Top 10 Romantic Adobe After Effects Slideshow Templates

A list of completely customizable Romantic Adobe After Effects slideshow templates that will give the one you love that special feeling.

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Portrait for Dom HennequinBy Dom Hennequin  |  Updated November 4, 2020

Saying ‘I love you’ is easy to do in person, but when said through pixels it can lack sentimentality. However, there are a few ways to do this digitally that appropriately convey the message’s emotion, and one of them is through romantic slideshow After Effects templates.

Our expert community have curated this list of 10 romantic Adobe After Effects slideshow templates. They’re completely customizable and will give your other half that special feeling when it pops up on their wall. If you’re looking for wedding slideshow templates we’ve got you covered too.

1. Ink Slideshow by elmake

This amazing template transforms images into colorful ink drops, seamlessly flowing from image to another. Its clean, bright design captures the viewer’s attention and allows your photos to tell a unique, and amazing story.

This project creates a vintage film effect that’ll make your message feel timeless. Your images will rotate in and out of frame as if they’re playing on an old projector. And, you may be interested to know that this particular item has been used by Christina Aguilera in the music video for her song, ‘Change,’ dedicated to the victims of the Orlando Shooting in 2016.

3. Romantic Sketches by Fistoff

4. The Secret Garden Photo Gallery by SUPER-8

This next item will place your photos in a stunningly real sun and candle-lit rustic garden. It creates a whimsical, timeless atmosphere that’s perfect for family photos, wedding montages, memorial presentations and inspirational projects, among others.

Sketch design is very in vogue right now, and ‘Doodle Love’ makes wonderful use of it in this template that blends your photos with some preset, adorable doodles. If you’re a cute, playful couple, consider using this template to say those three magic words.

6. In Love by px-bro

This After Effects template is stunning. Its softly blurred animations and gentle use of drop-shadows actually draw the eye’s focus to the images you insert. It creates a surprisingly intimate effect, perfect for a trip down memory lane. It also works quite nicely with the song accompanying the preview.

This next one’s a story of love and heartbreak. Made by VideoHive author, Wayman, it was created as a gift for a girl he loved, dated, but who eventually left him. He inserted photos of him with her, wrote some heartfelt messages that he never got to deliver when they were together, and sent it as a parting gift. He would eventually remake this slideshow and upload it to our marketplace where it has sold over 1300 times, more than any of his other projects. “Perhaps people feel it was made with love,” he suggests.

This one is inspired by the opening titles of 2010 film, Blue Valentine, and with your photos in the mix, it can be exceptionally romantic. “I bought this project a few years ago when I did a wedding video for my friends,” says VideoHive author, Wayman. “They were happy when they watched it!”

This wedding slideshow pack has everything you need to remember your big day. It includes opening, bumper and closing titles, transitions, lower thirds and bonus color correction presets.

10. Romantic Slideshow by Media_Stock

Those certainly aren’t all the romantic Adobe After Effects slideshow templates available. Subscribe to Envato Elements to discover more.

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