The A-Z of Monogram Logo Designs

If you're looking to create a logo for your brand, here's why you should consider a monogram logo design.

The A-Z of Monogram Logo Designs
Portrait for EnvatoBy Envato  |  Updated September 3, 2020

Monograms are emblems used to identify and personalize.

And they’re used for more than decorating wedding invitations and your old L.L. Bean backpack. They can be used on everything from stationary, to clothing, to home goods, and when they’re designed well, they can elevate your style and your brand. From the fashion industry to the world of sports, Monogram logos are everywhere.

A monogram is your name boiled down to the essence, executed with graphic artistry.

Glenn O’Brien, Menswear authority & co-founder of Spin Magazine 

When designing a monogram logo for your own brand, you want to create an image that illustrates your company’s essence. Using letters and icons you can build a unique visual representation of your company, an image that helps consumers remember who you are and what you have to offer.

When designing your logo, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Follow our logo design guide to create your ultimate brand logo.

Check out some logo examples and extra design inspiration below. It’s the A-Z of monogram logos:

A: Animal Logo

B: Barber Shop Logo

C: Corporate Logo

D: Dimension Single Letter Monogram Logo

E: Elegant Monogram Logo

F: Food Logo

G: Gym Logo

H: Hipster Food Logo

I: Iconic logos

Well designed monogram logos are iconic. Think Chanel and Louie Vuitton:

 Chanel and Louis Vuitton logos

J: Jamba Juice

A great example of how color can elevate your logo design.

Jamba Juice logo

K: Kentucky Fried Chicken 

A notable monogram logo that combines letters and imagery to create an iconic brand emblem.

KFC logo

L: London Logo

M: Modern Monogram Logo

N: Negative Space Logo

O: Outdoors Logo

P: Pizza Logo

Q: Quantas 

Not exactly a monogram logo, but this logo is a great example of how to use negative space to create design impact.

Qantas logo

R: Representation

Monogram logos represent your brand image.

Like button of big brand logos
Source Image: Dev 1150

S: Sleek Logo

T: Two Letter Logo

U: Unique designs

Monogram logos are unique images that personalize your products and possessions.

Black and red umbrellas
Image Source: ArtisanOwlMedia

V: Vintage Logo

W: Website design

Make sure that your logo is aesthetically aligned with your overall website design and branding.

Web design icons
Image Source: YourDigitalResource

X: X-box

An excellent example of a logo that plays with letters and branding.

X Box logo

Y: Yahoo

This easily identifiable Yahoo logo design is simple yet bold.

Yahoo! logo

Z: Ziamimi Font

An artistic typeface option for your logo design.

Ziamimi logo

For more logo options, browse the Envato Elements library.

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