4 Mystic Design Trends to Conjure for Your Creative Projects

From astrology and spirituality to the occult and witchcraft, add a touch of magic to your next creative project with these top mystic design trends...

Mystic Design Trends
Portrait for Kelsie RimmerBy Kelsie Rimmer  |  Updated November 19, 2020

Over the last few years, there’s been an increased interest in mystical, other-worldly design trends such as spirituality, astrology, witchcraft, magic and cosmic design. One of the most unique influences in the graphic design industry this year, mystic beliefs and practices such as the occult have slowly crept into the mainstream design world, infiltrating many facets of visual design with iridescent colours, spiritual symbols and motifs, as well as ethereal textures and patterns that evoke a feeling of the unknown.

With further innovations in science, philosophy and spirituality guiding the popularity of practices like astrology and tarot, mystical themes have been popping up across many types of design assets and templates, including event invitations, stationery, logos, branding and interior decor.

If you want to add a magical touch to your next creative project, here are some of the top mystic design items available on Envato Elements.

Astrology & Spirituality

While astrology is by no means a new trend, astrological ideas and practices have been absolutely dominating pop-culture this year. There’s been a running theme in the media around millennials and their supposed affiliation with and love of astrology, which is thought to be connected with a desire for control in a time of economic and political uncertainty.

Based on Zodiac signs, nature, crystals, and spiritual symbols and imagery, the tropes associated with astrology are becoming increasingly popular on platforms like Instagram. For that reason astrological design can be a familiar, yet fresh way to add a mystical touch to your work. Look to the stars with these top astrology related items available on Envato Elements

01. Watercolor Zodiac by Webvilla

02. Zodiac Signs by Webvilla

03. Vintage Charts by CollectiveOffset

04. Mikela Light – Gorgeous Typefaces by NEWFLIX

05. Crystal Power by a_slowik

06. Gemology 101 by hellomartco

07. Astrology Planet Symbols by adrianpelletier

Magic & Witchcraft

The mystical practises of magic and witchcraft have been trending big time this year, particularly imagery centred around spells, tarot cards and magical ability. Cast a spell on your followers with these magic and witchcraft related items available on Envato Elements

08. Raven Tarot by Lidiebug

09. Golden Magic Totems by a_slowik

10. Witchcraft Clipart Magical Illustrations by NassyArt

11. Sacred Geometry Font by a_slowik

12. Esoteric Elements by MissChatZ

13. Tarot Card Mock-Up by L5Design

14. Magic Dust Photoshop Action by sevenstyles

The Occult

Evoking images of spirits, black magic, candles and ouija boards (think classic 90s movies like The Craft and Practical Magic), the occult trend has had a big influence on graphic design with its dark and mysterious edge. Cross over to the dark side with these occult-related items available on Envato Elements

15. Watercolor magic – candles, snakes, ruins ect. by kaleriia

16. Solaire Rough by MehmetRehaTugcu

17. 19 Mystic Ink Shapes by FreezeronMedia

18. Mystical Arts – hand drawn seamless pattern by BoykoPictures

19. Alchemy – A Magical Typeface by andrewtimothy

20. 10 Sacred symbols by a_slowik

21. Black Magic by bank508

Cosmic Design

Finally, inspired by outer space and the cosmos, the cosmic design trend is truly out of this world. Cosmic design typically features extraterrestrial elements such as stars, planets, universes and galaxies. Explore some of the most mesmerizing cosmic design items available on Envato Elements

22. 15 watercolor planets and stars set by kaleriia

23. The Moon Rocks by hellomartco

24. LUMINA Flyer Template by FortySixandTwo

25. Cosmic Nebula Backgrounds by mamounalbibi

26. Outer Space Planetary Template by DesignSomething

27. Watercolor cosmic planets ans stars illustrations by kaleriia

28. 10 Watercolor space backgrounds set by kaleriia

If you’re looking for even more mystical design, check out the full Mystic Collection on Envato Elements!

Mystic Design Collection on Envato Elements

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