#MadeWithEnvato Photo Editing Competition: And the Winner Is…

We’re thrilled to announce the top 10 finalists of our #MadeWithEnvato photo editing contest; let's explore the beautiful worlds they created with inspiration from Aron Visuals.

Made with Envato photo editing contest win an iPad Air
Portrait for Julia FernandezBy Julia Fernandez  |  Updated September 28, 2021

Whether or not you were following along with our #MadeWithEnvato photo editing competition on Instagram, we can assure you that the standard of entries was world-class and narrowing down to a top 10 was no easy feat! For context, we challenged our community of Photoshop enthusiasts and digital artists to create something spectacular using a selection of items from Envato Elements – and their imagination. And oh, did they deliver!

To ensure the stakes were high and the entries were inspiring, we partnered with digital artist and Instagramer extraordinaire, Aron Visuals. Aron chose the items that entrants worked with (see exactly what they used in the carousel below) and provided an example artwork for inspiration. He also joined a judging panel – alongside Envato’s Taylor Conacher and Calin Teodorescu – to select a winner and shortlisted entries.

Thank you to everyone who entered! 🙌 The quality of entries was mind blowing 🤯 and selecting a top 10 was the greatest challenge of all. A huge shout out to Mr. Aron Visuals for your guidance, expert knowledge and endless enthusiasm throughout our first #MadeWithEnvato Instagram challenge. Ready to check out the top 10? Here we go!

1. @zacktic_artz_

And our winner is… @zacktic_artz_ AKA Akash Ak, a digital creator based in India. Akash’s artwork, which presents a portal into an intriguing new world, was created using only the assets provided as part of the competition. This super original and creative scif-fi concept took the artist around six hours to create. We hope the iPad coming Akash’s way provides plenty more opportunity for creativity and inspiration!

2. @atonik.art

We do love a dark fantasy combo – and Photoshop artist, Atonik Art has delivered exactly that with this beautiful composition here which demonstrates some terrific world building capabilities. We can imagine the character featured has travelled far on his journey and is just about to reach for the sabre. What will happen once he gets there we wonder?

3. @cheesy.creates

With this image, @cheesy.creates, AKA Rene, a Photoshop artist from Germany said that he wanted to create a mountain creature that tries to pick up the guy in front of it. Our judges felt that the concept has depth, originality and is really visually interesting.

4. @towerjunkieart

This post-apocalyptic creation in landscape was one of the most unique entries in our competition – comparable to a video game design. The artist, @towerjunkieart, used free file stocks from Elements including smoke brushes and a starscape image that were turned into dust overlays.

5. @pmw_psd

Pascal Wagner, the Photoshop artist behind @pmw_psd posted his entry with the caption “The Midnight Stories. In search of the memory.” This dream-like composition of moody night vibes rounded off our top 5.

6. @letsencreate

Sound on for this entry from Photoshop artist and digital creator Indro of @letsencreate. His creation, Parallel Worlds, incorporated the music track we included in the competition items, which convinced him to create an animation out of his artwork. Even when only considering the static image – given that this is a photo contest, our judges loved the creativity of the concept and good execution.

7. @mr_23_design

@mr_23_design, AKA digital dreamer & NFT artist Valentin, used his fantasy style to create this beautiful work. He manually painted the branches around the moon and the lights in the city and so on – and this dedication to detail really shows. We particularly like the logo on the backpack.

8. @hezronart

Another gorgeous animated entry – this time from Nithin Hezron of @hezronart. The static entry alone is worthy of a top 10 placement but we love how the floating balloons really bring it to life.

9. @wingman.psd

With this entry, Sarada Prasad of @wingman.psd has literally flipped our traveller’s world on its head as two worlds collide – but which is real and which is fantasy?

10. @naomiamberdawn

Last in the top 10 but by no means least is collage artist extraordinaire, Seattle based @naomiamberdawn. Again we loved how Naomi combined two worlds in this piece creating a truly surreal photo manipulation.

You’ve seen our top 10, you’ve discovered the winner, but which were some of your favorite entries from our photo editing competition. Join us on Instagram and let us know. Plus, follow us to stay tuned if you missed out on entering this time as we’ll have more contests coming soon.

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