Creative Resume Tips & Templates for Creatives 2021

We reveal ways in which you can build a killer resume for yourself using a resume template to grab the job that you've always wanted.

10 Best Resume Templates for Creatives
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Creating and updating a resume is a ubiquitous task that’s often met with a sigh, but it doesn’t need to be an onerous job. Creative resume templates can be both a big time-saver and a source of inspiration, whether you work within an agency or freelance, are a master of layout and image or a typography whizz

For designers, there can be a little more to think about when it comes to a resume compared to non-designer counterparts. But above all, you should approach any resume design with these tips in mind.

Resume Tips

There exists no golden rule when it comes to building the perfect resume, so first up, let us focus on some resume design tips and best practices:

1. Easy to Read

Your design should enhance the information you’re choosing to share, not bury it. Simply put, your resume should make your and your employer’s life easier. Having a cluttered resume with overloaded information or poor typeface will serve just one purpose: annoy the hiring manager or HR staff.

Minimalism is a key aspect that can help your resume stand apart. Try to focus on the user experience: your resume should be appealing and user friendly, with bonus points for interactivity.

2. Focused and Concise

Your resume should talk about your accomplishments, not just your experience. Instead of focusing on what your previous job was about, emphasize on what you did in your previous job. Similarly, instead of talking about your job functions, focus on the challenges you faced and how you tackled them.

3. On Brand

Since your career is not a tale of black text over white paper, the resume that narrates your career shouldn’t be so either. Your resume should highlight and bring out your USP as a professional – what you have done so far, what you are capable of accomplishing, and how you are different and better from your competitors!

Look at your resume as a marketing opportunity. This is your chance to create a personal brand for yourself. Maybe add samples of your works, a photograph, or even some color. Just be sure that your resume is something that can be used to *identify* you.

4. Well Designed

Of course, a resume should have a proper design – one that makes it both intuitive and impressive.

Having columns for organizing your achievements is a tried and tested layout when it comes to resumes. The column layout can also help you make use of whitespace to the fullest, thereby utilizing the space and presenting information in an uncluttered manner. Colors, on the other hand, should be used leniently, albeit not too generously either. Staying up to date with the latest design trends comes handy here: a clean and flat resume design, for instance, is what’s in vogue nowadays.

Alongside getting a formal resume right, your portfolio is your first impression, calling card and mini-showcase all in one, and you really have to get it right. To step yourself through it, from planning to presenting and personalizing, read through our guide to creating a killer portfolio.

To help you along, check out our wrap up of 10 best website templates for your online portfolio. With any of this work, it’s handy to have a suit of resources on hand for when you need to quickly add, change or refresh your portfolio – and in this case, The Ultimate Creative Toolkit has done the legwork for you in compiling creative resources exactly for this use.

Resume Templates

We’ll take a look at some of the trending resume templates from Envato Elements. Resume templates, in general, are a product of the prevailing graphic design trends. Be it a web-based or print template, you will find them all here!

10. Web Resume Designer by aqrstudio

Starting with the basics means getting a slick resume into shape. Sometimes less is more, and the Web Resume Designer by aqrstudio is highly versatile, customizable and suitable for a range of purposes.

9. Resume by Leaflove

For something with a few more design features, while still keeping it simple and well-organized, try Resume by Leaflove. A four-page A4 template available both in Microsoft Word and InDesign, it suits creatives specializing in anything from print content to inspired branding and campaigns.

8. Graphic Designer CV Resume by RahardiCreative

If you work mainly with highly visual content, you may want to step it up for your resume – a well set out, subtly designed one-pager can be a nod to your skills without stepping too far outside of the realms of resume norms. Graphic Designer CV Resume by RahardiCreative ticks this box, and also comes with a cover letter and portfolio template.

7. CV Resume Template by micromove

For a template particularly designed to highlight imagery, CV Resume Template by micromove is perfect for designers cum bloggers, artists and photographers alike. The classy design allows space to champion a brand logo, is easy to customize and edit, and comes in print-ready format.

6. Professional CV and Resume Template Tamara by uicreativenet

If the kind of roles or contracts you’re gunning for are in the luxury market or with prestigious companies, a resume that reflects your alignment with the brand is essential. Professional CV and Resume Template Tamara by uicreativenet delivers just this. Available in formats for Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, it also includes a template for each of your cover letter and portfolio page.

5. Eriksen Resume Presentation by celciusdesigns

To make an impact and stand out from a sea of other applicants, it can sometimes pay off to go with something striking. With Eriksen Resume Presentation by celciusdesigns, you can play around with bold typography and eye-catching iconography and image placement.

4. CV by designsoul14

When shooting for a director level position, it’s important to convey authority – and it’s possible to do this with your resume without straying into austere. CV by designsoul14 proves that, with a clean and modern design that leaves plenty of room for information while keeping it simple with a restrained feel that can help communicate steadiness and control, on top of experience. It also includes letterhead, portfolio and business card templates, to have you covered in all scenarios.

3. Resume by sz81

For those working on content for communications, PR and events, it’s essential to embody sophistication and detail without overcomplicating things. Resume by sz81 is a two-page resume template with cover letter that does that, featuring a set of icons to make sure your contact details and social media presence can be highlighted, too.

2. Resume by Creativity-Design

Resume by Creativity-Design is a template made with web designers and UX specialists in mind. It conveys a handle on both technical knowledge and design skill without straying into looking cliché or naff. With a business card and cover letter template as well as the two-page resume template, it’s editable in Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.

1. Resume Template by bdtheme

In a similar vein, Resume Template by bdthemes is an ideal template for web designers. With a very subtle twist on a classic resume design, it leaves plenty of options for including a range of technical skills, qualifications and awards – without compromising simplicity and readability.

For more options for your projects and the assets that are going to be most handy for you, head over to Envato Elements to subscribe and start browsing. And to keep up-to-date with all things design, web and marketing trends, don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel.

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