Top 10 Resume Templates for Microsoft Word

We’ll take a look at how you can create a resume using Microsoft Word and share 10 templates that will help you stand out among other applicants.

resume templates for microsoft word
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Creating a professional resume that stands out and gets noticed by recruiting managers is a must if you want to increase your chances of getting the job you want. While there are many resume makers online and websites that let you upload your education and work history, sometimes, using a proven tool like Microsoft Word is the best and the easiest way to go.

Using Microsoft Word, you can directly share your resume with a recruiter if you’re using the newest version, but you can also export your resume as a PDF or send it as a regular document if you’re using an older version. This makes it easy for the HR personnel to read it and get in touch with you.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how you can create a resume using Microsoft Word and share a few templates that will help you stand out among other applicants while still being professional.

How to Create a Resume With Microsoft Word

Creating a resume with Microsoft Word is easy. All you have to do is launch Word and search for resume templates. As you can see from the screenshot below, Microsoft Word does include a decent selection of templates.

However, the templates themselves are not as diverse. Luckily, there is no shortage of quality resume templates online that you can purchase and download.

Once you have your desired template, all you have to do is open it up in Word, input your own information, save it, and then send it off.

3 Resume Tips to Keep in Mind

Before creating your resume, here are some tips to remember:

  1. Leave Out Objective
    In today’s world, most companies don’t want to know what they can do for you but what you can do for them. Leave out the objective or replace it with information on how your skills and knowledge can help them achieve their business goals and why you are the perfect candidate.
  2. Be Visual
    Filling out your details and using a plain-looking template is no longer enough. Nowadays, when majority of content we consume is visual, your resume needs to adapt as well. Use colors, timelines, skill bars or circles to show your background in a more visual way and stand out among other applicants.
  3. Make Sure the Header Is Impressive
    The header of your resume is the first thing recruiters see. Make sure it’s eye-catching and includes a design element that demands attention. It’s also a good idea to list your LinkedIn profile or your website so they can see samples of your work.

10 Modern Resume Templates for Microsoft Word

Like we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of quality resume templates that you can purchase and download. Below, we are featuring 10 modern templates for Word that are easy to edit and will help you stand out.

These clean and minimalist templates are a great choice if you are a fresh graduate with little to no prior work experience.

1. Simple Resume/Cv Volume 1

This simple resume features a clean and minimalist design that allows you to list out your education and skills as well add your contact information and social media links. You can also highlight why the company should hire you and how you can benefit them immediately below your profile photo.

2. Resume Andreas

Use this minimalist template to show education and skills side-by-side while listing your contact information and references at the bottom of your resume. There’s also enough space to enter awards and the template includes a matching cover letter.

Two-Column Templates

Use these templates if you have a lot of information to share on your resume. They feature two-column layouts which are perfect for adding organization and structure.

3. Resume Brendon

This template features a clean layout with colorful icons that break the monotony and add visual appeal. Showcase your skills using bars and don’t forget to use the matching cover letter when you apply for your next job.

4. Resume Arieta

Resume Arieta is an elegant, two-column resume template that puts your skills and education into main focus while placing the bio and contact information in a thin sidebar. With this template, you’ll also get access to template icons and a matching cover letter.

5. Clean Resume Template Johnson

This resume template places your contact information in a noticeable banner at the top while leaving the rest of the template for your background information. This template also comes with a cover letter for that ultimate professional impression.

Infographic Templates

6. Infographic Resume/Cv Volume 5

This creative resume includes two pages and a matching cover letter and features a modern design with a visual timeline of your education. You can also use colored circles to showcase your skills as well as icons that represent your past employment.

7. Infographic Resume/Cv Volume 3

With this template, you can show your past employment in a colorful circle and use bars for your skills. Your contact information is shown in the header and elegant icons are used as accents for your awards, references, and interests.

Colorful Templates

Adding a touch of color to your resume instantly makes it more attractive. The templates below are sure to catch the employer’s eye without coming off as unprofessional.

8. Creative Resume

This resume template comes with an elegant light-blue sidebar that is perfect for including your headshot, profile, and contact information. The second column clearly differentiates between resume sections. The template is easy to edit and includes a cover letter as well.

9. Super Professional Resume

Your resume is sure to stand out with this template featuring two dark blue columns on the edges. What’s great about this template is the fact that it includes a cover letter as well as a portfolio template which is perfect for showcasing past projects and work.

10. Resume Abby

Resume Abby, features a striking black and blue sidebar with sleek icons and bars to present your skills, education, contact information, and more. A matching cover letter is included as well as a set of icons.

Simple Templates

Sometimes you just want to convey your information in the most straightforward way possible. No flashy colors, no photos. Just your experience in plain black and white. These templates fit the bill:

11. Simple Resume/Cv Volume 4

This easy-to-edit template package is plain and simple, but uses a subtle grayscale column to highlight key information. It’s understated and lets your work speak for itself.

12. Resume John

The last template on our list is Resume John, which provides a straightforward two-column design, a nice bold header for your name, and icon-identified sections for your contact info and social media profiles.

Creating your resume doesn’t have to be intimidating or boring. Browse through our resume collection and use your favorite template to create a polished and modern resume and land the job of your dreams.


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