Movies 2020: Get the Look

Here are five movies coming out in 2020, from James Bond to Top Gun, along with the fonts, graphics, audio and video templates to get the look.

Movies 2020 Get the Look
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Hollywood filmmakers are capitalizing on familiar characters and stories in their offerings for movies coming out in 2020, and a big part of the success of these films lies in getting the period details just right. All of the new movies featured on this list are either sequels, remakes, or part of a well-loved franchise, all with their own familiar, nostalgic look.

Here are five recent or upcoming movies coming out in 2020, along with several items from Envato Elements and Envato Market to help you recreate the mood from the movie.

New Movies 2019-2020

Joker (2019)

Joaquin Phoenix plays the titular character from the DC Comics franchise. The film is set in the early 1980s in the decaying fictional metropolis of Gotham City.

Joker’s gritty realism is enhanced by a classic orange and teal color scheme. Use a Lightroom preset to quickly apply this cinematic effect to your photos:
Cinematic Orange & Teal Lightroom Presets by Gazi_Graphic.

Add Joker-style makeup to photos of people using the Joker – Photoshop Action by dgas99.

To achieve a look that’s similar to the movie poster font, use a condensed sans serif font, such as Monerd – Simply Sans Serif by maulanacreative, and then apply a letterpress effect using a Photoshop text effect such as Vintage Letterpress Texture Effects by Zeppelin_Graphics.

This dark, cinematic audio track is perfect for your own trailer: Suspense by Andrew_G.

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)​

Another movie based on a DC Comics character, Wonder Woman 1984 is a sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot. Judging from the trailers, the filmmakers had fun with the 1980s theme, and you can too, with these retro-inspired items.

Get an original comic book look with Retro Comic Pack by mixmedia87.

Before digital imagery, VHS was the leader in home entertainment. Get that analog magnetic tape feel with Glitch Photoshop PSD Actions by creativetacos.

In the 80s, colorful, futuristic chrome effects were ubiquitous. These effects were created by hand, using an airbrush. You can get the same look with only a few clicks in Photoshop, using items like 80’s Style Text Mockups V2 by designercow or 80s Text Effects Vol.1 by Zeppelin_Graphics.

Put it all together on an 80s background, using Bundle – 80s Retro Backgrounds by Sko4.

Add a realistic glow to your “lasso of truth” with Light Streak Maker Photoshop Action by sevenstyles.

For an authentic action hero soundtrack, try Rise of the 80s Hero by Artymix.

Top Gun: Maverick (2020)​

Tom Cruise is back, after 34 years, as hotshot Navy aviator Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

In 1986, audiences thrilled to the high-flying aerial stunts of the elite Navy pilots. Create your own with these items: Pilot by YUL1, Fighter Jet Set by Jackrust, US Military Jet Fighter Pilot, and 2D Modern Military Aircrafts by ZeusGameAssets.

Cruise cleans up nicely in his dress whites. Get the look with this vector illustration: Military Officer Salute by BluezAce.

The Top Gun pilots execute precision landings on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier such as the one in this vector silhouette: Navy Power by vadimmmus.

Use this set of textures from actual military aircraft to lend authenticity to your designs:
Skyhawk A-4 Turbojet Aircraft Weathered Metal Textures.

Add some macho military style to your text using Modern Warzone Layer Styles by XioxGraphix or Rank Badges Insignias by cristianalm.

The macho posturing in the original Top Gun was almost comical. If cartoons are more your style, here’s a fun vector illustration: Military Naval Fighter Jet Airplane Cartoon by jeffhobrath. Or give your eSports team a nod to Top Gun with Jet Fighter – Mascot & Esport Logo by aqrstudio.

The F-14 Tomcat fighter jets used in the original 1986 Top Gun have since been retired and replaced with the F/A-18E/F. This shot by FiledIMAGE beautifully captures the condensation clouds forming on the wings of this F/A-18F during a maneuver.

Gaby Jalbert, Envato’s Content Specialist for Photos

Finally, this audio track is evocative of planes soaring above the clouds: Epical Corporate by FlameLionStudio.

Little Women (2019)​

The sixth feature film adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s beloved novel is set during the American Civil War. Envato has plenty of vintage items that recall the genteel look of that era.

Photography was in its early stages during the mid-19th century. This action replicates the look of one of its earliest processes: Wet Plate Lightroom Presets + Overlays by 2FX.

Speaking of photography, our content specialist for photos Gaby Jalbert suggests Female artist painting a picture by PaulSchlemmer to achieve the Little Women vibe. He says, “This authentic looking photo represents Amy moving to Paris to study painting. The lighting and colors also give it a classic feel.”

Pattern and decoration were prevalent during the Victorian era. Even the most mundane items were embellished with ornaments. Get the look with items like 10 Frames Vol.7 – Victorian Ornament by cruzine2, Victorian Green Wallpaper Texture Pack by SvenPowell, and Victorian Ornament Collection by orcacreative.

These Photoshop text styles will apply a decorative element to your text: Rich Victorian and Rustic Text Effects by Sao108.

Many of the signs seen in the film have period-appropriate typography, such as Hornbuckle by ilhamtaro and Victorian Parlor by Eric_Burntilldead. The movie’s poster and trade dress use a typeface similar to Rolando Vintage Font by toscadigital.

Finally, this nostalgic, uplifting tune is reminiscent of the four sisters’ adventurous spirit: Inspiring Emotional Piano and Cello by Just_Mary.

James Bond: No Time To Die (2020)​

The 25th installment of the series based on the classic Ian Fleming character, No Time to Die stars Daniel Craig as the suave MI6 agent. Though it’s set in the present day, the look is a throwback to the original 007 from the 1950s.

The movie poster uses a stylish retro font, similar to TEBAL FONT by BangunStudio.

This vector illustration recalls the graphic design of the original films from the 60s: Spy Couple 2 by Malchev.

This illustration depicts a dashing Bond-like figure, in a whimsical vector style: Secret Agent by ded_Mazay.

Bond is associated with the vintage sports cars he often drives (and sometimes blows up). Get the look with these vectors: Retro english sport cars set by busja. For something a little more realistic, try Sport Cars Vol.3 by 3dhun.

Finally, he wouldn’t be James Bond without his iconic “shaken, not stirred” martini. Envato has several classic cocktail items, from photography (Classic Martini vodka cocktail by 5PH) to illustration (Glass of Martini with Olive in Hand by Aleksangel).

Discover more movie magic with an Envato Elements subscription or by browsing on Envato Market. While you’re here, also check out our Color Trends for 2020.

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