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These templates will help you design your next mobile UI in no time.

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If you’ve ever had to work on designing a new mobile app then you will no doubt know that creating the UI from scratch can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming task. To help relieve some of that workload, and to help get you started quicker, we have selected an assortment of the best mobile UI kits that we currently offer.

These templates will help you design your next mobile UI in no time.

1. Otrion

The Otrion UI Kit consists of 24 customizable PSD files. It is retina-ready and offers fully scalable vectors.

2. OS8 Mobile Kit

The OS8 Mobile Kit offers nearly 70 PSD files that you can customize to suit your needs.

3. Quality Part 2 Mobile UI

8 Quality Part 2 Mobile UI Kit has 44 PSD files with custom icons and subjects.

4. uiStore

store is an 7 UI eCommerce mobile app. It is retina-ready and offers fully editable colors with scalable vectors.

5. D7 UI Kit

The D7 UI Kit is a UI bundle with over 60 retina-ready PSD files.

6. M3 Mobile UI Kit

The M3 Mobile UI Kit is one gigantic collection that boasts of 124 PSD files, each in two variants: dark and light.

7. Otrion – Android L UI Kit

Otrion is an Android L UI kit that consists of 24 customizable PSDs. It offers fully scalable vectors, and has a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels.

8. Fresh Flat Mobile UI Kit

This Fresh Flat Mobile UI Kit offers retina-ready PSD files and scalable vectors. The collection is slightly small with just 17 PSDs, but the overall design is minimal and super clean.

9. 7 v.1 – Mobile UI

The oddly named 7 v.1 Mobile UI offers a staggering number of 166 PSD files that are fully customizable.

10. Business Flat UI Kit

The Business Flat UI Kit consists of 13 customizable PSD files with dimensions of 640×1136 pixels.

11. Obicus – Mobile UI Kit

The Obicus Mobile UI Kit offers 15 PSD files and fully scalable vectors optimized for iOS devices.

12. DO! UI Kit

The DO! UI Kit includes 15 PSDs that are retina-ready and easily customizable.

13. Minimailist Mobile UI Kit V.2

Minimailist Mobile UI Kit offers over 52 PSD files, all of which are minimal and clean in terms of design.

14. Theink – Fresh Mobile UI Kit

Theink Mobile UI Kit offers 48 PSD files alongwith customizable elements and various color schemes.

15. Timelapse Flat Mobile UI

Timelapse is a flat design mobile UI Kit iwth 13 PSD files and retina-ready display.

16. Smoog – Android L Mobile UI Kit

Smoog, the Android L Mobile UI Kit is a retina-ready collection of UI kits with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels. It includes 17 high resolution PSD files with scalable vectors.

17. Idealogic – Android L Mobile UI Kit

Idealogic is an Android L Mobile UI kit that contains 72 highly customizable PSD Files in 3 unique color shemes (Blue/Green, Dark/Yellow & Green/Purple) and comes many useful elements.

18. Music Player UI

The Music Player UI bundle includes 9 PSD files that are optimized for retina-ready display and meant for use on iOS devices. The font used is Helvetica, and all the PSDs sport a minimal look.

19. OS Phone Full Mobile App UI Kit

The OS Phone Full Mobile App UI Kit includes 20 PSD files with fully scalable and editable vector layers.

20. Twelvy Mobile Ui Set

The Twelvy Mobile UI Set is a bundle of 27 PSDs with support for true retina display and editable vectors. The fonts used in this set are Bebas Neue and Helvetica.

21. Lakini App Design UI

The Lakini App Design UI offers 24 PSD files, each in two color variants: light and dark.

22. Kitovu IOS 8 App Design

The Kitovu iOS 8 App Design offers 12 PSD files with editable layers and vector shapes. It uses Open Sans as the primary font.

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