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The best neon-inspired typography, posters, patterns, and more.

Portrait for EnvatoBy Envato  |  Updated November 18, 2020

It might seem like a throwback to the 80’s or the 90’s, but neon is super trendy right now. From vectors, to type, and so much more, everything is going fluorescent and colorful.

So switch off MTV, put down your boombox, and grab Einstein, because we are looking through some of the best neon designs in Envato Elements.

1. Neon Type 3

Just like the ‘Abstract ABC’, this neon type isn’t a font. However, the download provides you with a file of numbers and letters that can all be edited and placed where you wish in a Photoshop document. It is an easy way to get this effect, and will save you the time and effort of fiddling with another way. Also look how cool it is!

2. Neon Monster Creation Kit

A super fun kit straight from Envato Elements. This lets you create a number of different neon monsters, in a variation of ways, for whatever you need. Mix-and-match shapes and assets to your liking, and make your perfect little creature. This can also be combined with any other monster kits of a similar nature.

These vector images are perfect to add to any design or graphic work you are doing. They are quirky and a bit of fun, with this specific set focusing on partying and music. If you look through Envato Elements you will find many sets just like this one, with each person doing something different.

4. 24K Trip Poster / Flyer

This poster template is perfect for any event and comes customisable. It’s use of neon will make it stand out next to basically anything without losing any class. If you are looking for something slightly more modern than most of this list, then this is the design for you.

5. Abstract Lights Backgrounds

Great for web background, desktop background, presentation background and product display background. In this pack you will find 8 unique backgrounds with 5 color variations.

6. Glow Night Flyer Template

Neon with a modern vibe is what you get with this template. It would be perfect for a club or bar putting on a specific event, or somebody looking for a party invitation. It comes with a help file so you can easily navigate and edit the flyer on Photoshop.

7. 80’s Style Text Mockups V1

For most people this would be right at the top of the list when they think of classic 80s neon styles. Back then it was very futuristic, and now, in the future, it has risen to popularity again. Their are 18 Photoshop files with styles like the one pictured, some of which come with different colours. Even if it’s all too confusing, once again the creator has included a help file to assist you.

8. Glowing Sound Flyer

This subtle use of neon brings an added touch of flair to what is a very sophisticated design. The landscape image used in the bottom half creates an exciting vibe for the flyer. The template is for a music event, however it can be edited to suit whatever you’re after. All the colours can be changed, so you don’t have to to settle for what is pictured above.

9. Neon Text Effects

Not quite as 1980s as some of the other designs on this list, however it is still a classic neon look. This comes with 10 different styles, all of which can be used to create anything from logos, to signboards, to posters. Easy to understand and very easy to use.

10. 1980s Graphic Styles

Does anyone else feel like they should grab their roller-skates and start singing Xanadu? Moving on (as quickly as possible), this download from Envato Elements allows you to bring a classic neon look to both text and vectors. It comes with a total of 15 styles, along with instructions on just how to get the best out of what’s on offer.

If you can drag yourself out of the 80’s or pull yourself away from watching Back to the Future, get creative and utilise these amazing designs.

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