Pastel Color Trend: Top Pastel Design Templates

Want to try out the pastel design trend? Learn how to use these light and silky hues in your next project.

Pastel Color Trend
Portrait for Kelsie RimmerBy Kelsie Rimmer  |  Updated March 15, 2021

If you’re looking for a color palette that’s cute, playful and indulgent like candy, satisfy your sweet tooth with a taste of the pastel color design trend! Pastel colors have been hot on the scene over the last couple of years, trending everywhere from graphic design and photography to fashion and social media. A popular Instagram color palette, pastel colors are associated with other trends of the moment such as tie dye and holographic design

What Are Pastel Colors? 

Pastel colors are light yet bright hues with a silky, dreamy appearance. Derived from the traditional art medium of the same name, pastels are usually soft and soothing in tone due to their low saturation and subdued colors –  which is something we all need right now, obviously. Pastel colors are often associated with spring and work well when paired with neutral colors to represent abundance, growth and peace. 

Inspired by some of the yummiest foods on earth – such as candy hearts, ice cream, and birthday cake – as well as natural florals, pastel colors are great for evoking a fun, youthful tone. Subtle yet eye-catching, these hues make playful backgrounds, trendy logos or cute accents to any design. 

Including pastel pink, pastel blue and pastel yellow to name a few, here are some of the top pastel color palette items available on Envato Elements

Pastel Pink

A close relative of the hugely popular Millennial Pink, pastel pink is a soft, gentle color that evokes images of sugar, spice and all things nice. To add a touch of pastel pink to your next design, try out these pink picks from Envato Elements

1. Thunder Pastel Powerpoint by amsupply

2. Nude + Pink Marble Business Card by 83Oranges

3. Pink colours trends by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

Minimal still life art. Fashion sport shoes concept. Pink colours trends. Stylish white sneakers by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

4. Minimalist Pastel Socmed Post by Fannanstudio

5. Plastik life concept by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

Plastik life concept. Planet save idea. Zero waste shop. Minimal still life art. Milk pack by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya
Plastik life concept. Planet save idea. Zero waste shop. Minimal still life art. Milk pack

6. Pastel Instagram by spacestudios

Pastel Blue

A calm and comforting hue, pastel blue is known to evoke feelings of serenity, focus and relaxation, as well as the color of the sky and the ocean. Blue is a color often associated with peace, clarity and communication, and is proven to be the most common favorite color among the world’s population. Here are some of the top pastel blue items on Envato Elements

1. Fashion Puzzle – Instagram Posts by Sko4

Fashion Puzzle - Instagram Posts by Sko4

2. Floral Minimal Business Card by EightonesixStudios

3. Minimal monochrome pastel colours by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

Ice Smoothie Dj Girl in stylish headphones and bucket hats. Minimal monochrome pastel colours  trends

4. Light Blue Instagram Post by sagesmask

5. Magazine Layout with Light Blue Accents by broluthfi

Magazine Layout with Light Blue Accents by broluthfi

6. Candy Instagram Post & Instagram Story Template by dannyaldana

Pastel Green

Pastel green evokes a sense of freshness and lightness. It represents the tranquility of nature, evoking feelings of wellness and peace of mind. To bring your next design to life with pastel green, here are some of the top items on Envato Elements

1. Smoothie mug and abstraction by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

Minimal aesthetic still life monochrome design. Aqua Menthe trends.  Smoothie mug and abstraction

2. Pastel Spring Illustration by EightonesixStudios

3. Fresh green concept by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

Ficus plant on mint wall background. Fresh green concept by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

4. Square Flyer Mockup by WildOnes

5. Aqua menthe color trend by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

Dj Girl in Fresh Mint Fashion clothing. Minimal aesthetic monochrome design. Aqua menthe color trend by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

6. Aqua menthe trendy colours design by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

Abstract geometry and textile minimal background. Aqua menthe trendy colours design by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

Pastel Yellow

Reminiscent of flowers and sunlight, pastel yellow is a color of hope, creativity and growth. A close relative of Pantone’s 2021 Color of the Year, ‘Illuminating’, pastel yellow is uplifting and brightening, evoking feelings of happiness, cheerfulness and fun. To add some light into your next design, try some of these pastel yellow items on Envato Elements

1. Fashion still life concept by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

Stylish summer accessories cap and sunglasses. Fashion still life concept by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

2. Simple Bounce – Pastel Backgrounds by hughadams

3. Circle geometry and hand by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

Minimal aesthetic still life monochrome design. Pastel trends. Circle geometry and hand by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

4. Baby Shower Invitation – Print & Social Media by invisualstudio

5. Minimal still life design trend by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

Orchid flowers aestchetic. Minimal still life design trend by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

6. Pastel Shapes and Elements by switzergirl

Pastel Purple

A color close to lavender – a flower which is known to have powerful sleep and relaxation properties – pastel purple is associated with calm and relaxation. Derived from purple, a color connected to luxury, nobility and royalty, pastel purple is a softer, quietly luxurious hue. To integrate pastel purple into your designs, try out these items from Envato Elements

1. Still life concept by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

Abstract geometry and flowers minimal background. Pastel purple trendy colours. Still life concept by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

2. Unicorn Vector Gradients – Colorful Background by amritpaldesign

3. 30 Pastel Watercolor Backgrounds by M-e-f

30 Pastel Watercolor Backgrounds by M-e-f

4. Still life art by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

Abstract geometry figure and minimal objects. Pink trendy monochrome colours design. Still life art by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

5. Cosmetics Instagram Stories by Sko4

6. iPhone XS app mobile Mock-Up by hoangpts

iPhone XS app mobile Mock-Up by hoangpts

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