing solutions available that can help small businesses succeed. The key is to choose the right ones for you.

Whether you’re a freelance designer or creative, an eCommerce business, or a brick-and-mortar store, this article will provide expert advice on choosing the right marketing tools for you. We will discuss the importance of identifying marketing goals and including your marketing team in the app selection process. We will also explore the value of continuously evaluating marketing campaign outcomes to ensure you get the desired results. Here are some tips for choosing the right marketing software to stay on top of growing your business.

How to Choose the Right Marketing Tools

  • Define Your Goals

Before you select marketing software for your small business, identify how it will help you achieve your goals. For example, consider using a content management system like headless CMS if your goal is to improve your WordPress site’s visuals, traffic, and conversions. Once you have a clear picture of what success looks like, you can choose the tools to help make that happen. 

  • Research Your Options

Knowing the different types of marketing software available is vital to finding the best marketing software for your business. For example, some marketing tools for startups allow you to manage your email campaigns or website analytics and spot social media trends. A good start is to look at what other businesses are using. 

  • Compare Features

Is it easy to use, or does it require a high learning curve? Does it integrate with other software tools you use? Will your data be safe? The answers to these questions will help you find a tool that meets your requirements.

  • Test Different Tools With Your Team

Test different tools with your team using free demos to determine what works best for your business. It also helps you discern any issues with the software or whether it requires additional training. 

  • Make a Final Decision and Stick With It

Once you have tested the different tools, stick with your decision to ensure consistency in your customer support efforts and reduce the risk of mistakes. 

10 Best Marketing Tools Small Businesses Should Consider

Wondering what the best marketing tools in 2022 are? Check this list.

1. HubSpot Marketing

The HubSpot Marketing Suite is a comprehensive marketing platform that helps businesses design, execute, and track personalized campaigns. The software is all-in-one, making it easy to use, and its features are designed with you in mind. 

The software comes packed with personalization and is mobile-ready. It also has an integrated contact database for traffic and conversion analytics, reliable customer support, and more. 

You can use HubSpot Marketing for free, and if you want to level up your small business branding, you can go for a paid plan. They vary between $50 for the starter package and $2,400 for enterprises interested in managing more than 10,000 contacts.

2. Monday.com

monday.com is a powerful collaboration tool that can boost the performance of any business—no matter employees’ locations or how large their team is. It offers many features that make it easy to manage projects and tasks. Apart from its core work management system, it also offers four different products, including a CRM for sales teams, monday dev for product teams, monday marketer for marketing teams, and monday projects for PMO teams. The platform provides custom solutions, excellent reporting and analytics, over 30 crucial integrations, 24/7 customer service, and more. 

The platform’s intuitive interface makes it easy for new users to start. Plus, it’s reasonably priced: You can start at $8 per user per month (billed monthly or annually). It has unlimited storage and search capabilities for all your files and add-ons that will suit most teams’ needs. Give the platform a spin before purchasing by taking advantage of a 14-day free trial.

3. Semrush

Semrush is a robust online marketing tool that makes online marketing and keeping up with SEO trends easy. The product has an easy-to-use interface with modules for keyword research, backlinks research, market explorer, and traffic analytics. And it even includes a tool for tracking social media statistics. Best yet? You can use it to create scheduled posts for all your social media channels.

You can get started with the Semrush Pro plan at $119.95/month, which you can upgrade later to the next tiers—Guru ($229.95/month) and Business ($449.95/month). Semrush has more than 800 million unique domains tracked for 142 geodatabases to monitor your competitors’ SEO progress. Plus, more than 43 trillion backlinks and 21 billion keywords are available for tracking competition or keyword research inside.

4. Maropost Marketing Cloud

Maropost is a unified, automated, and optimized platform that streamlines how you engage with prospects and customers across multiple channels—from websites to mobile apps, email, and social media. 

The platform has helped eCommerce, media, entertainment, tourism, travel, and other industries acquire, convert, and retain more customers. Its tailored journey builder enables marketers to create customized journeys for each segment in their contact lists. 

Maropost comes in three pricing packages—two of which are by quotation—and the most basic plan costs $500 per month.

5. MailerLite

MailerLite is an email marketing platform that helps marketers deliver smartly designed newsletters, manage subscriber lists, and track results. The software enables you to create and optimize landing pages, develop branded newsletters, and drive inbound leads. With the help of built-in templates and editing features, newsletters can be embedded with products—allowing subscribers to take action.

Its forever-free plan has basic features, while the premium plan starts at up to $10/month for up to 1,000 subscribers. Later, when you have more than 5,000 subscribers, you can select a premium plan at $50/month.

6. Mayple

Mayple is a digital marketing service that matches your business with a vetted marketing expert, which allows you to focus on other priorities while saving time, money, and headaches. Plus, it gives you access to an assigned marketing expert with real past performance data matched to your business goals.

This tool offers you a free marketing strategy. The platform allows you to reach customers on Google Ads Manager and Facebook Business Manager—helping you scale as your marketing budget grows. And if you’re ready to get started on your own, you can begin with a subscription of $590 per month—which includes a $5,000 marketing budget. 

7. Ortto

Ortto is a marketing automation platform with features that streamline every aspect of your marketing workflow. It unifies customer data from other platforms into a CDP (customer data platform) and creates one place to track interactions and automate emails, content, and more.

The marketing solution empowers brands to tailor customer journeys using SMS, email, and other channels. Automation and built-in revenue attribution features are also available. After the free trial, Ortto has three pricing tiers: $29/month, $99/month, and $299/month.

8. Omnisend

Omnisend is an eCommerce marketing automation platform for converting leads into customers and sending emails, Facebook Messenger and SMS messages, and other types of marketing content. It also has a landing page builder, a leads form creator to boost conversions, and an A/B testing feature. You can also create personalized templates for your messages.

It also offers a Campaign Booster for resending emails, A/B testing, and a Content Editor for creating engaging emails. In real-time, you’ll get intelligent reporting capabilities to see the numbers behind your campaigns’ performance. You can get started with these features right away for free. And if you need to upgrade to standard or pro eventually, they start at $16 and $59/month, respectively.

9. Unbounce

Unbounce is a small business landing page, copywriting, and conversion solution. It offers tools to help you grow your audience, generate leads, and increase sales. Unbounce has 70K+ customers, for which its driven over 1.5 billion conversions.

Using its drag-and-drop builder, you can customize your landing pages to reflect how you want them to look. With just one click, Unbounce integrates with various productivity and business tools for quick setup.

Unbounce has a tiered pricing plan for small businesses, which starts at $90/month. As your business grows, so does its capacity for landing pages and target audiences.

10. SplitMetrics

SplitMetrics is a mobile A/B testing platform that helps you validate ideas and optimize your app store page. Thanks to its robust features, you can track user behavior, get comprehensive insights, and understand what makes your app page successful. 

With their audit, you can better understand the bottlenecks on your app store pages and spot areas for improvement. It offers a free trial and quote-based pricing plans when you reach out to them.

Grow Your Small Business With the Right Marketing Tools

Marketing your business requires you to take a disciplined approach and apply intelligent strategies. With the right marketing tools, you will find it easier to implement new methods for growth customized for your business. You will generate stronger marketing results if you have thoroughly explored your marketing options and started fine-tuning them. 

Ultimately, integrating the best marketing tools will depend on your needs as a marketing team and your purpose. If you keep those tips in mind, you’re sure to find a solution that will help your business grow.

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